With the recent release of patch 8.3 and the new raid being released tomorrow. The following updates are now in place.

  • Player Info - New Raid Progress and Mythic+ Season 4
  • Guild Finder - New Raid Progress and You can filter to show top ranked guilds.
  • Recruit Finder - New Raid Progress and ilvl min\max increased.
  • Banners - New Raid Progress

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Plans Moving Forward
  • Updated Site Design
  • More Banner choices
  • Raid\Boss Fight Tools

*NEW FEATURE* Guild Finder

One of the most requested features was a guild finder much like the recruit finder.

You can now use the Guild Finder to find your next guild. Choose Alliance or Horde based Guilds. Maybe you want to stay on the same server? Search just for your realm.

You can also click on your class icon and filter out guilds that may be looking just for you.

You can order the guilds based on their raiding progress as well from best to worst.

Server rank, the person to contact, region rank, it's all easily readable before you decide wether a guild is the right fit for you or not.

*Updated* Recruit Finder

Recruit Finder has been overhauled and is now tracking a multitude of important things.

Like always it still tracks their item lvl, professions, progression, ect.. Now it will also show you their Mythic+ Score, a great indication if they are doing all they can to min\max their character.

It shows you their current Heart of Azeroth Neck level. It will also scan WarCraft Logs and tell you how many ranks between #1-250 they have.

And probably one of the most important factors (at least for DPS) is the recruits percentile. You can easily see what percentile you can expect from your new possible recruit.

*Updated* Player Info
Player Info now tracks the same amount of things as Recruit Finder, and more. Now includes specific Mythic+. dungeon details.

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Recruit Finder
is now updated for the new stat squish introduced in the BFA Pre-Patch.

Be sure to check it out and fill your guild ranks before heading into the new expansion.

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» Allied RacesJan 30, 4:36pm - by Jase
Support has been added for Allied Races.

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Accurate artifact trait levels are now fixed on the following pages.

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» The NightholdJan 17, 8:59pm - by Jase
Nighthold is finally here! We're updated and ready to help aid in finding the right recruit for your guild as you tackle the new raid. If there are any new streamers topping the meters looking for some extra exposure contact us and we will get you added to the featured streams list.

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