Unsatisfied 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Spiderblue
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 0/1

Sunday/Monday raiding guild Recruiting all classes

We are a semi-hardcore group, 1 raid team of core players since October. We full cleared ALL of AQ40 week 1 - 9/9, Skeram to Cthun, Ouro and Viscidus, and continue to do so on a weekly basis. We raid every Sunday and Monday. Looking to add to our roster committed players who have a mind for progression raiding. While we do like to keep a focused raid, we all still enjoy the game and play it to have fun, so don’t be too uptight.

Raid Times:
Sundays - 7pm Est AQ40 full clear
Mondays - 7:30pm - BWL/Ony/ZG Idol runs
Thursdays we run a pug MC raid
AQ20 on lockout reset
Zg-Gdkp we run goes at least once a week and open to all.

Our guild has an EPGP System of Loot with a planned loot aspect based on upgrades, performance, attendance for big items. If you show up, contribute to the guild, do your job, you get the gear, its really very simple.

Class Need Priority as follows: (Not exclusionary against any class as long as you show up prepared. You come ready whether in the raid or not you will earn your spot - No Alts preferable)

Open to all classes.

The expectation is that you are equipped to progress efficiently, and to show up and perform, which means full world buffs, pots, etc for every raid… Gear is important, but attitude is definitely even more so.

Contact me discord, Spiderblue#1669 if you are interested in joining or Spiderblue/Spiderbolt in-game -


Los Primos 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Britain
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1

< Los Primos > is a Horde PVE guild on Blaumeux - US and we are in search of a few all-star raiders to round out our main Sunday evening raid! We are currently working on killing C’thun, and have everything except for Visc/Ouro locked down. Recently we have been experiencing lower attendance numbers as people go back to work full time, and we’d like to build the main squad back up to full strength in order to start farming AQ40.

Los Primos may not hold the fastest clear records or boast the highest parses, but it’s a guild full of genuine people who enjoy playing this game. We value self-improvement, consistency, and most importantly community support for your fellow Primo. We don’t speak Spanish, but everyone is an hermano!

We are recruiting the following classes that possess a deep understanding of their role, but are open to others provided they are knowledgeable and passionate about the game:

2 Resto Shaman
1 Feral Druid
1 Resto Druid
1 Warlock
1 Hunter

Our main raid is Sunday at 4pm PST. We do AQ40 and we use an incentive-based Loot Council/Soft Reserve system to handle gear distribution. We run regular AQ20 raids at the moment, and take care of BWL on Wednesday at 6:30pm.

If you’d like to get involved, please reach out in on Discord to me (Ahodshralpy#3157) or whisper an officer: Britain, Hilt, Wonx, Pepperson, or Shivymcshank in game on Blaumeux.

Thanks for your time!

Calamity 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Ifkingjr
Molten Core: 0/10
Onyxia: 0/1

Calamity is located on Pagle US and is currently doing 9/9 AQ40 in 1hour 35min (rank 11) and is rank 7 in execution. we do all relevant content in 2 nights (AQ40/BWL/MC) . We are a community of people who enjoy playing toghter and are looking forward to clearing Naxx we always strive to be better each week and continue to push our selves to output better parses and decrease those clear times.

What we are looking for in a raider is someone who comes with all of their worlds buffs and all appropriate consumes for thier class and is able to parse above 70%.

Our raid days are as follows: Thursday / Sunday 8PM - 11PM ST

Recruitment Needs: All Applicants welcome

Feel free to have a look over our logs and if you are interested you can head over to our discord and apply under the recruitment channel. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ironforge Brewery 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Lassko
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1
We are Currently recruiting dedicated raiders for our core raid team. We are 8/8 in BWL and 10/10 in MC, currently progressing through AQ40. We are not hardcore , but we are focused.

Consumes are required (not flasks) and World Buffs are strongly suggested.

Raid Schedule:
Sundays & Mondays
Invites @ 7:30pm, First pull @ 8pm server.

Loot System:

Main Recruiting Goals:
Holy Paladins
Resto Druids
(All Others Considered)

If you are interested DM me on here or in-game message: Theeogbroham, Khallgrim, or Lassko.

Mortality 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Terzul
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1

[H] Mortality| US-Mankrik (All content on farm)

Raid Schedule: Tuesday/Sunday 9:00pm (EST)

About Us:

Mortality is looking to move into AQ40 splits with a schedule of raid 1 doing AQ40 / BWL on tuesday and raid 2 doing AQ40 / BWL on sundays. We do offnight 20 man content. Splits will have a mains prio with the goal of getting our main raiders BIS asap to support faster DMF clears.

We use alts as a method of adding extra bodies to our raids without having the ongoing issues of supporting 2 independent raids so we welcome people who take the time learn to play their alts as if its their main.

While we push content at an aggressive pace, our goal is also to have a healthy community within the guild, as such we have a very healthy Discord community and encourage this.

Loot Distribution:

We offer a completely transparent loot council system with rotation drops per common class. We strive to work within each camp to maximize our drops and push the gear in the direction that helps increase the raid as a whole not toss everything at our officers.

Recruitment Needs:

We are looking to get the following classes to fill our desired needs:

Warlocks 1-2
Mages 1-2
Rogues 1-2
Healers 1

If you’re interested in joining please feel free to contact me ingame on Terz, Terzul, or Sinistraud. or reach out to any of our officers.

Also you can add me on disc: Terzul#0787

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