Player Stats
Item Level: 477 [Equipped: 472]
Azerite Power: 84 [HoA 501 iLvl]
Legendary Cloak: Rank 15
Progress: [12/12 N]   [12/12 H]   [6/12 M]
Mythic+ Raider.IO Score: 2168
WCL Top 500 Ranks: [0 N]   [2 H]   [1 M]
Average Percentile:  [Heroic: 88]  [Mythic: 52]
Achievement Points: 10960
Femgenmut (Pandaren Monk) 6/12 (M)

If you’re looking for a group of extremely silly people that like to goof around and don’t consider themselves hardcore at all, but that at the same time try-hard during raid hours and take it very seriously like any proper nerd should - then this is the place for you! :smile:

We raid 2 nights a week (Wed/Sun 20-23 server time), plus heroic clears for trials every Thursday. Since we don’t have too many hours per week we do try to make the most out of that time out of respect for everyone’s time. That means we expect our mythic raiders to come prepared and do their best, we want people that actually want to be there and want to progress. :slight_smile:

We are currently mostly in need of another healer, but are always willing to trial other roles as well. Of course we want people that do good damage, good tactics, and all that, but the most important qualities we look for are people who are reliable, that communicate if they can’t make it, always try to improve themselves by actively researching their class/spec to optimize their output, and who have a good positive attitude and want to work for the good of the team and not just for themselves.

If this sounds interesting and you’d like to talk some more please add me on discord Krämpaj#7865 or bnet Krämpaj#2391 and i’ll give you the scoop :poop:

[Draenor][H] 3/12M lf rangesFeb 17th, 2020 3:05 pm
Player Stats
Item Level: 473 [Equipped: 469]
Azerite Power: 80 [HoA 493 iLvl]
Legendary Cloak: Rank 15
Progress: [12/12 N]   [12/12 H]   [0/12 M]
Mythic+ Raider.IO Score: 1010
WCL Top 500 Ranks: [1 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
Average Percentile:  [Heroic: 60]
Achievement Points: 20840
Pandaflausch (Pandaren Monk) 0/12 (M)

Hey there :smiley: ,

We are a relaxed, laid back guild and want to get as far as possible in mythic. :slight_smile:

We are currently looking for:
-a healer (pref. disc or shaman)

Atm we are on 12/12hc and 3/12M. Raid days are Wed+Sun 20.30-23.

If you are looking for a guild to have fun and still progress in a serious environment without toxicity then add me to have a chat.

You should have:
-hc clear and solid boss knowledge
-ilvl of 460+
-neck on 75 at least
-working mic and not too shy to use it
-be mature and dont take everything serious
-be able to take criticism and want to improve yourself.

Add me on b-net for a chat. :smiley:


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