Recruit Information
Name: Anthari
TotC: 5/5
Percentile:   [TotC: 29]
DPS/HPS Average: 2022 dps/hps
Anthari (Human Warrior) 5/5 (TotC)

Currently 5/5 Heroic 10m, 49/50 -.- , started wotlk about 3 weeks ago, previous mythic raider on retail. Willing to realm xfer/faction change. currently alliance

Recruit Information
Name: Pawsies
TotC: 5/5
Percentile:   [TotC: 69]
DPS/HPS Average: 8949 dps/hps
Pawsies (Night Elf Druid) 5/5 (TotC)

Hey there,

Day 0 player looking for a new home. Had the entirety of my Classic time with the same guild and a lot of the old garde has moved on to other things, so looking for a new long term home. No love lost with the remaining crowd, just time for a change. Played an admin role for the majority of my time there barring the most recent tiers, and played a variety of characters based on the specific needs of the raid team at any given moment. Consider myself a team player and loyal, if periodically a bit of a straight shooter or rough around the edges.

Main: Balance druid (Preferred - only because 10k+ achievement point toon)

Notable alts: Shaman, Ele/Resto preferred; currently Ulduar geared enhance; Paladin, Ulduar geared Holy

I’m not partial to a particular server or faction, mostly screening potential guilds on a basis of temperament and drive to complete content. Bonus points if you dedicate at least some modicum of time to completing achievements as it’s a primary focus for my nth playthrough of Classic.

Current timezone: Eastern
Ideal raid availability: T/W/F/S/Sun 10pm-3am EST+

Discord handle: .pawsies

5.6k Prot Pally LF GuildSep 13th, 2023 9:58 am
Recruit Information
Name: Benson
TotC: 5/5
Percentile:   [TotC: 87]
DPS/HPS Average: 5237 dps/hps
Benson (Blood Elf Paladin) 5/5 (TotC)

5560 gs Prot Paladin lf guild to finish out TOGC and move into ICC with.
Looking for tanking spot and willing to transfer to other realms but not faction. Currently on Whitemane.

Current progression: 50/50 (Insanity) H TOGC 25

Discord: b.e.n.s.o.n
BNET: Benson#11206

Recruit Information
TotC: 5/5
Percentile:   [TotC: 77]
DPS/HPS Average: 2668 dps/hps
Phosphorina (Human Paladin) 5/5 (TotC)


I main a holy pally with off specs for both tank and ret as I fully enjoy the pally class!

Returning after a break when Ulduar came out and looking to get into current content with my eyes on ICC! My raid days that work are Thursday-Saturday

Transferring is an option if the fit is right! Ally or Horde. Send me options please!

Recruit Information
Name: Bests
TotC: 5/5
Percentile:   [TotC: 99]
DPS/HPS Average: 12259 dps/hps
Bests (Draenei Shaman) 5/5 (TotC)

Long time Classic player LF a new home to continue into ICC and beyond. Accomplishments include:
Guild 8th Server Yogg 0 light
Guild 3rd Server Anub H 50/50
Classic Grand Marshal & Scarab Lord
Logs: Flushed 99’s for almost all bosses
Willing to Server Transfer / Faction Change for the right home. Prefer Weekdays after 5pm PST
Please Message me on Bnet @ Examples#11758 or Discord @ bests

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