Just Kill the Boss 10/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Hypercutter
Server Rank: #14
EU Rank: #128

We are now on a raid break until next tier, applications still welcome
Are you fed up of pugs?

The Mythic+ and raiding community might just be for you.
We are a group of players where our focus is building a like-minded community of Warcraft players who are keen to push keys and challenge themselves. Whether you want to raid in a competitive weekly environment with skilled, older players or run keys with guys who live and breathe mythic+.

As a group we actively encourage players to be social and build up rapport with other members in the group, as we thoroughly believe that you should be in a good fun environment while playing. Therefore, one of our main rules is that the use of discord and voice is a must for any mythic+ runs.

Our community right now is a mixture of semi-hardcore/hardcore players, many of whom cannot raid like they once use to 3 times a week and along with players who like to focus just on mythic+.

Our raids are focused on progression and we expect everyone to know tactics before we begin, as we only raid 3 hours a week it is very important everyone knows what they are doing so that we can make solid progression together. But at the heart of it we want a good solid environment where people can enjoy themselves.

It is expected that you are someone who has solid knowledge about your class, and you can play to a good level.

At the moment the majority of our players are focusing on M+, in above 14 scenarios up to 21.

• Must be able to speak English fluently.
• Must be able to use voice.
• Must be willing to gear up to a reasonable level.
• Must be of the mindset where you actively want to improve as a player
• Must be able to play your class/spec to a good level.

All classes, specs welcome to apply! (Especially for M+)

Please drop me a message below or add me on to talk further Vickram#2676

Once I accept your request please message me first as it can be a little hard to keep track of new friends, thank you for your understanding.

We raid once a week Thursday 20:00-23:00. We are currently on a raid break until next tier

All classes and roles are welcome to apply however our main priority right now for raiding recruitment is:

Mainly looking DPS - any class/spec
Healers always welcome to apply too (Esp Shaman/Priests)


Please message me first when I accept your request

We are currently 10/10 Normal and 10/10 HC.

recruitment is still in progress. You can also find us in the in-game community tab.

Solenya 10/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Reapehavk
Server Rank: #40
EU Rank: #521

Who are we?
Solenya is a 2-Day raiding guild on Draenor-EU. Originally formed in mid-legion, the guild achieved CE Antorus and Uldir before taking a break from the game during Battle of Dazar Alor. The guild reformed in late BFA with a new drive going into Shadowlands.

We maintain a 2-day raiding schedule and have achieved 10/10M Castle Nathria following our reformation. The guild is a relaxed, mature group of players who spend a lot of time playing other games together in addition to WoW.

What are we looking for?
Dedicated players who will put the time in to know their class and the encounters. As a 2-day guild we value every pull, so want to be as prepared as we can be going into each new raid tier.

Raid Times
Wednesday and Sunday, 20.00-23.00 Server Time.
Social/Alt optional HC runs on Friday 20.00-23.00 Server Time.

Current Recruitment
We are currently recruiting ready for patch 9.1.

Main Roles we are recruiting

  • DPS DK
  • Boomkin Druid
  • Mage
  • Elemental Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Shadow Priest
  • Holy Paladin
  • Healing Priest
  • MW Monk

All applications are considered, even if we do not currently show recruitment for your class/role feel free to apply.

Find us through raider(dot)io or wowprogress

Oh Crit 10/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Terraxus
Server Rank: #8
EU Rank: #561


Oh Crit is a group of ambitious raiders, looking to rise in the world rankings/regional rankings. Next tiers goal is top 5 on the server and top 250 EU for 9.1 .

Our guild is old (Cataclysm) but our Mythic Raiding Endeavour began in late BFA (8.3). Since then we have smashed all goals set by the leadership. Through a strong group of core players and organised leadership, we have managed to go from world 3000+ & realm 50th > to 900th in the world and realm 8th.

We are a driven core group of players, always on the lookout for those wish to progress the rankings, whilst maintaining a non-toxic and fun environment.

We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 20:15-23:00 server time.

Add me if you’re of a similar mindset and experience, and I can provide you more detailed idea of the guild environment and aims.

Terraxus#8750 =Discord
Terraxus#2974 =Bnet

So Far Behind 10/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Meatbeast
Server Rank: #63
EU Rank: #632

So Far Behind

So Far Behind was formed in patch 8.3 from returning players during lockdown. Our goal is to be one of the top 6 hour raiding guilds, with an aim to get cutting edge every tier, without endlessly sinking hours into the game.

With progression done for this tier we’re now looking to strengthen our roster before 9.1.

Raiding Schedule
Thursday 20:30- 23:30 ST
Monday 20:30 - 23:30 ST

Who are we looking for?

If you are interested in joining, please ensure that you have logs to back it up, as only exceptional players will be considered.

So Far Behind is made up primarily of players that don’t necessarily have the time to devote to raiding more than two nights per week. Our raiders have full-time jobs, families and studies that take up more of their time than WoW. If you join us, we expect that you can attend 90% of our raids, will keep one character as close to optimal as possible through Torghast and covenant weeklies, and will maintain a very good knowledge of your own class. These are the only requirements outside of great performance inside the raids.

If you feel like this approach to cutting edge raiding would suit you, and you have experience raiding at world top 1000 in any of the last 3 expansions, make sure to apply.

How can you join?

Get in contact with us on discord, where we’ll have a look at your characters and if we think you have the relevant experience to join our team we’ll invite you for a quick chat in voice
Discord IDs:
Recruitment - darrengibbon#6168
RL - Heskey#7719

Boys on Wheels 10/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Heynn
Server Rank: #23
EU Rank: #667

To celebrate our raiding team, we have renamed to Boys on Wheels

Threeaction is the third iteration of the guild Reaction that has been ongoing since WotLK. We are a bunch of raiders that have extensive raid experience, including many realm firsts, and are (re)forming under a more casual, yet competitive atmosphere this time.

Our raid days are: Thursday: 19:30-23:00 Monday: 19:30-23:00

What we expect:
-A near 100% attendance will be required. We understand IRL can be a priority sometimes but we strive to have a small roster of the best players we can find, so not being able to attend one or both of our raid days can severely hurt our ability to progress.
-Be knowledgeable about your class, specialization, and the game. We’re looking for players who take initiative in reading up about encounters and are up to date with their class and preferred spec.
-Be chill, be nice, and come with an open-mind. And most importantly be able to take criticism.

What we’ll give:
-A clear and concise plan prior to raids with what we believe to be optimal strategies and roles. We are of course open to the idea of better strategies, so feel free to share.
-A nice and friendly raiding atmosphere.
-A casual but competitive schedule. Cutting edge is the goal; and we know criticism can sometimes be key to achieve that.

The key to progress in Threeaction is patience . In our books, it’s a marathon. The first tier we get Cutting Edge, no matter how late. The second tier and beyond we aim to go for higher ranks, and we would like you to join us in that.

What do we need? Currently we need a great mage. Any other class is currently on hold, unless you consider yourself exceptional. Logs are an absolute must.

Apply at: h ttps://

For more details please talk to us at:
Heyn#2231 (bnet)
Heyn#5663 (discord)


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