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Minimum Region Rank:    
 Posted: 2019-12-12
  The Renaissance
 Recruiter:  Atrolute   Ny'alotha
  4/12 (H)
 Server:  Thrall
 Realm Rank:  54
 US Rank:  1271
 Achievement Points:  0

About the Guild:

The Renaissance is a guild on Thrall (US) Horde. We’re a guild of adult raiders who like to raid twice a week. We have a positive environment where members help each other and are willing to accept constructive criticism. Personal responsibility for understanding/following mechanics and continuous improvement are expected.

Our philosophy on raiding is to progress in a fun environment where everyone can enjoy each other’s company. We rarely may extend raid times for 30mins if we’re close to progress. We will not add extra days or EXPECT raiders to maintain multiple geared alts.

We’re looking for skilled recruits who have the same goals and mindset that we do. If you are a player who raids strictly for personal progression and gear this is not the guild for you. If you are looking to evaluate your gameplay, constantly strive to improve, unafraid to ask questions, want to work as a team, and have a willingness to learn then this is the place for you.

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday/Thursday 8pm-11pm Server (EST)


4/12H NYA
4/8 M EP


All DPS considered.
High: Ranged DPS

All exceptional players. We will evaluate all applications, Mythic experience and applicants with provided logs will be given preference.

Mythic experience strongly preferred, but not required. Again, all applicants will be considered, please do not let the requirements run you off. Apply anyway.


You can contact us via discord or bnet for more information or to apply:

Bnet: xdhtf#1400
Bnet: Atrocity#1805
Discord: Atro#4824
Bnet: Shecter#1336
Discord: Moogrimm#3590
Bnet: Sunofnothing#1873,
Discord: Sunofnothing#3454:

Application link

 Posted: 2020-01-21
 Recruiter:  Humppers   Ny'alotha
  4/12 (H)
 Server:  Illidan
 Realm Rank:  101
 US Rank:  1283
 Achievement Points:  2085

Caustic is a guild on Illidan currently looking for competent raiders who are aspiring to be part of a group for the goal of achieving CE this tier and moving forward into Shadowlands. For our history we had CE every tier dating back to Hellfire Citadel in Warlords of Draenor. We took a break from raiding when classic launched like many other guilds and are currently rebuilding to get back to the level we were at. That being said it will take time for us to reach this goal, but opportunities will be available and many core raid spots are open at this time.

Schedule: A third day may be added back, but currently our schedule consists of the following days and times.

Tuesday: 8:30 to 11:30 EST
Thursday: 8:30 to 11:30 EST

Apply at: www.caustic-guild (add dot)com

For classes that are open please refer to wowprogress.
www.wowprogress (add dot)com/guild/us/illidan/Caustic

For any questions please contact us.
Btags: Hump#1116 / Emery#11930

 Posted: 2020-01-10
 Recruiter:  Cailyth   Ny'alotha
  4/12 (H)
 Server:  Sargeras
 Realm Rank:  72
 US Rank:  1297
 Achievement Points:  2755

Ascendance (5/8M EP) is looking for two more DPS (Warlock, Boomkin, or DK preferred, but will consider all exceptional and enthusiastic players).

Current Recruiting Requirements: Previous Mythic experience (3/8M preferred, we will consider past mythic exp), 70 neck level, minimum 435 iLvl, enthusiasm for the game and a good attitude. We’re heading into 8.3 - let’s have fun and do well!

Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday: 8pm-10:30pm PST/11pm-1:30: am EST

Who the heck are we?

Ascendance is a progression guild, originally created during Vanilla WoW. As mostly Vanilla WoW raiders, our goal is simple: Kill pixels and have fun doing it. Guildies should be respectful and willing to help others. We keep our roster tight to minimize sitting, focus on progression and strive to keep things successful AND fun. We want solid players who will commit to raid, get AoTC and quickly move on to Mythic.

Still interested? Read on…

We still enjoy the game. At this stage in Ascendance’s life, we are a group of people that have done the hardcore raiding and now want to have fun still using the skills we have honed over the years while balancing real life. We will quickly get AoTC and then move to Mythic. We may never be world first, but we are focused on progression and doing the best of our abilities within the time we have. To help make that happen we provide solid leadership and supportive group.

Who should be looking for Ascendance? Well, just about anyone – maybe you.

We ask everyone to be mindful of performance and desire to improve. We can help gear but you need the enthusiasm and good attitude. Our goals are to keep our roster tight to minimize people sitting, focus on progression and strive to keep things successful and fun. Attendance is our toughest requirement, we need raiders to commit and show up!

Striving to be the best two night a week guild around! Ascendance is a place for raiders that want to keep it light (5 hr/week) but still progress. We are not going to make people jump through hoops, but we expect you to be willing to put a little extra time into your character to help the raid. That may mean reading up on your class guide to even out your rotation and making sure you are getting your weekly keys done (we also have many who enjoy pushing M+). Basically, we want someone who knows how to carry their weight and be willing to help others.

Still reading? If you’re interested please reach out to one of our officers:

Cailyth#1999 (Recruitment Officer)
JDlol#11910 (Raid Leader)
Jotha#11949 (Raid Lead)
Viper#1562 (GM)

Cheers and hope to hear from you soon!

 Posted: 2019-01-22
 Recruiter:  Oganius   Ny'alotha
  4/12 (H)
 Server:  Frostmourne
 Realm Rank:  73
 US Rank:  1315
 Achievement Points:  1465


Main Goal: Maintain decent progression within raid times.
2nd Goal: Have Fun

We’re always looking for exceptional players of any class.
Decent basic knowledge is key in WoW

What can Indecisive offer you?

Raiding: We provide equal opportunities for both old and new players, if you prove yourself to be better than an already existing member of your respective role/class.

Community: As the guild itself we offer stability and people with the same mindset as yourself - raiding semi-hardcore, working as a team to down boss’s and progress as fast as possible!
We are also having a lot of players focusing on pushing keys past 10/15’s, if you are into M+ keys we could be fit for you also!

Requirements: Have viable addons for such progression, Weak Auras - GTFO - Interrupt timers, DBM etc! PRE POTS/ FLASKS/ ENCHANTED, logs/Parses must have correct gear etc, refer to Warcraftlogs - all-stars , Always aim to improve regardless!

Commitment: All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding. You will be required to dedicate yourself to min/maxing, get yourself familiar with raidbots/ Askmrrobot addons/website!

Criticism: You should be able to handle constructive criticism if/when it’s directed at you.

Attendance: During progress raids our schedule is 7-10pm, running Friday 8-11pm alt runs of Normal Clear! Its important that if you cannot make a prog raid to let an officer/RL know prior or use the Discord Raid attendance Tab.
Communication: World of Warcraft is a team game and communication is the utterly most important thing when raiding. Therefore you will be required to install discord and have a working headset and microphone.

TEP 8/8H 3/8M / 4/12H Nya

Raid Times:
All time is in Server Time - Frostmourne
Wednesday: 7:00-10:00 pm
Friday: 8:00- :11.00 pm (optional Raid)
Sunday: 7:00-10:00 pm

Oganius/Punchur (GM) - Shiggaz#1206
Vorghis (O) magnumopus#11324

 Posted: 2020-01-29
  With Blackjack
 Recruiter:  Plaguedk   Ny'alotha
  4/12 (H)
 Server:  Frostmourne
 Realm Rank:  77
 US Rank:  1380
 Achievement Points:  0

Hello! A group of friends and I are looking for a mythic guild and something fresh. Preferable the mythic guild also does high keys.

I have previous near CE experience in MoP and WoD and a couple mythic kills every now and then. I am also 2000 in pvp and 1900IO. I am MS DPS but can tank if it is required.

Orcomatic - Frostmourne(Fury 455) doesn’t have much mythic experience however he is a 2500 pvp and 2.2k IO warrior dps/tank.

Eluneswráth - Dath’Remar(BM 454) also doesn’t have mythic experience and is kinda? new to raiding but he is starting to get into the IO/raider scene and is doing very well.

Philan - Dath’Remar(UH 451) He is the same as Elune. He hasn’t got the IO or the Mythic experience however he is working on it and is doing quite well also.

Our raid times are flexible and we are on most days.

Please check out logs over the last few raids and if anyone is interested please leave a comment below or add me on Madness#1582.

Thank you.

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