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Heya there!

Currently it’s 3 of us, Rsham, Blood DK and Destro lock looking for a 4th and 5th person to make a full group for M+ Dungeons in Dragonflight.

We are doing 20s now, so if you are less experienced it is perfectly fine, we are getting to a brand-new expansion so current exp isn’t that important, just bring friendliness and chill personality with you, and be open to improve and learn, but after all it’s supposed to be fun time, with no stress and other unnecessary stuff and that’s honestly what we are trying to do.

Our play times are usually evenings from 22:30-0:30, but it’s still flexible and we work on finding play times that are fine with everyone.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, leave a reply here or send a request on Discord for more info: Mirnes#3749

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