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Minimum Item lvl:    
 Posted: 2020-02-17
  Kaleador (120 Blood Elf Demon Hunter) [Malganis]   Engineering (175)
  Enchanting (185)
  Cooking (100)
 Item Level:  474 [Equipped: 467]   Ny'alotha
  [12/12 N]   [12/12 H]   [3/12 M]
 Mythic+ Raider.IO Score:  1671
 WCL Top 250 Ranks:  [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
 Average Percentile:   [Heroic: 69]  [Mythic: 43]
 Azerite Power:  80 [HoA 493 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  24600

I’m a 12/12H, 3/12M Havoc (with a possible os, but I’m missing key azurite to be efficient) DH currently looking for a mythic raiding guild. My previous experience is 7/8M Uldir, 9/9M BoD, and 7/8M EP.

Server transfer isn’t an issue , but i’m not looking to faction change

I’d like a semi-serious/serious raid group to keep progressing and do mythic+, as I’m really active in-game. I raid for progression first then for parse once raid is on farm

Cloak weekly cap / neck 80

Any day in the evening , 5pm-1am EST

Battletag : Kal#11528

 Posted: 2020-02-17
  Doccdemon (120 Blood Elf Demon Hunter) [Illidan]   No profession
  No profession
  Cooking (0)
 Item Level:  460 [Equipped: 458]   Ny'alotha
  [0/12 N]   [1/12 H]   [0/12 M]
 Mythic+ Raider.IO Score:  434
 WCL Top 250 Ranks:  [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
 Average Percentile:  
 Azerite Power:  75 [HoA 483 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  9765

Raiding History:
Uldir - World #285 / US#90
BoD - World #132 / US #37
EP - World #68 / US #21
NYA - 7/12M

I am a tank main who is looking to swap to DPS full-time as a Havoc DH / BM Hunter currently, though I can play all specs at an extremely high level. Any raid times in the evening / late night are fine with me, on any day. I take the game and my personal performance seriously and expect the same of my fellow raiders.

Contact Info:
Discord - Doctor Bread#3232
Battle.net - DoctorBread#11919

Thank you for considering me for your raiding team.

 Posted: 2020-02-17
  Zas (120 Night Elf Warrior) [Gilneas]   Engineering (175)
  Alchemy (175)
  Cooking (41)
 Item Level:  470 [Equipped: 465]   Ny'alotha
  [11/12 N]   [9/12 H]   [0/12 M]
 Mythic+ Raider.IO Score:  1740
 WCL Top 250 Ranks:  [1 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
 Average Percentile:   [Heroic: 57]
 Azerite Power:  78 [HoA 489 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  13320

Hi guys, I main Fury Warrior, and I’m 9-12 heroic.

Was 5/8 mythic last tier

I’m looking for a new guild, horde or alliance, that seriously wants to progress into mythic.

I am mostly looking for a guild on a high pop server, where the raids don’t really go super late on eastern time.

Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/gilneas/zas

I’ve also been learning and getting more comfortable with arms.

Drop me a little bit about yourselves, past progression and raid times, discord, bnet, and would love to see if I can find a new home.

 Posted: 2020-02-17
  Shifterstorm (120 Zandalari Troll Druid) [Illidan]   Alchemy (175)
  Herbalism (175)
  Cooking (1)
 Item Level:  453 [Equipped: 452]   Ny'alotha
  [9/12 N]   [2/12 H]   [0/12 M]
 Mythic+ Raider.IO Score:  689
 WCL Top 250 Ranks:  [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
 Average Percentile:  
 Azerite Power:  77 [HoA 487 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  15565


I am looking for a Heroic raiding guild (preferably mythic pushing guild) with raid start times around 4pm-5pm EST on the weekdays (no weekend raiding). I am a Balance druid current ilvl 450 and growing as I am pugging Mythic+ dungeons and normal/heroic raids daily. In game name is Shifterstorm. I have previous mythic raid experience in Uldir and Battle for Dazar. High 97s parses in Uldir specifically.

Stopped playing middle of 8.2 when my mythic guild randomly disbanded after Officers didn’t want to play the game anymore so out of frustration of just transferring to the server to raid, quit due to amount of time needed to find a new guild when raiding progression had already begun. I have recently come back and am working my way back up to where I use to be in terms of a raiding group.

I am willing to transfer but not faction change to a new realm if needed.

Please feel free to reach out to me in game “Shifter#1722” or in discord “Shifterstorm#8566”.


 Posted: 2020-02-17
  Madramage (120 Zandalari Troll Mage) [Malganis]   Tailoring (175)
  Enchanting (106)
  Cooking (100)
 Item Level:  466 [Equipped: 466]   Ny'alotha
  [12/12 N]   [12/12 H]   [0/12 M]
 Mythic+ Raider.IO Score:  1105
 WCL Top 250 Ranks:  [11 N]   [1 H]   [0 M]
 Average Percentile:   [Heroic: 71]
 Azerite Power:  79 [HoA 491 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  14965

Hello All,

I am looking for a Heroic or Mythic focused guild that is consistent and fun to be in, that also engages in daily M+ runs and other activites. Due to my current schedule I can only raid on weekends…Fri, Sat or Sun. Any combo of those days work for me. I am 12/12H and have experience in prior mythic raiding environments, I would love to join a mythic focused group, but I would be perfectly happy in a Heroic group that focuses on downing the content weekly.
My current guild is great, but their open spots are all for weekday raiding and their weekend team is essentially a casual day to help people learn and catch up. Just in case that is a question.

I am willing to transfer server or faction change with no issues. My main spec is frost currently.

Here are logs in case you wanna check me out,


If you have any questions or concerns please reply or hit me up on Bnet @ Madsieb@1904. Hope to back and have a great week!

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