Player Stats
Item Level: 480 [Equipped: 475]
Azerite Power: 92 [HoA 517 iLvl]
Legendary Cloak: Rank 15
Progress: [12/12 N]   [12/12 H]   [5/12 M]
Mythic+ Raider.IO Score: 2533
WCL Top 500 Ranks: [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
Average Percentile:  [Heroic: 81]  [Mythic: 50]
Achievement Points: 5380
Illai (Human Rogue) 5/12 (M)


I’m an experienced rogue player with a lot of time on my hands to play. I’m 12/12 hc and 3/12 mythic and have min maxed my corruption and gear for the current raid tier.

My current server is fairly low pop and my current guild is struggling to field a full 20 man raid on raid nights (which is why I’ve only pugged to 3/12 progression). I’d happily transfer realm / faction.

I use raidbots, io and logs to ensure I’m getting the best from my toon. I’m willing to server & even faction swap to find a good group of regular raiders.

I live in the UK and I’m a mature player. I’m easy going and always willing to improve. I’m looking for a place to call home to progress through the rest of mythic and into Shadowlands.

Please drop me a message on battlenet if you are looking for a committed raider with an easy going attitude. Platinardis#2774

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