Lowlifes 5/5 (TotC)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Jimmie
TotC: 5/5
Guild Speed Rank: #2215  [US]

Looking for a WotLK Alliance Semi-HC guild?

We’re 50/50. Full Heroic Content. Loot Council.

In NEED of Enhance, Survival, Mage, Boomy, and will consider any class/spec if you’re a good player.

What’s our expectations? We want team oriented players that understand the importance of progressing as a raid. We have removed bad attitudes and selfish players from our raid. With only 4 weeks left until ICC, our focus is to fill our last 4-6 open slots with committed players. Our commitment to you is to help you catch up to our 5600gs average raid team.

Respond to my thread and i’ll send you my discord. we can chat with the GL and bring you on board.

have a great weekend <3


The Ocho 5/5 (TotC)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sprocs
TotC: 5/5
Guild Speed Rank: #803  [US]

Thank you for tuning in to < The Ocho >

Raid Times: Tue/Thur 7:30-10:30 PM EST. Togc 50/50, 54/54 Ulduar

We strive to push content at a high level while also providing a friendly and helpful environment. Guild members are expected to treat each other with respect and encourage growth on a guild, raid, and personal level. We expect our members to be prepared for raid with knowledge of the fights and willingness to put their best foot forward.

Our Focus is not speed running, but progression and efficiency in a way to get content on farm, and continue to improve the execution of boss fights and movement through trash at a consistent pace. Our intent is to complete all hard modes and heroic raids in Wrath.

We’re recruiting for our main raid team:

High Prio: UH DK, Shadow Priest, Hunter
Med Prio: Affliction Lock, Fury Warrior

Bench players willing to fill as needed for both 25/10 content are welcome to join

Loot Distribution: Loot Council in conjunction with loot prioritization input from all raiders on ThatsMyBis. Loot is distributed in the way the loot council determines to be the most effective for overall raid improvement and fairness.

Feel free to toss me a message over discord/in game if interested.

Discord: sprocks

Last Chance 5/5 (TotC)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Günbunny
TotC: 5/5
Guild Speed Rank: #1940  [US]

Last Chance on the PAGLE-US realm is looking for like-minded players for efficient raid/achievement progression. We are “casually hardcore” - meaning, we are not going for server first progression kills, but we also want to experience current tier content without wasting time. Like you, many of us have families and other responsibilities, so we want to have fun but also be respectful with our online time.


  • 5/5 ToGC 25m (5/5 HM)
  • 5/5 ToGC 10m x2 (5/5 HM) 50/50

Raid Details:

  • 25 Man Groups - Tuesday / Thursday 8 pm - 11 pm Server time
  • 10 Man Group “Red” - filled
  • 10 Man Group “Blue” - Monday’s -8 pm - 11 pm Server Time

Recruitment Needs:

  • Paladin - Holy or Protection
  • Druid - Feral or Balance
  • Priest - Shadow (Bonus points if you have a holy off-spec)

We believe that a healthy roster is the key to continued success. We are not looking to recruit bench-warmers, these are core raiding spots for our 10m teams as well as our 25m group. As always, good players are encouraged to apply regardless of the current postings. We encourage all applications to those who are interested, as all may be considered!

(Except rogues…because nobody likes you…) :rofl:

Loot System:

We use a soft reserve system with additional benefits for those who meet the raid attendance goal. After that it’s Main Spec over Off Spec with a +1 threshold on main spec loot won. We feel this system allows for all team members to have a fair chance at loot, while ensuring gear is distributed in an optimized manner.

Raid Expectations:

  • Willingness to come prepared (consumes/gems/enchants)
  • Knowledge of your class and basic game/raid mechanics
  • 80% Attendance
  • Open to giving/receiving constructive feedback
  • Communication

For more information, contact one of our officers in-game.

  1. Blizzard: Günbunny
  2. Blizzard: Mordus
  3. Blizzard: Fuzzywind
  4. Blizzard: Elsenn

Thank You!

Y E P 5/5 (TotC)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Babang
TotC: 5/5
Guild Speed Rank: #135  [US]

is recruiting for our core raid roster. We are a one night clear guild on Tuesday’s, however, our progression days may include Weds/Thurs. We have been together since classic MC and are looking to expand our roster!

We currently have possible needs for:

Resto shaman

Flex druid


Demo warlock

Offtank or main tank

We’re looking for players who can do mechanics consistently and also like to blast in whatever role they’re playing.

Hmu on discord for more info: thrump

Versus 5/5 (TotC)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Unholyphebs
TotC: 5/5
Guild Speed Rank: #2538  [US]

is looking to reinforce our raid roster! We have been a long standing guild that has raid together since before classic on private servers and have picked up many along the way. We have a very diversified age range in the guild but most fall between 25-40. contains a lot of very knowledgeable players to help everyone improve. We take the game serious enough to make sure we make good use of raid time but are always joking around and having fun.

Raid Info
25m Raid
4/5 heroic TOGC
28% Best P3 Anub progress. Currently missing solid dps to help us with the final push
Tuesday & Thursday from 8:30-11:30pm EST
Transparent Loot council
25m- 13/14 N , 6/9 HM ( FL,XT,Thorim,Freya,Vezax,1 light Yogg)

10m Raid (Not mandatory)
On off nights by signup
2x SR > MS > OS
13/14 N 9/9 HM
5/5 Heroic TOC

Cleared all TOGC N on release looking to finish out our roster to start working on heroics after the drag of ulduar hit our roster a little roughly.

Paladin (Holy)
Paladin (Ret)
Willing to consider all classes/specs just let me know what you’re looking to do and I’ll see if I can fit you in! We much rather take the right person than the right class

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me here or on Discord unholyphebs

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