Unicorn Seven 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Gatorman
Server Rank: #21
US Rank: #183

About us

Topped Off is a former Top 10 US ten man raiding guild that reformed 60 days into the tier of Battle of Dazar’alor and managed to obtain Cutting Edge.

We are looking to raid on a lighter schedule. We are looking for like minded individuals that are willing to put in maximum effort with minimal time investment.


Tuesday & Thursday

Current recruitment needs:

Shadow Priest - HIGH
Warlock - HIGH
Balance Druid - HIGH

We are recruiting all exceptional DPS, above states the high demand on the specific class.

Tanks and healers are welcome to apply :slight_smile:

Contact us:


Apply here:

[A] (US 114) Looking for allMay 3rd, 2020 2:39 pm
SDS 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Jealw
Server Rank: #18
US Rank: #204

(Seven Deadly Sins) (12/12M NYA 8/8M EP 9/9M BOD)** is a progression guild with an active community of teams that focuses on pushing Mythic raid content and Mythic+.

Mythic Teams:

>Team Pride< (12/12M):
Three-day hardcore main team, led by former US Top 50 raiders, looking to push Cutting Edge every tier as quickly as possible.

  • Raid Times: Tue/Wed/Thu 8:30pm-1130pm EST/Stormrage Server Time

  • Previous Tier Rankings:

    • N’Zoth the Corruptor (M): US 114

    • Queen Azshara (M): US 242

    • Lady Jaina Proudmoore (M): US 469

  • Recruitment:

    • Open Recruitment

>Team Sloth< (12/12M):
Two-day semi-casual team, led by former Cutting Edge players, that has been raiding since BoD.

  • Raid Times: Tue/Thur 9pm-12am EST

  • Recruitment:

    • Warrior (High)
    • Warlock
    • All exceptional DPS

>Team Gluttony< (12/12M):
Two-day semi-hardcore team established at the start of Ny’alotha.

  • Raid Times: Wed/Thu 9pm-12am EST/Stormrage Server Time
    Gluttony has changed from a 2 day a week to 3 days a week for shadowlands.

  • Recruitment:

    • 1 Tank
    • 1 Healer
    • Strong dps

>Team Envy< (11/12M):
Newest late-night, two-day team and still recruiting for this tier, with plans to build into a Cutting Edge team for Shadowlands.

  • Raid Times: Thu/Fri 11PM-2AM EST/Stormrage Server Time (Sat Optional Heroic)

  • Recruitment:

    • Open Recruitment

Please feel free to visit each team’s WoWProgress page for more details about the specific team.

Those interested in mythic plus or just to join our community can contact our GM Nuklang or any of our officers for an invite.

Guild Master: Nuklang – Hoshiko#11253
Co-GM: Astarael - Ovenchicken#1952
Recruiting Officer: Jeal - Jeal#11253

Esprit 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Loraniden
Server Rank: #2
US Rank: #220

Esprit is now currently recruiting for Shadowlands and Beyond!!
We are one of the biggest guild on the Oceanic realm!
We comprise of a Multi-National Community in a semi casual guild environment to push progression together!

How big are we ?
Currently we have 6 raid teams!! Six raid teams raiding various difficulty and with different timing!

Casual players are also more than welcome!
We are more than just a raiding guild and we enjoy hanging out and doing random things!

If you’re interested to join us, Do respond here or feel free to pm our GM directly at :

  • Pewpewpew#1884

For more information about individual raid teams and their raid times - please refer to the list below

G1 - 12/12M
Raid Lead: Barackobamma
2ic: Loraniden
3 Nights Wed/Thurs/Mon 8pm to 1130pm SG Time
Alternate Sundays at start of Tier.
Looking for: TBC
Bnet Contact: Pewpewpew#1884
Discord: Obama#0514

HQ - 12/12M
Raid Lead: Qiqi
2ic: Anngel
2-3 Nights Wed / Thurs 930pm to 1230am SG Time
Looking for: TBC
Bnet Contact: DqCalypso#1121
Discord Contact: Qiqi#8387

G-Two - 12/12H
Raid Lead: Elertricsoup
2ic: Slammer
2 Afternoons: Sat Sun 3pm to 6pm Server Time
Looking for: All Welcome
Bnet Contact: Slammer#1571
Discord Contact: Slammer#6133 / Qui3tF4ll3n4ng3l#4176

Xiao Group -9/12M
Raid Lead: Xiaosneaky / Xiaogabe
2ic: Xiaotoh
2-3 Nights Wed Thurs (Mon) 9pm to 12am SG Time
Looking for: TBC
Bnet Contact: Gab#11654
Discord Contact: Gabe#0716

G5 - New Team for Shadowlands
Raid Lead: Flameborne/Fatals
2ic: Shigan
2 Nights Thurs Mon 9pm to 12am SG Time
(tentative 3rd raid day for progression)
Looking for: All Roles
Bnet Contact: Ghost#1206 Shigan#11725
Discord Contact: Shigan#0695

G6 Aussie Raid Team
Raid Lead: Wuggee
2IC: Balshirra
2-3 Nights Wed Thurs 6-10pm Server Time
Looking for: All Roles
Bnet Contact: Tassleblade#6143
Discord Contact: darkwolfblade#2269

Daybreak 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Earthbend
Server Rank: #6
US Rank: #288

Welcome to Daybreak.

Daybreak is late night, horde guild on US-Turalyon. We raid 12:00 - 3:00 Am EST (9:00 - 12:00 PM PST) Tuesday - Thursday during progression. Currently 12/12 Mythic Nyalotha.

Daybreak’s cutting edge progression extends to 13 tiers and this expansion has been no exception. We’ve been raiding since 2009 and promote a lighter, more laid back atmosphere whilst still being able to focus and kill bosses. We pride ourselves on being able to maintain and offer stability to our raiders.

What you bring to the table is a good attitude, a guild-first mentality, and the ability to play your class/spec(s) at a high level. We’re looking for those hungry to progress while being a part of a well rounded community. Daybreak is a second home to a lot of folks and are always looking to extend an invitation.

We are currently Actively Recruiting:

Healers and DPS, as well as all exceptionally played specs and classes for Shadowlands

Those interested, please visit our Discord at (h)ttps://

Skeleboned#11159 - Raid Lead
Hopper#1150 - Healing Lead
Earthbend#1134 - Team Mom

Good luck in your search. You’ll hear from us soon.

Cold Fury 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Soldris
Server Rank: #30
US Rank: #289

Cold Fury - 6 hours/week (2 night) OCE Mythic raiding


  • Cutting Edge 12/12M Ny’alotha
  • Cutting Edge 8/8M Eternal Palace
  • Cutting Edge 9/9M Battle of Dazar’alor

Raid times:

  • Wednesday/Sunday - 7:30pm to 10:30pm Server Time (AEST/AEDT).
  • Invites out at 7:15pm, 10 minute break at 9pm.

About us:

  • Focused on creating an enjoyable raiding environment for the whole team with no tolerance for drama
  • Able to clear raid content at the highest difficulty each tier with efficient use of time
  • Experienced and transparent leadership team
  • Cauldrons, feasts, repairs and vantus runes provided during raid
  • Friendly and active guild chat and Discord, and many guild members also interested in pushing M+ keys

Raider expectations:

  • Willing to spend time outside of raid researching (class knowledge and raid bosses)
  • Constantly looking to improve personal performance in raids
  • Understanding of Mythic boss requirements and happy to sit when needed on progression
  • High attendance (above 90% - this is crucial for a 2 night guild)
  • Respectful and mature towards fellow raiders

Apply here:

Recruitment open for Shadowlands. Check out our WoWProgress page for the current open positions.

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