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Hy, I’m Kryss,

After Legion i haven’t played to much on BfA and beginning of Shadowlands.

Only came back to WoW full time in December last year, but i haven’t raided in SoD, only got carried by friends for AOTC once, and in SoFO did 10/11 Heroic, with a guild, and after that most of the players stopped playing, so i mostly did M+ with one friend and pug.
In S2, i had 2.2k rio on my Guardian Druid, and now in S3 i got to 3.1k on my Brm Monk, and in S4 i hope to go even higher.

I mostly play as a Tank in WoW, and other MMOs, but at the moment I’m thinking to try DPS in raids, and keep playing Tank in M+, and offspec in raid if needed, but i can also play Tank in raids full time if needed.

I enjoy playing Monk a lot, but as a tank i can play mostly every class in the game (except Vengeance DH, because i do not like it :slight_smile: ), and as a DPS i enjoy WW a lot, but atm I’m still not pleased on how much DPS i can do with it, so still work in progress. I also like playing Havoc DH, and I used to play Feral Druid back in the days, but haven’t tried it since WOTLK :smiley:

I would prefer to find a guild that needs Tank or WW Monk, but I’m flexible.

Most important, I’m looking for a guild that has a good raiding environment.
I’m 34 years old, not a kid anymore, so i don’t like drama.I’m a Father and Husband and also have a full time job, but when I’m logging in, i try to make the most of my time online.

I’m not an RWF rider, but I’m also not someone who only comes to raid every night because it is in Calendar.
Every class that i play, i research it a lot, and i always try to improve myself. I keep logs and i use wowanalyzer to see how can i improve. And also I don’t have any problem to be benched if I’m not performing.

I’m looking for a guild that want’s to improve every tier, and to get to the point where we can make CE every tier, so it can be a new guild that was just formed, or an old AOTC guild that want’s to progress on Mythic, or some crazy guild that is already doing CE but want to go Hardmode in raids by having me there. :joy:

My playing time is after 8:30 PM Server Time, because my Daughter only goes to sleep around 8 PM, and before that I’m ONLY spending time with her, NOT in WoW.

If there is someone who got to the end of this post, than i can only say Respect. You wasted a good few minutes of your life going to this post, that I’m sure most of it makes no sense to you. :joy:

If you still want to get in touch with me, than you can find me on:

Bnet: Kryss#21597 / IGN Kryssm - Silvermoon
Discord: Kryss#7150

Now after wasting 2 hours of my life writing this post, i can go to sleep knowing that tomorrow i will have thousands of people who are offering their first-born child, to have me in their guild :joy:


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