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New - Old - Guild Progress
 Posted: 2019-01-13
 Recruiter:  Ztox   Battle of Dazar'alor
  6/9 (M)
 Server:  Thrall
 Realm Rank:  7
 US Rank:  177
 Achievement Points:  1575

Hello. <Speakeasy> is a 7 hour weekend guild that has been raiding for over 2 years. If you’re on an early shift during the weekdays, have a family, have school, or don’t have a weekend life: this is the place for you.

We raid 2 nights a week.

Friday: 9:00pm - 12:30am EST
Saturday: 9:00pm - 12:30am EST

Current recruiting needs:
Looking for warlock, boomkin, and a HEALER of any variety. ANY class or spec is encouraged to apply if you’re a great player with logs to back it up.

What we expect from you:
-Previous mythic experience.
-Have a mic and use it.
-Maintain superb attendance.
-A positive attitude that puts the guild before personal glory.

What you can expect from us:
-Short but efficient raid schedule.
-Strong but healthy competition.
-A friendly but serious raid team that wants to push mythic progression.
-We provide all flasks, food, enchants, and repairs during prog.

Contact: Btag and Discord: Ztop#1564 or
Btag: Killamgoro#1131
Feel free to get in touch with any further questions.

 Posted: 2018-12-14
 Recruiter:  Earthbend   Battle of Dazar'alor
  6/9 (M)
 Server:  Turalyon
 Realm Rank:  6
 US Rank:  224
 Achievement Points:  2675

Welcome to Daybreak.

Daybreak is late night, horde guild on US-Turalyon. We raid 12:00 - 2:30 Am EST (9:00 - 11:30 PM PST) Monday - Thursday during progression. Currently 6/9 Mythic BoD. There is a chance of an added 30 minutes on Mondays if a progression kill is close.

Daybreak’s cutting edge progression extends to 10 tiers and this expansion has been no exception. We’ve been raiding since 2009 and promote a lighter, more laid back atmosphere whilst still being able to focus and kill bosses. We pride ourselves on being able to maintain and offer stability to our raiders.

What you bring to the table is a good attitude, a guild-first mentality, and the ability to play your class/spec(s) at a high level. We’re looking for those hungry to progress while being a part of a well rounded community. Daybreak is a second home to a lot of folks and are always looking to extend an invitation.

We are currently looking for:

DK Dps and WW

This does not mean we are only accepting these classes/roles. If you’re in need of later times and believe you can become an exceptional member of our team, do not hesitate to apply.

Those interested, please visit our Discord page: (h ttps://discord. me/daybreak_turalyon, without spaces)

There will be an application link waiting for you. Additionally, feel free to visit the site for current boss kills and achievements.

Earthbend#1134 - Recruitment
Morkelbrah#1205 - Raid Lead
Kazuku#1276 - Dad

Good luck in your search. You’ll hear from us soon.

 Posted: 2018-11-17
 Recruiter:  Failvera   Battle of Dazar'alor
  5/9 (M)
 Server:  Hyjal
 Realm Rank:  5
 US Rank:  275
 Achievement Points:  1525

US-Hyjal semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic raiding and Mythic+ dungeons.

Raid times: Friday + Saturday 6:30pm-10:30pm PST.
We do random guild activities throughout the week.
Weekends will be focused on Mythic content

We raid progression content for 8hrs/week, typical “semi-hardcore” guilds need 9-12hrs/week to reach our progression. If your guild is currently raiding 2x our time, and not 2x our progression; your valuable time is being wasted!

Previous raid tier achievements
Emerald Nightmare - Cutting Edge
Trial of Valor - Cutting Edge
Antorus - Cutting Edge
Uldir - Cutting Edge

Talented players of any class/spec will be considered!
We believe in “bringing the player not the class.”
So if you don’t see your class listed, but feel like you can contribute to our team, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are looking for mature members who are comfortable with a relaxed raiding schedule but will put in the effort and focus needed to maximize that time! Our guild has multiple groups that clear M+15 to get their weekly cache. (Our tanks and healers are more than accommodating and are active daily, farming mythic+ runs and making sure our raiders are doing the most they can each week to better themselves.)

You can see from our boss kills, we have a core of skilled players striving to be highly efficient and excel during our raiding times.

That means coming prepared with encounter knowledge, updated addons, consumables, Discord and a working microphone, etc

Many of us have been raiding together for several years, and while we are now well into adulthood and some of us even have kids; we still strive for progression raiding the 2 nights we are dedicated to.
We have raiders from across the world from Hong Kong to New Zealand to the far northern wastelands known as Canada.

We are looking for raiders with a good attitude, competent execution of class-mechanics and high situational awareness. Even if you don’t see your particular class/spec listed, do not hesitate to reach out! We are always looking for exceptional players!

Dps Warrior- Low
Mage - Medium
Spriest - Low
Havoc DH - Low
Healer of any kind - Medium

Be sure to check out our streams!
twitch.tv/decapid - Tank
twitch.tv/elveratheshaman - Melee DPS

Gear will all come in time, but most importantly to us: We Do Not Carry.

Interested? Here is our guild application.


Questions? Feel free to whisper:
BNet: Elvera#1370
Discord: Elvera#1963 (Best way to reach me)

 Posted: 2018-11-18
 Recruiter:  Hiredgun   Battle of Dazar'alor
  5/9 (M)
 Server:  Tichondrius
 Realm Rank:  16
 US Rank:  322
 Achievement Points:  1120

Currently Recruiting for Core:
Healers(Priest, Monk, Shaman, Druid)
Warrior DPS
We are also looking for backup DPS and Mythic+ players at all times, please have similar experience and Battle of Dazar’alor Logs

<Myrmidons> has been a tight-knit community for a little over 8 years now. An experienced group of raiders initially formed the World of Warcraft guild back on a private server. We then moved our players to retail during Mists of Pandaria, late into patch 5.4. We proceeded to work our way through Siege of Orgrimmar on Heroic 25 (now Mythic) and established ourselves as an actual competitive guild on Arthas-US. We continued raiding until early Warlords of Draenor where we eventually broke up due to real life commitment issues with our core roster. However, 4 years later, here we are again. The hunger for actual hardcore raiding has brought back many of the core raiders and many new faces. To make sure we are competitive, we will always be keeping everyone on their toes with healthy competition within the guild and competent/active players.

Throughout the weekend we will also have other activities such a Heroic / Normal alt-runs on our off-days during regular raid hours (6:30 PM - 9:30 PM PST) with potential trials, friends of the guild. Be assured that none of these are required to be attended to be a part of the core roster and are completely optional events you can partake in.

Raid Times & Schedule:
We’re on a guaranteed three-day progression schedule. (Tues-Thurs)

-Core Team 5/9 Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor
Tuesday: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST
Wednesday: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST
Thursday: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST

All members of the guild (applicants & core raiders) are expected to maintain close to 100% attendance during all progression related content. Everyone is expected to have a strong understanding of their class and it’s various roles alongside keeping up to date with information pertaining to them and the raid. It should be evident that you are putting forth maximum effort in both improving your character’s effectiveness and your own performance as a raider both in and out of raid.

WoW Progress
wowprogress .com/guild/us/tichondrius/Myrmidons
T22 - US #347 | Tichondrius #15

If you think <Myrmidons> is right for you, apply at www.guilded.gg/r/zzWl6W9BLE

You may also contact these BattleNet users for additional questions or information:
Totemology (Totemology#11972) | Bomba (Bomba#12279) | Noodlecakes (Noodlecakes#1247) | Relish (Relish#1275)

 Posted: 2019-02-07
 Recruiter:  Dookake   Battle of Dazar'alor
  5/9 (M)
 Server:  Proudmoore
 Realm Rank:  10
 US Rank:  324
 Achievement Points:  2885

< Ouroboros >
5/9 M BoD
8/8 M Cutting Edge Uldir
Proudmoore (PvE) Alliance
Contact : Dookie#1491

Our Raid Schedule :
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
8:00 - 11:00 PM PST

Our Current Recruitment Needs :
While recruitment is open for all classes, we are specifically interested in the following classes/roles.


Healer :
Resto Shaman*

Ranged DPS :

Melee DPS :

  • = High Priority

Previous Progression :
Antorus, the Burning Throne 11/11 M Cutting Edge
Tomb of Sargeras: 7/9 M
Nighthold 10/10 M Cutting Edge
Trial of Valor 3/3M Cutting Edge
The Emerald Nightmare 7/7 M

Warlords of Draenor
Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 M Cutting Edge
Blackrock Foundry: 7/10M

Mist of Pandaria 25-man Progression
Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14 Mythic
Throne of Thunder: 10/13 Heroic (Cleared pre-6.0)
Tier 14: 4/16 Heroic (Cleared pre-6.0)

Cataclysm 25-man Progression
Dragon Soul: 8/8 Heroic with 15% buff
Firelands: 7/7 Heroic
BWD/BoT/ToTfW’s: 13/13 Heroic

Wrath of the Lich King 25-man Progression
All Content Clear (Normal and Heroic)
Server First 25-man Heroic Lich King
Death’s Demise
Tribute to Insanity and Immortality

Guild History :
Ouroboros is a well established, progression oriented guild that formed back in 2007 and had been at the top or near the top of progression on our previous server of Blade’s Edge. Our goal is to advance as a guild focusing on 20 man raids throughout all progression content. Outside of raiding, many of our members also work on Mythic+, PvP/Battlegrounds, Old Content raids, and other achievement runs.

If you are looking to apply keep in mind that all members should be open to constructive criticism. We like to keep a small guild footprint and expect all members to act as adults and to behave respectfully when dealing with people both in and out of the guild. With that in mind, we do have a sense of humor that can be rather sarcastic and obnoxious at times, so the ability to laugh at yourself and participate in the jokes is definitely a good thing.

Expectations for Applicants :

  • We keep track of attendance and low attendance = low priority for raid spots. We expect that you make the majority of raids and inform us on Discord when you CAN NOT make one, or may be late.
  • You should be fully prepared with flasks, potions, and food.
  • You should be very knowledgeable about your class and spec, and current progression fights planned for the raiding week
  • Your gear and experience are expected to be near the current level required for our progression.
  • Be able to follow instructions and take constructive criticism

Why Ouroboros ?
Ouroboros is more than just a group of people who log in to slay internet dargons (spelling intentional) together. We are a community and a family. We stick together through the good and the bad. We’re here to support each other; not just in game, but outside of it as well. This community transcends a simple game. Bonds are formed that carry through into real life. One of the best examples of this is consistently fielding more than 40 people for several consecutive years to Blizzcon. People from all across the country (and Canada) travel together to hang out, have a blast, and just enjoy each others company: new members, old members, members who haven’t played in years.

We are also very active in game on non-raid nights, and have regular guild runs of old content. Legendaries, transmog, nerd points, alt runs you name it. Need help with an Infusion? We’ve got you covered!

The long and short of it is: If you’re looking for a guild to call home, we may just be what you’re looking for.

Contact information :

(Note most of our communication is done via Discord so the website is a bit outdated and used mainly for applications)

Feel free to add me if you want to talk about anything…and i mean anything.

Battletag: Dookie#1491
Discord: dookies#5195

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