Benevolence 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Roburt
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1

Benevolence is a Pagle server raiding guild looking for active players to bolster it’s ranks. Our guild is run by a committee of officers who heavily rely on guild feedback, including guild wide voting, so that not one individual controls the direction of the guild.

Is Benevolence right for you? Here is some additional information:
-Our raid days and times are Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm-11pm server time, with Wednesday as our progressive raid night.
-We have Molten Core/Onyxia/Blackwing Lair on weekly farm status, as well as impromptu raid sign ups for Zul’Gurub on reset.
-Our Loot rules are BiS>MS>OS with a 2 item limit.
-With Phase 5 right around the corner, we are eager to step into Ahn’Qiraj.

We are currently looking for DPS to complete our raid roster. Although we have a preference on Warlocks, Rogues and Fury Warriors, all classes and roles are welcome to join!

To contact us, please leave a message here, or send a message or mail in-game to Roburt or Protekt.

We look forward to hearing from you! See you in Azeroth!

Colossus 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Portahottie
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1

Colossus is an Alliance guild on Sulfuras that raids Wed/Sun from 7:15p-12a. We are a progression oriented raiding guild that places emphasis on keeping WoW enjoyable while competently clearing new content. We currently clear BWL/MC in one night (~3.5-4hrs), with Sunday being our 2nd raid night once AQ40 launches. We have a soft res/ 5-item wish list loot system.

To round out our raid roster for AQ40, we are currently recruiting HPriests, a Rdruid, all melee dps and a couple of hunters.

Colossus is made up of chill and mature people who will always recognize that RL comes first. We always have a good time and foster a kind and friendly community.

Please reach out to me, Portahottie, on discord at lemel22#3917 or via the forums. Thanks!

Arcane 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Grassmonkey
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1

| Alliance | Whitemane (PvP) | 8/8 BWL 10/10 MC 1/1 Onyxia

Who We Are
• We strive to be on the cutting edge of progression without the time commitment, intensity and attendance guilds require in Classic. To put it bluntly we focus on efficiency vs being hardcore.
• Love to enjoy all aspects of Classic WoW.
• Fun community, Easy going, trolling, with a very anti toxic in guild experience.
• No Favoritism in loot (perform and you will be rewarded)
• Our core raiders have prestigious backgrounds including world, continental, and server firsts within both retail and private server scene.

• Arcane is one of the top guilds on server with the raid leading experience that will guarantee the guilds success over the entirety of classic and onward.
• We are clearing ALL contentment under 1 hour and 30 min (30-40 min per raid with split MC’s).
• If you are into killing world boss fear not! Arcane provides many World Boss throughout the week.
• Many of our raiders strive to dps on a high skill level, allowing you as well to parse in the most competitive of kill times. A Majority of our raiders have either top 100 world or server parses.

Raid Times
Sun 6:30 - 10:00 PST
Mon 7:00 - 10:00 PST
Additional (optional) day added as needed for Onyxia/ZG resets

Loot Rules
Loot Council - The basis to our council is a performance base system. All loot is distributed fairly throughout the raid with full transparent tracking system for both loot and guild bank.

1 Melee dps
1 Caster Dps
2 Healers
-We do allow fresh level 60’s however we expect you to gear FULL pre bis quickly.

Discord: pUzjKnM

Good Intentions 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Firestrike
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1

About Us:

We are a competitive weekend guild that enjoys playing at a high level and having fun while doing so. Our leadership has multiple years of experience playing together across several servers with multiple KT kills.

We are fielding over 120+ main raiders with two weekend raids - Saturday and Sunday, as well as a Wednesday weekday raid. All three raids are main raids. We’re looking for a few more dedicated players that want a permanent home to finish the game with us on Classic WoW.


  • World 12th Ragnaros Progression Kill
  • Server First Incendius Progression Kill
    (in conjunction with High Charity & Chosen)
  • 37 Min Phase 2 MC
  • 25 min Phase 4 BWL

Incendius at 12k population:

Netherwind Post Free Xfer:

Netherwind 25 Min BWL:

Raid Times:

Raid Team 1:
Saturday: 4:30 EST - 9 EST

Raid Team 2:
Sunday: 3:30 EST - 9 EST

Raid Team 3:
Wednesday: 7:30 EST - 11:30 EST

All three raids are equally balanced main raids, and clear roughly within a 40 minute average on non-speed oriented weeks. Please note raid times are set for end game content, and not farmed raids.


At the moment we are open to recruiting all dedicated players of all classes.

This thread will be bumped with classes currently in high demand, so scroll to the comments for current recruitment needs.

Contact Us:


FireStrike*#5304 / Sherbaderb#0885 / Xenos#5422 / PR#2113

FireStrike#1508 / Sherbaderb#1462 / Xeno#1100

Thank you for reading!

Momentum 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Dwalin
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1

Momentum is an Alliance guild on Fairbanks, we are looking to add a few more core raid members to our team.

A little about us…

For raids we may push our members to go out of their way to get full world buffs once or twice a month, but we understand people have lives outside of World of Warcraft. We simply expect our members to try their best and be open to suggestions on ways to improve.

We aim to have a relaxed raiding environment, attempting to be as efficient with the small amount of time each week that we have assigned to Raids. Most importantly, we want players who enjoy one another’s company while gaming together. We value positive people with good attitudes, and look for that in our applicants. Jerks, a-holes, big egos, or entitled people will more than likely not mesh well with us.

We have two primary goals:

  • To experience Classic together, in a positive and mature environment, that keeps an enjoyable atmosphere.
  • To clear all the endgame Raid content as a guild.

Raid Days/Times:

Our current scheduled raid nights are:

  • Wednesday 6:00 to 9:00 pm PST
  • Monday 6:00 to 9:00 pm PST

Loot: As a Guild, we use a Loot Council system for MC and BWL. We will be using DKP for both AQ and Naxx.

Looking For: At the moment, we are welcoming applications from all classes, though in particular, we would love to see the following:

  • Priests
  • Hunters
  • Mage
  • Warlock

If Interested in joining us, or have any questions please message Aetherone, Juliosanchez, or Raldir#1701

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