Two Shot 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Tidepode
Server Rank: #2
US Rank: #412

About us:
Two Shot-Whisperwind[A] is an 12/12M (8/8M EP, 9/9M BoD) semi-hardcore raiding guild that raids Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm-11pm Eastern. Our raid atmosphere is progression-focused with friendly, skilled and dedicated raiders. We keep things light and enjoy joking around, but put a strong emphasis on limiting downtime in order to get as many pulls as we can on progression.

We’re made up of a healthy mix of former high-end raiders looking for a more relaxed pace, plus a few people who have stepped into mythic raiding with us and proven themselves as we’ve built ourselves into a Cutting Edge team. Many of us have been raiding together for years.

Two Shot emphasizes providing a stable environment and a positive atmosphere. We have a relatively long trial process where every member of the raid team is expected to weigh in before a trial is approved. While this is daunting to some, it’s a big part of how we maintain a stable team where we know every member is dedicated and gets along with each other.

Currently recruiting:

  • DPS, especially Warrior
  • Exceptional applicants of all classes and roles
  • We are not recruiting bench positions for Shadowlands at this time.

Mythic Raid Schedule:
Tuesday, 8-11pm EST (invites at 7:45pm)
Wednesday, 8-11pm EST (invites at 7:45pm)

Optional Heroic Raid
While not required, raiders are encouraged to show up to our Heroic raid when possible to help gear alts.
Sunday, 8-11pm EST

Bigwigs (or DBM)
Exorsus Raid Tools
WeakAuras 2

If you’re interested in a trial, fill out an application here: (https://)
Add me on discord if you have any questions: Pode#1234

over the hill 6/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Mccloudlee
Server Rank: #135
US Rank: #2202

[OTH] (since 2009). Semi-social-mythic-raiding. LFM mythic raiders for our prog team. Our raids are relax laid back but focused and organized! We’re an enduring guild with older players. Home for adult players from a variety of countries and cultures. (parents, older adults, couples, guys & gals, family etc.)

To Apply:

– Visit our website __ __ , fill an application form [read-agreed our guild policy, leave info: class/spec/interests…etc…], then sign up on guild finder in-game to join, we will send you invite through it: (search < over the hill > on guild finder, you will find our main guild [over the hill] and our alt guild [Over the Hill Alts])
– Or, you could contact us in-game <Battle Net: CLOUDLING#1865> ; or contact us off-game on discord <Discord: CLOUDTHAO#2919> for an interview and direct in-game invitation.

Raid time: WED-FRI (Mythic/heroic, committed) SAT (heroic/normal, casual), 7:30pm-10:30pm, SVT, fixed schedule every week since 2011 (We’re using our server time which is Australia Sydney GMT+10 time base)

…[Progression Raid on Wednesday night at 7:30pm-10:30pm Realm Time (Australia Sydney time - Oceanic)] (Prog team - Mythic or Heroic - depending on time line)
…[Committed Raid on Friday night at 7:30pm-10:30pm Realm Time (Australia Sydney time - Oceanic)] (Committed & prog team - Mythic or Heroic)
…[Casual Raid on Saturday nights at 7:00pm-10:00pm Realm Time (Australia Sydney time - Oceanic)] (Casual-Alt-new-Trial) (Farm Normal or Heroic)

Over The Hill is an ally PVE based guild located on US-Oceanic Frostmourne server (since 2009). We are an older guild with mature players. Home for adult players from a variety of countries and cultures. (parents, older adults, couples, guys & gals, family etc.)

We welcome all like-minded adult players with a mature outlook in life to join us (Casual, social, casual raiding, progression raiding etc.) We maintain a clean and respectful culture of friendliness. We’re not tolerate bad languages, toxic trash talks, offensive-insulting (sexist, racist…etc…) or any bad behaviors in our guild environment.

We have laid back raids for casual players (relaxed fun but focused, organized and no drama). As well as serious progression raids for players searching for end game content without the hardcore nonsense and pressure.

Currently recruiting more committed raiders (Healers + DPS) for our [Heroic-Mythic] committed progression raids.
Also recruiting more casual players and laid back raiders (Healer and DPS) for our casual [Normal-Heroic] raid. No raiding experience required.

Additionally, We have a main guild for your main toons (at max 2 of your most active toons) and an alt guild for all your alts. both our guild chats linked. Members can bring as many alts into our alt guild as they like.

Envelop 12/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Swampage
Server Rank: #306
US Rank: #5118

:tornado: Envelop :tornado: is a retail World of Warcraft community with a focus on PvE content. Whether you’re interested in leveling some characters, pushing some keys, farming some mounts, or raiding the newest raids, we’ll have plenty for you to be enveloped in. Bring your friends or come make new ones - you’re more than just another player, you’re part of our family now.

:us: - Alliance - Sargeras | :us: - Horde - Illidan

:globe_with_meridians: OUR WEBSITE:

Got Questions :question: Join us on Discord!

:fire: OUR OFFERINGS: :fire:

We’re more than just an in-game guild and much more than just a Discord community - we’re one big family. Though our offerings are expansive, you’ll never lose that tight-knit feeling you all love.

  • Several Raiding Teams - ranging from Heroic to Mythic.
  • Guild Events - Alt raids, World PvP, and more!
  • Active M+ Players - with 30+ ranks to climb in Discord.
  • Free Guild Repairs
  • Free Bags
  • Weekly In-Game Lottery
  • Drama-Free & Mature Atmosphere
  • Active and Simple Discord

:star: If you’re looking for a drama free home for the rest of your WoW career, you can stop looking - you found us. Stop by our Discord, message us in-game, or apply on the in-game guild finder, there’s no barrier to entry!

[H]Weekend Mythic Raiding GuildSep 29th, 2020 9:56 am
Assault Team 7/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Bowken
Server Rank: #230
US Rank: #7390

is a guild composed of members from Hawaii [HI] and are looking to expand our roster for Castle Nathria. You can expect us to get AOTC ASAP and progress in mythic raiding. We are looking for players capable of maintaining their character in a semi-hardcore setting.

Raid Days are Sat/Sun at 6:30pm-9:30pm PST [4:30pm-7:30pm HST]. Note these times are with the daylight savings transition on Nov. 1st.

About us: The core comprises 12 IRL friends who have raided since Cataclysm. We enjoy raiding at a competitive level and strive to have a good time with a 6 hour raid week while keeping steady progress on raiding.

What we need: We recruit to have a stable 20 man roster. We believe that each player wants to be here and should strive to bring their 100% to each raid. Being a 2 day guild, near 100% attendance is required. An ideal recruit should be capable of maintaining their character for our current level of content. Currently in need of all classes and specs as we bolster our roster for the upcoming Shadowlands.

Contact us on discord for more information: Wingzer#0722 or MARK#7712

Goldshire Fire Brigade 9/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Athidae
Server Rank: #460
US Rank: #7724

Goldshire Fire Brigade is a 21+ AOTC heroic raiding guild also active in most other content as well. Raid Times/Days: Saturday & Sunday 8pm-10pm EST.

Current Positions:
Melee DPS: We’re looking for Enh Shaman, Rogue, and Ret Paladin. We’re also possibly open to DH, and Surv Hunter.

Guild Information and Expectations:
We do not openly invite and recruiting will be closed after these spots are filled.

Our guild has been around and raiding since WoD. We’re a very close-knit guild where members have become close friends. We all play and talk often usually via discord and guild chat. You can expect AotC from every raid as well as possible parallel progression on early mythic bosses depending on the roster. Mythic+ availability as well as other content like pvp, and other events.

The majority of our guild is North American, though we do have some members outside of the region. We usually have someone on no matter what time of day but weekends are our most active time of the week.

We’re looking for someone that wants to be part of a social, close-knit environment as well as dedicated to heroic raid. We have a lot of fun, we joke around a lot, but we also expect class and raid knowledge when it comes to raid.

We understand that RL happens and that not every raid can be made but the majority must be. Please understand that attendance is very important to us. If you are someone that can’t dedicate that majority of weekends for our raid times, please do not apply.

What we Provide:
We provide cauldrons, pots, and food for weekend raid (based on guild bank deposits on the first raid day of the week), 24/7 guild repairs, and we provide you with a non-toxic raiding experience. You will not be screamed at or called out here, but again, you are expected to bring a certain level of skill and understanding to the raid. You will not be treated unfairly, but we will sit if necessary but usually doesn’t need to be done.

Contact Information and Further Questions:
Athidae#1546 Jassari#1443 Joehkay#1783 Ledagra#1565

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