NA Guilds RecruitingNA
Formality (Proudmoore)#110 #30
Humble (Crushridge)#143 #39
Elevenfold (Stormrage)#146 #40
Death Jesters (Stormrage)#218 #65
Alliance Lives Matter (Stormrage)#250 #78
EU Guilds RecruitingEU
Dilemma (Stormscale)#384 #247
Equity (Kazzak)#419 #267
Synergia (Outland)#452 #277
Geek Squad (Executus)#457 #282
Adapt (Sunstrider)#469 #294
Top NA RecruitsProgress
Zenowen (475 ilvl)[7/12 M]
Tellulah (475 ilvl)[5/12 M]
Orandyn (475 ilvl)[5/12 M]
Tabisz (474 ilvl)[3/12 M]
Kaleador (474 ilvl)[3/12 M]
Top EU RecruitsProgress
Kaspaa (472 ilvl)[3/12 M]
Nobledh (472 ilvl)[3/12 M]
Verahyn (471 ilvl)[3/12 M]
Rypyna (470 ilvl)[3/12 M]
Zy (476 ilvl)[2/12 M]
New Pro Raiders Site - Major UpdatesFeb 27, 1:14am - by Jase
Pro Raiders has finally gone through a major visual overhaul! Out with the old and in with the new.
For the next week or two we will be transitioning to new forums and I will be working on a few tweaks here and there.
As of now, the most used features on the site are fully functioning but there are bound to be some little errors and other things that need more polishing.

I will be posting more updates as the site becomes fully converted.
I would also like to give a special thanks to Lukas S. for his very generous donation to the site!

If you see any bugs or issues that need to be fixed please feel free to contact me through other means since we have no forms of communication on this site at the moment.
Visions of N'Zoth - 8.3 and New RaidJan 20, 3:42pm - by Jase
With the recent release of patch 8.3 and the new raid being released tomorrow. The following updates are now in place.

  • Player Info - New Raid Progress and Mythic+ Season 4
  • Guild Finder - New Raid Progress and You can filter to show top ranked guilds.
  • Recruit Finder - New Raid Progress and ilvl min\max increased.
  • Banners - New Raid Progress

Streams[2998 Watching]
Gingì 1675
Marksmanship Hunter
Gingi <Method> Main raid P...
Method (#2)[12/12 M]
Slootbag 564
Protection Paladin 1910
FREEDOM !mdi !displate
Future (#23)[12/12 M]
Fragnance 520
Balance Druid
Main Raidernance <Method E...
Method (#2)[12/12 M]
Nnogga 239
Frost Death Knight
<Method> raid
Method (#1)[8/8 M]
LørgokBalance Druid
Method (#2)[12/12 M]
BayEnhancement Shaman
Crisp (#407)[7/12 M]
SpartyHoly Paladin
Death Jesters (#218)[9/12 M]
Complexity Limit (#1)[12/12 M]
XybeanedAffliction Warlock
Complexity Limit (#1)[12/12 M]
TrellbrewBrewmaster Monk
Encore (#44)[7/8 M]
PreheatFrost Mage
Complexity Limit (#1)[12/12 M]
JdotbRestoration Druid
Occasional Excellence (#345)[8/8 M]
SenseProtection Warrior
Nurfed (#107)[10/12 M]
RefutedRestoration Druid
Limit (#24)[8/8 M]
TeguFrost Death Knight
Future (#23)[12/12 M]
TowellieeProtection Paladin
Death Jesters (#218)[9/12 M]
Method (#2)[12/12 M]