Second Dream 9/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Dreamonfre
Server Rank: #32
EU Rank: #467

Second Dream is a new guild that was founded at the end of Eternal Palace. Nyalotha is the first tier as a new guild, with the aim of world 200-400 in Nyalotha, and improving from there for Shadowlands.

Recruitment status
We are currently actively recruiting exceptional players to improve the roster. If you think you will be better than current raiders, please contact one of the officers listed at the bottom.

Raid Times :

  • Wednesday (19:00 -22:30)

  • Thursday (19:00 -22:30)

  • Monday (19:00 - 22:30)

Invites start 30 minutes before the above listed times, at which point we start doing trash. You are expected to be inside the raid and ready to pull bosses at the times listed above, not log on at the times above.

at the start of progress we will do days 5 days including saturday and Sunday This will usually happen after about 1 month of mythic, but this decision is made as a group, so it might happen sooner or later.

When progress is over we will drop raid days to the minimum to clear the raid. (usually 1 raid of ~2 hours)

What we Require

  • 90% or higher Attendance

  • A good attitude towards progress

  • A drive to always focus on improving

  • We do not currently require alts, but this might change for Shadowlands (It will depend on how alt friendly Shadowlands is, if it similar to BfA we will not require an alt)

We use RC Loot Council to distribute loot for the best of progression.

Contact / Applying
Please add:

  • on bnet if you have any questions or if you are interested in joining
Riptide 8/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Extreal
Server Rank: #32
EU Rank: #679

We’re a mythic raiding guild with members exclusively from the Netherlands and Belgium. At the moment we’re listed as the #1 NL guild regarding progress (according to wowprogress). During the raid we prioritize focusing on progressing through the raid, but we’re always in for a good laugh.

If you’d like to join us you’ll be assessed by previous raiding experience, overall skill and commitment to the team. We expect our raiders to prepare well for raids and sim/optimize their characters to reach the maximum potential.

Specifically we’re looking for a fire mage, holy paladin, resto shaman and/or disc priest. If you play another class but still have a lot of mythic raiding experience, make sure to contact us as well.

Raid days are on tuesday and thursday from 19:45 - 23:00. Additionally we organise (optional) heroic raids for our main characters which require gear or alts.

Add me on Battlenet (Extreal#21182) or Discord (Extreal#0935) if you want to have a chat or apply to the guild.

Equanimity 8/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Ride
Server Rank: #60
EU Rank: #741

After noticing that a large amount of Guild Masters, Raid Leaders and Officers have the incorrect mentality when it comes to guilds, I decided to create my own along with mutal friends. Between us, we’re 8/12 Mythic and 12/12 Heroic with previous guilds, but now we are hoping to find a roster of our own to continue the development of underapriciated players.

MediEvil is a brand new guild recruiting to build on from curve and progress further into Mythic if we find the right roster. We currently have a healthy team around us but are still looking to fill in a few particular spots to have an optimized group for pushing into more content.

Our long term goal is to build a team of like-minded individuals moving through this tier and into Shadowlands. We all have commitments outside of the game, so achieving the balance of a fun environment to enjoy the content in whilst being time efficient is our main focus to maximize the time over 2 raid nights. Self reflection in terms of performance in raids and how to improve are the desirable traits we’re looking for, and an expectation for any raider, but we also want to have a laugh along the way.

Raid times are as follows:
Wednesday @ 19:00 - 22:00
Sunday @ 19:00 - 22:00

Our recruitment priority is open to all classes currently.

If you’re interested in joining our roster or have any questions, please message the Guild Master on Discord or BattleNet.

Bnet - Mouldy#2766
Discord - Mouldy#3985

Iron Edge 7/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Divinexorm
Server Rank: #61
EU Rank: #845

Iron Edge is one of the oldest communities in World of Warcraft, at 15 years active and still going strong.

At the end of 2014 I’ve started a second team within the guild. Its target audience were the people that still wanted to push themselves and raid at the highest level of content, but couldn’t spend too much time in game.

In Legion we’ve pushed 5/11 Mythic in Antorus. We’ve finished Uldir with 4/8 and BfD with 5/9 mythic and EP with 3/8 Mythic.
In Ny’alotha we’ve started strong and killed the first mythic boss after our AOTC run.

Currently we’re looking for amazing ranged DPS.

If you think you can commit to a 1 raid/week team, every Sunday (18:30-22:30 ST), you can apply on our forum @ www.iron-edge(dot)co(dot)uk

You will find more information there or you can poke one of the following people:
Weekend Raid leader: Divinexorm/Xorm
Weekend Raid Officers: Sevis, Eldrene, Rexakin
Guild Master: Gaeios

Divine Retribution 7/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Ellzangel
Server Rank: #2
EU Rank: #960

Divine Retribution is an 9 year old Alliance Guild on Arathor/Hellfire server and is recruiting for 8.3. We got Cutting Edge in BoD and are currently 6/12 in Ny’alotha

We have a couple of raid spots for skilled DpS players wanting to raid Mythic in Ny’alotha. We are particularly interested in ranged DpS and particularly a Boomie with resto O/S, but we would be happy to consider other dps classes as what is most important to us is that you are a good fit for our team. We are really interested in is WHO you are rather than the class you play.

We curently do not have main healer or tank spots available right now, but again… happy to talk !

The Small Print!

Finding the right Guild is important when we spend so much time here in WoW, so this post is lengthy so we can set out our stall and not waste your time or ours recruiting the wrong people. We have been around for 9 years, we aren’t going anywhere - having weathered the trials and tribulations of 5 expansions before BfA and having successfully moved from 10 man to 20 man raiding. So you can be sure of joining a well established Guild.

So who are we?

A lot of new members tell me that we remind them of their old Vanilla Guild. Here’s why:

We are competitive - we like progress and we take our raids, though not ourselves, seriously. However, for us the joy of getting that bloody awful HC/Mythic boss, that we have been wiping on for a week, down… is more about WHO we achieved it with than what upgrades to our ilvl we got over the rest of the team. We don’t whine when we wipe, we dance when we down.

We recognize that this is a game, people have busy lives outside it - so the time we spend here together should be as stress free as possible, should avoid Guild Drama, should give everyone in the guild an opportunity to progress and make friends. I say ‘busy’ rather than ‘real’ lives because here at DR we make real friends, we meet up in ‘real’ life, so for us WoW, although a ‘game’ and not put before our day-to-day lives outside the guild, is a part of our real lives. This spills over into the way we behave with each other. We are not faceless fingers behind a computer screen, so we show each other respect and take an interest in each other. At the same time, we are not a therapeutic community, our Officers are not psychologists, so we also don’t encourage needy, attention-seeking SLS (Special Little Snowflakes). We are just a bunch of well adjusted, mature - lovely people that enjoy playing WoW enormously.

Our ages range between 20 and 50+ and we have a good mix of female and male players. We hail from all over the EU. Our younger players are mature for their age, and our old timers can still shake their stuff! Given the wide age range and mix of guys and girls as well as a pretty good coverage of most eu countries and therefore mix of cultures, our guild/raid chat is mature, often hilarious, but we manage to avoid having the kind of situation where for example; a girl logs on and five 13 year old lads go into panic mode and start reaching for the tissues… u know wat I mean ;p

We don’t have a member list of hundred’s and we do like to know everyone in the guild, not have people sign on and be ignored because no-one knows who they are. In order to do this, we keep our recruitment and therefore member roster small.

We have formed some great friendships over the years but we pride ourselves on how welcome we make new friends feel. We have held annual Guild Meetings for the past 9 years and these events, while not obligatory, have been enormous fun and really helped build the team atmosphere we are so proud of. We are also very well organized, we tend to think that a relaxed fun atmosphere and end-game progression go hand in hand if there is a structure behind it.

We raid: (7.45pm for invites, Boss pull @8pm)
Wednesday 7.45 -11.30
Sunday 7.45 -11.00
Monday 7.45 -11.00

So, if you are looking for an ‘Old Style’ new WoW home, please reply here. You can also take a look at our website: Feel free to whisper Ellz (Arathor) in-game for a chat. RL ID Ellz#21767 We don’t do written applications; attitude and personality are far more important to us than ilvl and long lists of achievements and that is much easier to gauge in a chat.

Thanks for your time!

Please note that if you visit the site, Weekly Updates are there every week, but may not all be visible unless you are registered. We are here, we are alive and we ARE kicking! :smiley:

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