Grave Diggers 13/14 (Ulduar)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Drillbit
Ulduar: 13/14
Guild Speed Rank: #2593  [US]

Grave Diggers is Recruiting!
Grobbulus’ premier morning raiding guild!
14/14 25M 9/9 HM’s

About us
We are an early morning raid team since classic’s launch comprised mostly of graveyard shift workers, and people from around the world. Our goal is to provide a home for people who need that niche raid schedule and enjoy all content.

Wishlist loot system using Thatsmybis. Loot distribution is based strictly off performance/attendance and handed out evenly by the raid team pre phase as a whole group, not just a council.

Weekday team - Wednesday/Thursday 7AM-11AM PST
Weekend PuG runs - Saturday/Sunday 7AM-11AM PST

Recruitment needs
The Weekday Team is adding a couple of strong driven players for hard mode progression. We also run exclusive pugs throughout the week and looking for consistent faces for them. Classes listed below.

Being able to make our early raid times is valuable to us, dont hesitate to reach out of your class isnt listed below.

**Weekday Team 9/9 HMs **
Unholy/Frost DK (High prio)
Discipline Priest
Warlock (Very high prio)

•Relief players who are looking for 1 day raiding or general filling/casual play

Weekend Team (Soft reserve PuG run)

If youre interested in our Alt friendly soft reserve pug runs on Saturday morning join our discord and sign up weekly.

Our Discord:

propane 14/14 (Ulduar)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Lightgoats
Ulduar: 14/14
Guild Speed Rank: #52  [US]

54/54 Ulduar 25 (10th on Server Progress) is currently looking for one Disc Priest to join our raid roster.

About us / Our Goals:
We are a Day 1 Classic guild transferring from Herod → Faerlina → Benediction. We strive to be competitive on our server whether it be parses, speed kills or first-week raid clears. We are looking to continue to maintain a solid core of players who are looking to improve week by week and push for good progression times and logs.

  • Realm 10th 6/6 Sunwell
  • Realm 5th SSC/TK
  • Week 1 17/17 Nax | Week 1 Sarth 3D
  • US 43rd / Realm 10th 54/54 Ulduar25


  • 100% attendance unless given proper notice
  • Full consumes - Flasks/Elixirs + Food buffs + Pots.
  • Good attitude, sometimes things happen.
  • Always keep improving and be open to constructive criticism.
  • Mandatory PTR Testing prior to new content
  • Having 2 raiding characters is a plus but not required

Loot: -Transparent Loot Council -Attendance/attitude are more important than your gear. Performance during raid is considered in LC decisions.


  • Discipline Priest
    Any serious applicant is considered regardless of recruitment needs

Previous experience and consistency are highly valued.

Further questions? Reach out to recruitment via discord Oxyrotin#5053 or butler#3095

Bite My Shiny Metal Axe 14/14 (Ulduar)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Moonrae
Ulduar: 14/14
Guild Speed Rank: #1860  [US]

About Us

Bite is a semi-casual guild that is looking to clear HMs while maintaining a social atmosphere. A large portion of our members have played together since Classic with some of our members joining us in TBC. We currently have two 25 man teams and have several 10 man teams that run weekly. We are looking to fill out our 25 man teams with a few needed players. Bench raiders and casuals welcome!

Team Champ

6/9 HMs | Tues/Wed | 9p-12a ST

Shadow Priest
(Other classes considered)

Team Momcorp

6/9 HMs | Sat/Sun | 9p-12a ST

Demonology Warlock
(Other classes considered)

Loot System

We use ThatsMyBiS (TMB) loot system. Every raider is responsible for creating their own wishlist and arranging them based on their own priority. We recommend that you include items that are not BiS but are also an upgrade that will help with progression.

Raider Expectations

- Be punctual 
- Able to communicate absences ahead of time with the raid leads
- Use required addons 
- Knowledge of fights or willingness to learn
- Proper enchants, gems, consumes
- Execute class mechanics
- Flexibility to run OS if needed

Required Addons

Method Raid Tools (MRT) - Visuals and Note sharing for 25 Man assignments
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Discord: killerbees#5683
BNet: KillerBee#12808

Illumination 13/14 (Ulduar)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Zhaydra
Ulduar: 13/14
Guild Speed Rank: #1057  [US]

Illumination Recruiting select few for 25 core group. 14/14 (9/9) 10M + 13/14 (9/9) 25M! Raids are FRIDAY : 8PM-11PM Server + SUNDAY : 6:30PM-9:30PM Server. LF Enhance Shaman + Warlock, Hunter or Mage! Cheers!

Sleuth 14/14 (Ulduar)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Shadewave
Ulduar: 14/14
Guild Speed Rank: #3257  [US]

<Sleuth> - Grobbulus

Bears are found roaming across Azeroth… from the mountains of Khaz Modan or the greenery of Elwynn Forest, to the exotic shores of Bloodmyst Isle or idyllic lands of Ashenvale, even the frigid terrain in Winterspring and barren wastes of the Plaguelands. Bears are ferocious, caring, and curious by nature.

Though typically seen as solitary creatures, they are in fact community oriented. A group of Bears is called a Sleuth, derived from the adjective “slow” turned noun with the addition of -th (much like long becomes length), a surprising origin given their swiftness. Sleuths are also detectives, fitting for bears who are on a journey, in search of adventure.

Sleuth has been together as a community since Classic, throughout TBC, and into Wrath. We run several 25m and 10m raids every week, host weekly RP events, and PvP often. We focus on a semi-hardcore raiding environment with the intent and goal to clear all hardmodes in Ulduar and ToC. While this is a goal of ours, we still also are looking to have fun while doing it. We’re looking to beef up our 25m roster to better achieve our goals.

Looking for at least P1 geared players with raid experience for the following classes. Will be checking some logs to ensure you’re up to par.

Immediate Permanent Spots in Wed/Mon 25m Progression for:
Affliction Warlock - High
Demonology Warlock - High
Balance Druid - High
Ele Shaman - High
Fire Mage - High
Other great players for bench spots (let’s chat)

Immediate Permanent Spot in Friday 10m Progression for:
Elemental Shaman - High
Enhancement Shaman - High
Restoration Shaman - Low

Immediate Permanent Spots in Saturday 25m Casual for:
Pretty much anything, hmu

Overall Progress
25m Progression: 13/14 with 3/9 HM (recruiting) Wed/Mon 4:30pm - 7:30pm server
**10m Progression: **13/14 with 9/9 HM (roster full) Thursday 4:30pm - 7:30pm server
10m Progression: 13/14 with 4/9 HM (recruiting) Friday 4:30pm - 7:30pm server, cleanup Sunday 12:00pm - 3:00pm server
25m Casual: 0/14 with 0/9 HM (recruiting, new raid starting 5/5) Saturday 8:00am - 11:00am server
Other various RP and raid events throughout the week

Loot System
Loot Council using RCLootCouncil and ThatsMyBis.


  • Send me a direct message on Discord, Taon#8516
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