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» The NightholdJan 17, 8:59pm - by Jase
Nighthold is finally here! We're updated and ready to help aid in finding the right recruit for your guild as you tackle the new raid. If there are any new streamers topping the meters looking for some extra exposure contact us and we will get you added to the featured streams list.

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» A site update? What...Jan 10, 9:58pm - by Jase
I'm beginning the process of updating the website again.

As of now I have a working Recruit Finder as that is the most requested feature here. Next I will tackle the Player Info. I'm working a full time job so I don't have a huge amount of time to spare but I should have most the site functional by the end of the week.

I will update the news accordingly for site features that are functional again.
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Hellfire Citadel is releasing this Tuesday, June 23rd. Make sure to keep up to date on your recruiting and look for high geared\skilled players to help clear the new raid quickly.

  • PR and DPS/HPS Heroic Ranks will reflect the new zone after June 23rd.
  • PR and DPS/HPS Mythic Ranks will reflect the new zone after June 30th.
  • Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul Ranks will be Legacy Ranks on June 23rd.

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» Blackrock Foundry RanksFeb 23, 11:43pm - by Jase

Blackrock Foundry ranks are now live. The menu has changed slightly so you can navigate easier to Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul ranks.

Recruit Finder has also been updated to account for higher item levels now.
Replies: 4
» Warlords of DraenorNov 24, 2:08pm - by Jase

Raids are approaching soon!

With the new raids about to start a few site updates have gone out.

Legacy Ranks

All previous ranks have been moved and saved to Legacy ranks. Legacy ranks will house all previous tier ranks that Pro Raiders has done rankings for. As of now Tier 15 and Tier 16 Ranks can be viewed.

The Tier 16 ranks are being checked for some accuracy issues and some ranks may change over the next week.

Recruit Finder

The Recruit Finder is currently showing lvl 100's with 615 ilvl or better gear. As of now it isn't very strict because of the new expansion and recruiting needs are always high at the beginning of expansions.

PR Ranks and DPS/HPS Ranks

This is to address questions regarding logging sites. Yes we will add AskMrRobot when they are ready alongside Warcraft Logs and World of Logs.

WoL appears to be making changes and will be active again for Warlords of Draenor. If they or any other logging site are inaccurate and cause integrity issues for the rankings I won't be including them.
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You now can choose whether to view all logs sources in Ranks, or specifically that of WCL or WoL. I will soon be adding in the ability to choose the log source on Player Info pages as well.

Planned updates next to come:

  • More Banner images to choose from
  • Stream banners for twitch.tv
  • Boss filter will be redone so you can filter any bosses you select
  • Will be seeking out a few ppl to help with a bigger project (secret for now)
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