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New - Old - Guild Progress
Minimum Region Rank:    
 Posted: 2020-02-19
 Recruiter:  Doomkeg   Ny'alotha
 Server:  Dalaran
 Realm Rank:  
 US Rank:  
 Achievement Points:  0

Welcome to an 8.3 Horde Reroll Guild and Community!

Have you taken an extended break from World of Warcraft and are just now coming back, intimidated by all the changes?

Did you leave “Retail” WoW for Classic WoW and you’re now returning from your adventures on past Azeroth, feeling behind the curve?

Are you interested primarily in the next expansion, Shadowlands, and want to prorgress a character and join a community in preparation for that release?

Are you a long-time player that is bored of your Main character but nervous to tackle an Alt alone amidst the grinds and time-gates of BFA’s myriad catch-up mechanics?

Then Homebrew might be just the drink you’re looking for!

We’re a Horde reroll project based on the US-PVE realm of Dalaran (EST) and founded on the premise of jolly cooperation between those that have fallen behind. The project was founded in February 2020 and has rapidly grown to a robust membership of prospective players on Discord and in-game. The vision of is to collectively help each other level up to 120, tackle the various reputations, factions and progression mechanics (Azerite Power, Cloak ranks, Essence ranks and Corruption grinds) at the end of Battle For Azeroth, to complete its various Mythic+ and Raid content and to prepare a lively, personable and experienced roster of guildmates for Shadowlands.

Currently, Homebrew is in an organizational phase:

  • We are accepting all manner of new characters from fresh-start levelers (level 1) to hero classes (levels 55 and 100), transfers (up to level 110) and boosted characters (level 120).

  • Although we encourage people to transfer or boost higher level characters into the guild, we realize this may be cost prohibitive for some folks and are prepared to earnestly help the leveling process of all fresh-start characters using Level-Sync. I was recently able to level a rogue from 1 - 110 in only 37 hours /played using heirlooms, warmode and the darkmoon faire; it’s a very quick journey these days, made even faster by your guildmates!

  • Transferred and leveled characters will be capped at 110 until we officially begin the reroll initiative with the exception of the level-120 boosted characters. They will be required to refrain from any sort of meaningful progression until we officially begin.

  • The current timeline tentatively predicts an official start date in middle-to-late March 2020 but this is subject to change with sufficient activity.

The Homebrew Community!

In light of novel technology and in an effort to improve our reach, Homebrew has also created an in-game community for membership whom, for whatever reason, is unable to join the guild itself on the Dalaran realm. The community will have the same organizational limitations until the official launch of the guild. Any time the guild has insufficient membership for Mythic+ runs, Vision groups or raid nights, we will happily post to the community and look for more members! If transferring or re-leveling is just not in the cards for you, this community is your next best option.

The guild’s official discord can be accessed with the following link: hjq4qXv

Please reach out to us with any questions by replying in this thread or join the Discord or Community pages. Hope to be hearing from you! Cheers.

 Posted: 2020-02-18
  Horde For Hire
 Recruiter:  Kulon   Ny'alotha
 Server:  Ravenholdt
 Realm Rank:  
 US Rank:  
 Achievement Points:  0

I am told Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether have some of the lowest realm population. It can seem there is nobody around and you are playing alone. Well if you are tired of playing alone we are a friendly guild looking for new recruits to join our ranks. We are searching for members of all levels and classes. We are a cool place to come and chat, enjoy the game, and not feel any pressure. We are Polite and Inclusive, generally chatty, active daily and have a full bank with lots of mats and gear. Running dungeons of all levels, alt friendly, free bags. We are in the guild finder and generally respond quickly. Thank you.

 Posted: 2020-02-18
 Recruiter:  Sonako   Ny'alotha
  2/12 (M)
 Server:  Tichondrius
 Realm Rank:  41
 US Rank:  798
 Achievement Points:  730
  • Faction: Horde

  • Realm: Tichondrius

  • Raid Times: 8-11 PM PST Fridays and Saturdays. Optional additional day on Sunday.

  • Recruiting: For the main raiding roster- ranged DPS and one Resto/Ele shaman flex, though any exceptional players can try to compete for a spot.

    • Anyone can reach out and join if they are interested in doing keys, arenas, being a fill raider, or just hanging out!
  • Description: We’re an extremely active and friendly community that is always welcoming to meet new people to play with and be friends with! If you’re looking for a home of people to play with on Tichondrius, you won’t be disappointed.

    • We have arena enthusiasts, key connoisseurs, and if you are interested in the main roster we promote a kind, patient, and positive raiding environment with striving for CE being the ultimate goal but having fun coming first.
  • Contacts:

    • Officer: Sona#4585 (Discord) / Sona#12734 (Battlenet)
    • Officer: Medyns#0609 (Discord) / Medyns#1643 (Battlenet)
    • GM: Nukfur#0990 (Discord) / Nukfur#1660 (Battlenet)

Feel free to reach out to anyone of us (or post below) if you are interested at all in joining, or have any questions :smiley:

 Posted: 2020-02-18
 Recruiter:  Myeongsoo   Ny'alotha
  11/12 (H)
 Server:  Stormrage
 Realm Rank:  87
 US Rank:  1224
 Achievement Points:  490

LF Mythic Raiding guild. Previous exp 6/8 EP, 9/9 BOD and 7/8M Uldir. Was in a Mythic Raiding guild that started Mythics in WOD. Move to Stormrage for more experience on a high pop server vs low pops I been on.

 Posted: 2020-02-18
  Aincrad Blood Oath
 Recruiter:  Baguio   Ny'alotha
  7/12 (H)
 Server:  Illidan
 Realm Rank:  148
 US Rank:  2301
 Achievement Points:  0

Aincrad Blood Oath - Recruiting for 8.3 Progression into Shadowlands, Currently LF RDPS and Healers. Aotc goal Raids/PvP/M+ Keys.

Old and New friends coming back from Legion for this patch and into Shadowlands, looking for all roles. PVP is also in the cards, we do Mythic +s often during the week and help with anyone who needs anything. Forming Raid group and looking mainly for Range Dps and off Heals. 4/8M EP, 1.7k IO last patch. Raid Times are flexible as we continue to grow, as of right now it will be Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00-11:00pm EST. If you are a tank and interested then we can make room for you.

If you are looking for something casual or serious, we will have a spot for you within our Guild of friends as we progress together.

Full Cleared Normal, 7 bosses down in Heroic. (we do normal weekend runs for everyone)

If you are interested just hit me up or add me in game.

Btag: omgalex3#1113


Baguio-Illidan in game.

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