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The purpose of this site is to help aid in the search of quality raiders and provide more tools to help improve a guild. PI (Player Info) and RF (Recruit Finder) use several different things when displaying the information on a player. It uses Blizzards API, epeen percentiles from Raidbots which crunches data from World of Logs. You will notice a link on every player to their WoW Armory, Raidbots Epeen, and their WoW-Heroes pages which can provide more depth on any potential recruits. If you are using RF you will also see their recruitment post.
This site is best viewed using Firefox or Chrome. I will be adding in more features and updates, if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me anytime.
» Player Info
Player Info does what RF does in terms of what it displays. However, instead of finding the raiders to evaluate for you based on recruitment posts. You may enter in someone manually to evaluate and see how they look as a potential recruit. Or you may be curious how you or someone in your current guild statistically looks.
» Recruit Finder
Recruit Finder automatically browses WoW recruitment forums and based on several filters and other things I have in place it will pick out the top players and do a individual check on each and every one. There are several different sorting methods so you can limit the field even more. Right now it goes through roughly 1500 potential raiders in each region every few hours, out of that it filters them down immensely and from that point if you want you can filter it even more using my built in features.
» Pro Raiders Ranks
PR Ranks - PR Ranks use a custom point system, depending on your rank you are given a set amount of points, the better you rank the more points you get. Each boss is worth a total 35,218 points. If you get a #1 rank you receive the max points of 480, this diminishes until we reach 4 points at ranks 199 and 200. Points will constantly be changing because there is a set amount, if you rank higher than someone you don't just gain those points, anyone you jump in rank on that fight loses points. Ranks are setup to be spec specific, if you change specs on fights any points you gain will only be for that spec. You don't lose any points if you don't have a rank on a fight, you just don't receive any. The only time your points will drop is when someone ranks higher than you on a fight.
Data is retrieved from both World of Logs and Warcraft Logs to determine ranks. Only current tier heroic bosses are used, your epeen percentile or DPS/HPS has no effect on your PR Rank or PR Points. Points are determined only on your boss fight rank. 25 Man and 10 Man ranks are kept seperate.
For the DPS/HPS Ranks your raw numbers average from kills are used to determine your ranks. At this time in order to be ranked you must have killed at least 9 of the current 14 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar bosses. This is in place to prevent any false positives from players who may only have 1 or 2 kills but great numbers for those kills.
» Streams
On the home page is a list of streams from top raiders and guilds. This will showcase streams with the most current viewers. For many of your streamers you may notice a rank listed. This is their current rank among all players of their spec. It's often very difficult to find non PvP streams if you are wanting to watch and learn from someone raiding, this will showcast many of the best PvE players in the world. If you are a player in a Top 50 guild that streams your raids and would like to be considered please contact me with your stream information.

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