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New - Old - Guild Progress
 Posted: 2018-10-21
 Recruiter:  Drvoodoo   Crucible of Storms
  5/8 (H)
 Server:  Barthilas
 Realm Rank:  70
 US Rank:  1957
 Achievement Points:  1925
Resurgence, Horde Barth. 8.2 is here and raid spots are open to be filled by you. Currently raiding Wed, Thurs, Sun 7pm SVT till 10pm.

We are looking for more DPS and Heals, who are looking to continue in our progression through this expac.

We are a fun yet focused group who like to enjoy our raid nights with some banter, laughs and a fun attitude while effectively attacking the bosses.

******High priority******.

Enhance Shaman.



Disc Priest.

All other classes considered as we prepare to kill bosses in 8.2. All Raiders must have

A working Mic,
Gemmed and enchanted gear,
Food, Flasks, Pots to last the entire night. You must have abasic undersdtanding of the fights for progression. A dedicated attitude to progression raiding, enduring wipes and the almost kills as they come.

We run keys together to make sure we get out +10 each week.

If this sounds like a guild that you can fit in with hit me or any of our other officers up in game.
Btag Evilc#1288
 Posted: 2018-11-16
 Recruiter:  Vsper   Crucible of Storms
  7/8 (H)
 Server:  Turalyon
 Realm Rank:  3
 US Rank:  93
 Achievement Points:  1815

@ US-Turalyon (Horde)

Currently Recruiting:

  • Ranged DPS: Moonkin w/ Resto OS, Shadow Priest, Hunter, Warlock, Elemental Shaman
  • Melee DPS: Arms/Fury Warrior, Demon Hunter
  • Healers: Disc Priest, Shaman
  • ANY exceptional players
  • Will offer paid Transfers


Potential applicants should have mythic experience in Legion or extensive previous raiding experience. Successful applicants should have thorough knowledge of their class and roles. If your class is not specifically listed and you feel that you would be an asset, please contact us using our battletags below.


  • Tuesday: 9pm- 12am EST (6pm - 9pm PST)
  • Wednesday: 9pm - 12am EST (6pm - 9pm PST)
  • Thursday: 9pm - 12am EST (6pm - 9pm PST)
  • *We do raid first two Sundays of a new tier.

About Us:
@ US-Turalyon (Horde) is recruiting for our mythic progression core. We are an eclectic group of passionate individuals who value our time and progression. Our founding members are comprised of long-time hardcore raiders who have been playing together since TBC. Our officer core have extensive US top 10 experience as officers/GMs. Our members have a bevy of notable accomplishments which include numerous US top 10 kills and achievements. We have since settled into a more relaxed 3-night raid schedule but maintain our former hardcore mentality especially regarding personal responsibility/awareness, efficiency, and preparation.

Our players are mature, driven, competitive, and always looking to improve themselves and their fellow raiders. Over the years, we have learned to give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, progression-minded atmosphere. Through effective communication, preparation, and organization, we are able to raid fewer hours while still remaining competitive.

Current Progression:

  • 1/2m Crucible of Storms

Battle for Azeroth:

  • 9/9 Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor US 104
  • 8/8 Mythic Uldir US 121

Legion Progression:

  • 11/11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne
  • 9/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras
  • 10/10 Mythic The Nighthold
  • 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor
  • 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare

What to Expect from Us:
We provide a stable environment for our raiders to constantly improve as players and teammates. During progression we use our time efficiently, maintain focus, and exercise discipline; however, while on farm the atmosphere is more relaxed. Our time is precious and we know yours is as well; efficiency is our ultimate goal. We actively endeavor to maintain a mature, drama-free environment.

What We Offer:

  • A stable roster and constructive raid environment
  • Leadership with years of progression-oriented hardcore experience
  • Guild repairs for mains and alts
  • Full guild bank support: Repairs, enchants, flasks, pots, food, gems, etc.
  • Alt raids and Mythic+ Groups
  • Optional off-night events with friends & family; Many of us play other games together

Our Expectations:

  • High attendance (90%+)
  • Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role
  • Passionate, mature attitude and willingness to take/give constructive criticism
  • Willingness to work collaboratively and promote a culture of continuous self-improvement

Recruit Lead: Vsper (Btag & Discord Vsper#1724)
Officers: Terra (Btag & Discord Terra#1216), Ayegon (Btag Ayegon#1108)

 Posted: 2018-11-16
 Recruiter:  Kegi   Crucible of Storms
  8/8 (H)
 Server:  Illidan
 Realm Rank:  9
 US Rank:  82
 Achievement Points:  1255

About Us

Helix was formed in BFA by a group of veteran players that have known each other for years. We have progressed that into a tight-knit core group that enjoys raiding together. We are a laid back group but know when it is time to get serious and push content. We raid a relatively light schedule compared to other guilds at our rank and want to be efficient and effective with our time.

Past Progression


  • Tier 23 9/9M US 123
  • Tier 22 8/8M US 193


  • Tier 16 14/14H 25m US 201
  • Tier 16 14/14H 10m US 107
  • Tier 15 13/13H 10m US 266

Loot: We use RCLootCouncil to distribute all tradable loot.

Current Recruitment Needs
All exceptional players regardless of class are welcome to apply. Please check our Wowprogress for an updated class recruitment list.

Looking for players that enjoy playing the game at a high level and want to clear content on a light schedule, while also pushing rank. We are always looking to expand our roster with strong, motivated, and experienced players. We expect all players to take criticism; Mispulls, deaths, and overall poor performance will not be tolerated and you will be expected to improve.

Minimum Requirements (before you apply)

  • 8/9M BoD experience preferred
  • 95% attendance with stable computer/internet connection
  • Being prepared with Food / Pots / Flasks


  • Tuesday 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. CST
  • Wednesday 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. CST
  • Thursday 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. CST

Contact Us

  • BTag: jhong#11539 / Discord: jhong#2416

  • BTag: TakGoo#1371 / Discord: TakGoo#6153

  • Apply @ bit.ly/HelixGuild

 Posted: 2018-11-16
 Recruiter:  Decix   Crucible of Storms
  7/8 (H)
 Server:  Azjol-Nerub
 Realm Rank:  1
 US Rank:  481
 Achievement Points:  2925

< Infusion > of Azjol-Nerub was founded in April of 2007. The creation of the guild was based off the idea of being the best on the server. Since the creation of the guild, the realm has dwindled in population so we shifted our priority to push ourselves and lower our world/US ranking up every tier.

Our best finishes during the time:

Finishing Tier 13 25 man US 154th
Finishing Tier 14 25 man US 82nd
Finishing Tier 15 25 man US 115th (Lei Shen without locks and MW Monks :frowning:)

Since then, the guild has aged. The core of the guild has been playing together for years, people got their career jobs, families etc. So, the guild has aged and we’ve taken a step back from pushing as hard as we used to. The mentality is still engrained in us though to kill mythic bosses, we push until the end. We don’t take breaks until the next tier. We may evaluate the time we have left and make a decision as a guild to not push. (2 weeks left for Argus, G’huun etc) but during that time we’ll do all the farm we can for the next content push.

We maintain a relaxed environment while keeping a serious attitude for progression. We fully understand that WoW is a game; you won’t perform your best if you’re not having fun and that’s our basis of raid every night.

We do not over-recruit. We have Discord interviews with all recruits and only accept those who we feel will fit best in our small family. Why play if you can’t enjoy the content, forced to sit on a bench? Our roster is always kept small. We only recruit who and what we’re after, we don’t take chances.

Raid hours are Tues-Thurs 9-12 EST (6-9 PST).

We are currently

7/8 M Uldir

8/9 M BoD
2/2 H COS

Recruiting Needs:
Any exceptional player looking for a long-term home.
(We aren’t after specific classes just players who will fit in with our guild and create a home with us)

The best way to contact us is real ID at Decix#1306 or discord Decix#8154

 Posted: 2018-11-17
 Recruiter:  Staffeln   Crucible of Storms
 Server:  Sargeras
 Realm Rank:  38
 US Rank:  747
 Achievement Points:  1785

Sargeras-Alliance Guild.

Apply at www.vigilant-sargeras .com and/or add an officer for info!

About Us
Having been formed in October 2016, we’ve been pushing to clear content ever since. It may not have always worked out, but we’re a Guild that never stops trying, no matter the odds. We’ve been through our fair share of rough patches, but our ingenuity always finds a way to get past them and come out stronger than before. Until Antorus, we’ve considered ourselves semi-hardcore with a slight lean on a more casual environment. However, once we got past Imonar in Antorus, we decided we wanted to push for Cutting-Edge each tier and began working towards that goal. Unfortunately, we were a week late to get Argus down in time, but we’re determined to finish Uldir and all future tiers on time! In Vigilant, you can expect a fun and friendly environment inside and outside of raids yet find a very demanding and reasonable environment. We expect our raiders to own their mistakes and improve themselves, but also want to see them reach out for assistance where needed. We’re big on improving from within instead of replacing people. For more information and a general idea of what we’re all about, read our R.E.P page on our website (link below).

Tank: None
Healers: Shaman
MDPS: None
RDPS: Warlock/Druid

Don’t see your specialization? App! We’ll consider any strong candidate.

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM CST (Weekday Team)
Wednesday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM CST (Weekday Team)
Thursday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM CST (Weekday Team)
Friday: Off
Saturday: 8:00PM - 11:00PM CST (Weekend Team)
Sunday: 8:00PM - 11:00PM CST (Weekend Team)

-Jäger#11356 (Guild Master & Raid Leader)
-Bambooz1er#1449 (Ranged Officer)
-Onyxia#1868 (Healing Officer)

Apply at www.vigilant-sargeras .com and/or add an officer for info!

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