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New - Old - Guild Progress
 Posted: 2019-07-14
 Recruiter:  Acogz   Crucible of Storms
  6/8 (H)
 Server:  Tichondrius
 Realm Rank:  11
 US Rank:  244
 Achievement Points:  1045

Hello all,

My name is Acog. I recently returned to BFA for 8.2. I’m still in catch-up mode, currently ilvl 411. I used to raid at an extremely high level and achieved US 5th for multiple tiers back in MOP. I’ve followed that up with a bunch of top US 25-100, etc guilds. Please view my Feats of Strength for a detailed view of what I’ve achieved raiding wise.

At this point in my life i’m just looking to chill out and just enjoy what time I have to play this game.

I’m looking for a guild that raids 2 nights a week NOT on the weekend.

I’m looking to play feral druid and I am open to playing Guardian. I tanked all throughout Legion so I’m not stranger to tanking.

Please say hello if you are interested! Thanks!
discord: acog#5759

 Posted: 2019-01-31
 Recruiter:  Lightzm   Crucible of Storms
  7/8 (H)
 Server:  Stormrage
 Realm Rank:  23
 US Rank:  246
 Achievement Points:  1395


“Mythic progression without a Mythic schedule”.

We are looking for a few more players to strengthen our roster. Our focus is completing as much end-game content possible with a manageable 6/hr a week schedule.

Schedule : Wednesday & Thursday from 8PM-11PM EST

We are players that have spent a majority of our lives on this game. However, with getting older and having more responsibilities in our personal lives, we cannot spend as much time raiding as in the past. We’re looking for players who genuinely have fun playing the game, remaining moderately competitive, and will have the Guilds best interest above all. If you are looking for a friendly, enthusiastic, mature environment to complete end-game content in a timely fashion then this is the place for you. We do not require alts. With this, we expect our raiders to be experts on their mains. This includes all specs and talent optimizations on a per fight basis.

Mythic Jaina Kill!: https://vimeo.com/339653809

Progress :
EP: 7/8H
Dazar’alor: 9/9M
CoS: 2/2H
Uldir: 7/8M

What we can offer you:

  • Stable and very experienced leadership along with a positive raiding environment, free of drama and cliques.
  • Mythic raids and Mythic plus dungeons.
  • Punctuality, We pride ourselves on always being on time and never wasting yours.
  • All raiders and officers are open to constructive criticism.
  • An environment of not always having countless hours to play, but with the time we manage to have, compete with those who do.
  • Repairs, cauldrons, vantus runes, gems, enchants and feasts.
  • Additional games, many of us also play Hearthstone, Diablo, Counterstrike, League of Legends, Fortnite, Pubg, Heroes of the Storm, etc.

What this guild is looking for:

  • We’re looking for somebody that has a friendly helping attitude.
  • Someone that strives to be the best that they can be, is diligent about reviewing logs during and after raids to see where they can improve.
  • Someone who’s very passionate about raiding and who rarely misses or is late to raids.
  • Someone whose main interest is the well being of their guild above their own.

You can rest assured we do not waste your time with not being able to fill a roster, or not having the strategy for the fight. Because of our limited hours raid time is taken seriously with the mindset of “Completing as much mythic content possible with a manageable 6 hour a week schedule”.

If you are interested in joining us, fill out an application at h ttps://forms.gle/T2MAJKLxR1BgRHwj7

 Posted: 2019-07-04
 Recruiter:  Idontheall   Crucible of Storms
  7/8 (H)
 Server:  Tichondrius
 Realm Rank:  15
 US Rank:  332
 Achievement Points:  1135

BibleBlack is now recruiting a couple more raiders in preparation to push US top 100 next tier!

Battle for Dazaralor 9/9M
Raid Time: Mon/Tues/Thurs 7-10 pst

What We Are About

  • We are a very friendly, very inviting guild. We have fun on other games besides World of Warcraft. We are a serious raiding guild, but we also like to have fun.
  • We WILL NOT tolerate toxic behavior or anything of the like. We play to have fun and kill bosses, not deal with petty drama.
  • Our current goal for 8.2 is to push US top 100 which means spots will be limited and very competitive.
  • We know exactly what it takes to be a US top 100 guild and will do what’s necessary to reach our goals.

What We Expect

  • Excellent raid attendance. If you are going to be late or miss a raid night, let us know a few hours before raid starts. We do not like to sit there and wonder where you are.
  • Knowledge of your class and of the fights. We want you to have an alt geared and ready as well. We want you to be versatile in both classes and specs you are playing as. We want everyone to study the fights.

Classes we are recruiting:

  • Warrior
  • Ele Shaman
  • Bm/MM hunter
  • Rogue
  • Disc&Holy Priest

If your class isn’t mentioned above, we still highly encourage any exceptional DPS/healer to trial due to our competitive raid roster.


  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • Weak Auras
  • DBM

Feel free to add us in game if you wish you’d like to talk more or have any questions!

 Posted: 2018-12-14
 Recruiter:  Earthbend   Crucible of Storms
  7/8 (H)
 Server:  Turalyon
 Realm Rank:  7
 US Rank:  339
 Achievement Points:  2705

Welcome to Daybreak.

Daybreak is late night, horde guild on US-Turalyon. We raid 12:00 - 3:00 Am EST (9:00 - 12:00 PM PST) Tuesday - Thursday during progression. Currently 9/9 Mythic BoD 0/2 Mythic Crucible.

Daybreak’s cutting edge progression extends to 12 tiers and this expansion has been no exception. We’ve been raiding since 2009 and promote a lighter, more laid back atmosphere whilst still being able to focus and kill bosses. We pride ourselves on being able to maintain and offer stability to our raiders.

What you bring to the table is a good attitude, a guild-first mentality, and the ability to play your class/spec(s) at a high level. We’re looking for those hungry to progress while being a part of a well rounded community. Daybreak is a second home to a lot of folks and are always looking to extend an invitation.

We are currently looking for:

All Exceptional Applicants

This does not mean we are only accepting these classes/roles. If you’re in need of later times and believe you can become an exceptional member of our team, do not hesitate to apply.

Those interested, please visit our Discord at (h ttps://discord .gg/ ukKSNGc, No Spaces)

There will be an application link waiting for you. Additionally, feel free to visit the site for current boss kills and achievements.

Earthbend#1134 - Recruitment
Uruborros#11792 Raid Lead
Kazuku#1276 - Dad

Good luck in your search. You’ll hear from us soon.

 Posted: 2019-07-15
 Recruiter:  Ellsii   Crucible of Storms
  7/8 (H)
 Server:  Dalaran
 Realm Rank:  8
 US Rank:  419
 Achievement Points:  2285

Our raid team Choo Choo MFs (9/9M) is recruiting. Check out our site to see our community and apply on the raid page. https://www.rallyguild.com

Rally (Alliance)

ChooChoo Raid Team: 9/9M 9/9H; Cuttingedge

Break Time Homocide Raid Team: 6/9M

FART Raid Team: 3/9M 9/9H

NACHO Raid Team: 9/9H (Heroic Only)

Raid Times:

ChooChoo: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST

BTH: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST

FART: Thursday 8:30pm - 1130pm EST

NACHO: Tues 8pm-11pm EST

Wednesday: Guild wide open raids 8pm - 10:30pm EST

Fridays: Achievement runs, Jackbox Party Games, M+ races, discord event and contests

Saturday: 8:30 - 11pm EST Horde Alt/casual open raids

Sunday 8:30 - 10:30pm EST Casual/Alt Optional open raids

Monday PvP (Rated BG’s 8:30 - 10:30 pm)


Dalaran - PvE (US)

About Us:

<Rally> is a guild founded upon the principle that we want to enjoy the people we are playing with. Rather than being a raiding guild that is social, we are a social guild that raids. We use very exclusive recruitment methods to ensure compatibility among members to maintain a cohesive atmosphere at all times.

Our guild is inclusive of all skill and experience levels as well as a variety of end game goals. From the new player who is still leveling to the retired hard core raider who is looking for a challenge on a more forgiving schedule. An experienced player with a buddy brand new to the game. We have an option for just about everyone. Most importantly, we are a community. We are a home. When you want a great group of people to hand with but don’t want to wear pants, RALLY is the answer!

Guild Atmosphere

We have mostly adults here, averaging about 30 in age. We’re still plenty immature at times and we have lots of fun. There’s some dry humor, a meme channel in Discord and hidden bot commands to troll each other. We’re a family here. We spend the day chatting in Discord chat from our phones or work until people start getting home and logging in. We have people with children and families and share complaints about cranky children and spouses. We are a highly active community of people. If you joined Rally, you could physically raid 5 nights a week and a lot of people do. We bring alts to other raids or even raid the same raids again despite loot lockouts because it’s just fun to hang with these people and smash !@#$ together.

We are looking to recruit people who fit into our group well and get along. We are looking for people who care and want to learn and get better or are already skilled but lack the time to dedicate to hardcore raiding as well. Whether you still want to push progression or just want to raid once a week for fun and minimal pressure, please apply!

We are a tight knit community of friends with a solid foundation of real life and long term friends having played WoW and other games together for 10+ years. We have a diverse membership with several couples, male and female, and new and experienced players. Our Discord is active during the day while people are at work and we are always spending time online running Mythic+, alt raids, popup raids, world quest groups, leveling alts, helping each other level and gear, etc.

Currently Recruiting:

Rally is always looking for personalities who fit into our team and are willing to wait for specific raid openings in the name of joining an amazing guild.

However, our current raid openings are as follows:

Choo Choo: Ranged DPS



NACHO: DPS (Melee Pref)

How to Apply:

Have further questions? Send me a DM on discord Ellsii#6645

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