High Charity 12/12 (ICC)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Otterkite
ICC: 12/12
Guild Speed Rank: #405  [US]

HIGH CHARITY | NA-PVP | Benediction|
Zero day classic guild that’s stood the test of time with fair treatment and a fun and competitive environment among like minded people. Respect each others time and do preparation outside of raid so that we can just focus on improving the raid as a whole - critiquing mechanics, strategy, etc. We use loot council looking to prioritize improving the raid.

We are running splits for the remainder of TOGC phase with the goal of maximizing gear, however we will not be for ICC phase. Having a split alt now is a plus but not required.

classic.warcraftlogs .com/guild/rankings/477367/latest

Classic Feats:
All Vanilla post MC w1
10/10 T5 w2
14/14 T6 w1
6/6 Sunwell w1
57m naxx & 1:07 alt naxx
54/54 Ulduar w6
5/5 H TOGC day1

T/W/Th 9pm-12 server. Only Tues currently but we expect to use it all in ICC prog

Loot council - will be evaluated largely on raid benefit (value / performance), also taking into consideration recent loot & guild standing


    1. Healers should also have dps offspecs ready. Hybrid dps should have a heal set available if absolutely needed.
  1. PTR raiding required when available on scheduled nights
  2. 90%+ Attendance. Occasional absences are fine but flaking is not tolerated
  3. Be informed on your class. Use discord & sims
  4. Come prepared with consumes, pre-pot
  5. Occasional benchings. Redundancy and Comp focused, rotation and not a doghouse
  6. Communicate. You must speak English and have a mic. If you have issues, suggestions, availability concerns, etc. let us know so that we can make adjustments before it’s an issue
  7. Be mature and act like an adult. We’re inclusive so no edgelords, toxicity, offensive/prejudicial junk, abrasive attitudes, etc. We raid as a team so treat people as such
  8. Have fun!! It’s a game. Know your audience and when there’s time for some lightheartedness vs hunkering down

Mains needed
1 Healer - HPal/Disc/Hpriest/Rsham/Rdruid
DPS - Hunter, Rogue, DK, Mage, Spriest, Lock
Ele or Boomkin


also can DM on disc lobsterkite

The Ocho 11/12 (ICC)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sprocs
ICC: 11/12
Guild Speed Rank: #481  [US]

Thank you for tuning in to < The Ocho >

Raid Times: Tue/Thur 7:30-10:30 PM EST. Togc 50/50, 54/54 Ulduar

We strive to push content at a high level while also providing a friendly and helpful environment. Guild members are expected to treat each other with respect and encourage growth on a guild, raid, and personal level. We expect our members to be prepared for raid with knowledge of the fights and willingness to put their best foot forward.

Our Focus is not speed running, but progression and efficiency in a way to get content on farm, and continue to improve the execution of boss fights and movement through trash at a consistent pace. Our intent is to complete all hard modes and heroic raids in Wrath.

We’re recruiting for our main raid team:

High Prio: UH DK, Ele Sham
Med Prio: Affliction Lock, Fury Warrior

Bench players willing to fill as needed for both 25/10 content are welcome to join

Loot Distribution: Loot Council in conjunction with loot prioritization input from all raiders on ThatsMyBis. Loot is distributed in the way the loot council determines to be the most effective for overall raid improvement and fairness.

Feel free to toss me a message over discord/in game if interested.

Discord: sprocks

Y E P 11/12 (ICC)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Babang
ICC: 11/12
Guild Speed Rank: #64  [US]

is recruiting for our core raid roster. We are a one night clear guild on Tuesday’s, however, our progression days may include Weds/Thurs. We have been together since classic MC and are looking to expand our roster!

We currently have possible needs for:

Resto shaman

Flex druid


Demo warlock

Offtank or main tank

We’re looking for players who can do mechanics consistently and also like to blast in whatever role they’re playing.

Hmu on discord for more info: thrump

Saved 11/12 (ICC)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Nizmø
ICC: 11/12
Guild Speed Rank: #128  [US]

Saved is recruiting gamers. We are a single solid raid team that was formed in Classic during phase 1 with aspirations of clearing all current raid content and later developed into speed clearing/semi-hard core guild.

:memo: Recruiting:
:white_small_square:Affliction / Demo (high need)
:white_small_square:OT (any feral/blood/prot war)
:white_small_square:Fury (with tanking OS is a plus)

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Progress:
:white_small_square:P3 WotLK - 5/5 Tier 9 - (heroic cleared release day) 50/50 chest :white_check_mark:
:white_small_square:P2 WotLK - 14/14 Tier 8 - 9/9 HMs + yogg 0 - 1 night clear
:white_small_square:P1 WotLK - 17/17 Tier 7 - (cleared release day)

:date: Raid Times:
:white_small_square:Wednesday 6:30pm - 10:00pm ST
:white_small_square:Thursday 6:30pm - 10:00pm ST

:moneybag: Loot:
Loot Council.

:mailbox_with_mail: Contact:
For more information, contact the following:
Recruiting Officer: Nghtmre#8902 (Disc)
Ingame Name: Nizmø

Bane 11/12 (ICC)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sabrecurse
ICC: 11/12
Guild Speed Rank: #533  [US]

[H] | US-Mankrik | Evening Raids | Semi-Hardcore
53/54 Phase 2 Ulduar
4/5 Phase 3 H TOGC

About Us
Bane is a raiding guild formed day one of Classic Vanilla. Originally formed on Pagle-US for classic launch then transferred to Mankrik before AQ40 release, we have been on this server ever since, maintaining a presence within the top 25 for progression, speed and other metrics on server. We were the 87th guild to down Algalon on our server, but were top 25 and top 10 on other bosses last phase. We strive to clear content quickly and efficiently as possible, pushing for continuous improvement both as individual raiders and as a team.

We have set goals and achievements to work towards and we’re looking for like-minded players to add to our growing community.

Please note that the guild profile on warcraft logs is wildly out of date.

We offer a stable environment to those looking for a new home.

Raid Schedule (EST)
Main Raid Nights - Tuesday / Thursday (8:00pm to 11:30pm)
Alternate Raid Night - Monday (8:00pm to 11:30pm)
The alternate night depends on main raid night availability.
10 man content on off-nights via signups/availability sheet or on main raid nights.
Active players always around for heroics.

Our loot system is Loot Council + Player Submitted Wishlists (20 Items) - Loot decisions publicly available well before raid time. (Set drop order, etc.)
We’ve had no loot drama over 4 years, and don’t plan to. Loot centric players need not apply.

What we’re looking for in Wrath Classic
Main Team (Tues/Thurs) - 3+ DPS (Can Immediately Trial)

High Priority: Caster DPS (Warlocks, Mage, etc.)
Medium Priority: Hunter/Feral/Rogue*
Low Priority: Any Other DPS Classes

All Classes and Roles welcome to apply - Flexibility in specs and multiple characters are an asset.

We are always looking for like-minded players who excel at their class.

If you have any questions or want more info, feel free to reach out to myself via Discord: sabrestorm

Or find us in game! Cheers!

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