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New - Old - Guild Progress
 Posted: 2019-07-06
 Recruiter:  Raychacha   Crucible of Storms
  7/8 (N)
 Server:  Rivendare
 Realm Rank:  31
 US Rank:  3346
 Achievement Points:  2195

We are recruiting for Eternal Palace! Currently 7/8N.

Raid times during progression: tues/weds 7pm - 9:30pm PST with a third Thursday night the first month.

An appropriately geared toon (~400+ itm lvl) could find themselves on the trial raid roster immediately as we start progression, or if your just returning to the game and looking to step up your raiding, we can start working you in as your gear progresses (lots of catch mechanics in game atm).

We are currently 2/2H - 9/9H! We are a Heroic raiding guild, and only dabble in mythic a bit at the end of our heroic progression. Read this as we are all adults with full time lives, and can’t spend months doing progression. We clear Heroic in a timely fashion and then continue forward on a relaxed raid schedule until the next content patch.

High demand:

-Shaman - DPS
-Warrior - DPS

  • Strong Healer/dps hybrid player

Medium demand:

-DPS w/ Tank OS - hybrid player

About us:

Haven is a long-established guild of raiders that clears timely heroic content while being able to maintain full-time lives/careers outside of Azeroth. You may not see us online 80 hours a week, but you’ll see our name in the top 10k of the world. If you are looking for a new raiding home, looking to try out raiding at a heroic level, or looking for a fun group of adults to hang with, drop Haven a line.

Haven currently has a solid core of about 15 raiders, one of the perks of joining Haven, you’ll be joining an established raid team. We have about 5-10 new raid spots for applicants, currently most roles and classes are being considered as our roster is fairly balanced. (we usually raid with 20+, had some people retire of BoD)

If you play a tank or a healer as a main spec, that’s fantastic, but with Haven we will require you to have a viable dps off spec (viable means you know what the buttons do in a raid/dungeon environment – not a master, it IS an off spec for a reason). This allows us flexibility in raid strats, and the ability to rotate roles around scheduled vacations and such.

Feel free to reach out to our members for more information or visit www.haven-rivendare. com and apply!

You can also add me:
Bnet: Raychacha#1790

 Posted: 2019-04-26
 Recruiter:  Zrai   Crucible of Storms
 Server:  Saurfang
 Realm Rank:  27
 US Rank:  3399
 Achievement Points:  1610

Regenesis is recruiting! We are looking for more DPS and Healers to build up our core raiding team.

Raid nights are on Wed and Sun at 8 pm -10 pm GMT+8 and our focus is on Heroic Raids. We are currently progressing into Eternal Palace raid and hope to obtain AOTC for 8.2 and beyond.

We are a group of adults who want to have fun with raiding but understand that real life comes before WoW. Interested parties would be given a trial prior to a guild invite.

Please contact Bnet: Irza#1306 or Bnet: Gekkogirl#1482 for more details =)

 Posted: 2019-06-21
 Recruiter:  Sackless   Crucible of Storms
  6/8 (N)
 Server:  Illidan
 Realm Rank:  174
 US Rank:  3443
 Achievement Points:  1485

<Administrators> is looking for all competent players trying to push CE during the upcoming Rise of Azshara patch. We are built on a foundation of competent leadership of business professionals.

Lf Lock, Spriest.

Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 8.30p to 11p est
With flex Sunday.

Our goal is to maximize game time through focused raiding and off night activities. For this reason, activity is a core requirement of the guild. We are looking for people who log in for more than just raiding and want to be part of a community. Our progression for the seasons are as follows:

2/8M Uldir
3/9M BoD

We’re shifting priorities moving into S3 and are seeking players who perform well in multiple categories to push steady progression. Logs will be scrutinized on a system of cause of death > mechanics > damage. Spots will be competitive and the bench will be rotated accordingly.

Raiders are expected to come prepared for multiple pulls with potions, flasks and food (though cauldrons and feasts are usually provided you may be asked to use a personal). Personal accountability will be key.

We are not hardcore and understand that life happens. Missing a raid night, with notice, will not count against you, but lockouts will be respected if you miss Tuesday, even if the spot was pugged to fill your absence.

Outside of raid, we expect that the bare minimum of a max reward keystone be completed each week (on all raid ready toons) and would encourage heavily that more than 1 be done. There is a lot of interest in Rated BGs currently and anyone willing to lead a group through this is very welcome to do so.

If interested or having any other questions please contact:

Discord: Sackless#9874

Bnet: Billion#1444

Apply at https://tinyurl.com/y9rox9xs type “%apply” once you arrive. Recent logs must be available for review for the class you wish to apply on. Previous Tier acceptable.

 Posted: 2019-07-15
 Recruiter:  Exelus   Crucible of Storms
  4/8 (N)
 Server:  Eonar
 Realm Rank:  12
 US Rank:  3940
 Achievement Points:  2385

<Beeroism> is a longstanding guild on Eonar/Velen US, focusing on small team heroic-mode raiding in a casual-but-serious atmosphere, usually finishing tiers within the top 10-20, and among the top non-mythic guilds. We raid Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1030pm-1230pm server time, with invites going-out 15 mins prior to start time.

We aren’t hardcore, but do expect solid attendance and full preparation including food/flasks/potions/enchants plus a good sense of humor and positive attitude. Most have families and jobs and other IRL obligations, so it’s really important to us that we maximize our available time in-game.

Currently recruiting DPS and DPS/heal or DPS/tank hybrids!

PST Akbar-Eonar or Bearlythere-Eonar in-game for more info/Discord link.

 Posted: 2019-07-13
 Recruiter:  Shakyamuni   Crucible of Storms
  7/8 (N)
 Server:  Stormrage
 Realm Rank:  244
 US Rank:  4487
 Achievement Points:  1185

Nil is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Stormrage (US). We’re always looking for players of any class that are willing to show up, do their job, and be willing to learn. Applicants should be serious about their main. Our goal is and has always been to hammer out AoTC and then push as far as we can into Mythic. We are not a cutting edge guild. We like to kill stuff and have fun doing it with our friends.

Elitist and Blue Falcons need not apply.

We’re looking for a Pally Healer, and an assortment of DPS.

We clear heroic content to continue gearing new players, so don’t worry about missing a couple pieces of gear if it wasn’t for lack of effort.

What can Nil offer you?

Raiding: We provide equal opportunities for both old and new players! Raids are Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm-11pm EST (5-9pm PST)! Our officers won’t leave you to fend for yourself or alone for most of the expansion! We can help you get to where you need to be.

Mythic Keystones: We run mythics as a guild to make sure no one misses out. I know some players hate them, but we see them as a way to make your toon and yourself better. We as a guild believe that raiding shouldn’t be the only place you gear up.

Community: Nil strives to bring back the glory days of WoW when the people you played with were not just strangers like they are now, but people you can be proud to call your friends. We host many social events, including random guild meet ups in real life! As the guild itself we offer stability and people with the same mindset as yourself – killing bosses while having fun doing it! We all play the game to have fun! When it stops being fun, no one wants to play.


Commitment: All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding. No one wants to raid with some guy being a jerk, and why should you? If you can’t have a good time I would suggest you seek a different guild.

Attendance: Three hours a night, two nights a week is not a lot to ask. We understand that life happens but if you can’t make those days or constantly miss raid, you simply will not be able to raid with us.

Communication: World of Warcraft is a team game and communication is the utterly most important thing when raiding. Therefore, having a headset is a mandatory requirement for raiding! We use Discord for our voice chat. We are an English-speaking guild.

For additional information or if you have any questions hit me up at Starlord#1351

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