Player Stats
Item Level: 477 [Equipped: 477]
Azerite Power: 89 [HoA 511 iLvl]
Legendary Cloak: Rank 15
Progress: [3/12 N]   [12/12 H]   [4/12 M]
Mythic+ Raider.IO Score: 1990
WCL Top 500 Ranks: [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
Average Percentile:  [Heroic: 71]  [Mythic: 28]
Achievement Points: 14100
Azeriah (Zandalari Troll Druid) 4/12 (M)

Hello, we are a group of 4 raiders (a 5th one will probably join us later in the expansion) looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild for shadowlands. We prefer a horde guild but alliance is also fine. We’re looking for a two days raiding guild, raiding hours close to 20:00 to 23:00 server time. We are willing to transfer to a new server.

As there will be some rerolls, i am including below some mini profiles, with the classes we are considering playing, as well as the most recently played characters. I would be happy to share some logs or feel free to have a check. Worth mentioning that all players have years of experience in a raid environment taking on many versatile roles when needed.

Dreadspirit: Looking to play hunter (with a slight chance of giving warlock a go). For logs, check Dreadspirit @Deathwing-EU

Dionaea: Wants to play a caster (Mage or Balance Druid) but he’s open to playing any class/role if needed. For logs, check Dionaea @Deathwing-EU

Peverel: Wants to heal on his priest, either disc or holy, but he’s open to playing any healer class needed. For logs, check Peverel @Deathwing-EU

Azeria: Wants to play a melee dps, probably rogue, but open to any class/role if needed. For logs, check Azeriah @Draenor-EU

Now some words about us. We are a group of friends playing wow together on and off since TBC. We’ve been in numerous guilds through the expansions varying from casual to cutting edge. In BFA we were running our own guild [Nom Nom Nom] @Deathwing-EU (you can check out our progress if you like) that ended up being the best horde guild in our connected servers during that timestamp. The guild stopped raiding in the later half of 8.3 due to a combination of personal reasons and player fatigue.

IF you are interested in us joining you, you can contact us here or reach out to the tags below


Player Stats
Item Level: 466 [Equipped: 466]
Azerite Power: 84 [HoA 501 iLvl]
Legendary Cloak: Rank 9
Progress: [6/12 N]   [12/12 H]   [0/12 M]
Mythic+ Raider.IO Score: 551
WCL Top 500 Ranks: [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
Average Percentile:  [Heroic: 41]
Achievement Points: 11180
Dawnchaser (Highmountain Tauren Druid) 0/12 (M)

Hi everyone,

I am going to be rolling a Shadow Priest in Shadowlands and would like to find a nice guild to raid with. Unfortunately, because of work I can only raid 2-3 days a week but I do enjoy making the most of that raiding time. I am looking for some like-minded guild with ome more mature players that because of other responsabilities (work, life, family, etc.) only want to raid 2-3 days. While still making the most out of it and trying to get CE.

What I am looking for:
-Raiding Schedule: 2-3 day p/w 20:00-23:00 CET (aprox). Sundays Preferred.
-Raiding Objetive: Would like to try my best at CE, but I am open minded to other guilds with a bit less progress.
-Player Base: Mature player base that have to juggle Life with WoW.
-Other Activities: Would like to play with people that enjoy some M+ and perhaps some arenas.
-Server: Happy to transfer to any reasonably populated English speaking Horde server.

What I bring to the table:
-Class: Shadow Priest with healing Off Spec. Would like to be Shadow as a Main but ultimately I am a Priest so I happy to help with my Healing Spec when needed.
-Experience: Used to raid “Hardcore” when I was younger (BC, WOTLK, CATA, Pandas). Now I have been doing HC and then trying Mythic.
-Commitment: I would commit to having an advanced understanding of my class and boss mechanics. My target will be to help the team achieve CE.
-Helpful Player: I am not “Recount/Details” obsessed. I like to help my team and make things happen together.

If this sounds good for you guild, please let me know!
I will keep an eye on this post but you can also add my battletag:



[H] LF people/guild to push M+Sep 13th, 2020 12:11 pm
Player Stats
Item Level: 478 [Equipped: 475]
Azerite Power: 91 [HoA 515 iLvl]
Legendary Cloak: Rank 15
Progress: [12/12 N]   [12/12 H]   [0/12 M]
Mythic+ Raider.IO Score: 3099
WCL Top 500 Ranks: [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
Average Percentile:  [Heroic: 46]
Achievement Points: 8680
Restocobo (Troll Druid) 0/12 (M)

Hey there. I’m a restoration druid pushing M+ atm in the range of 18-20 only with pugs and wanted to find people I could play with at the end of BfA and moving into Shadowlands with the intention of building a consistent m+ squad. In terms of schedule, I would be up for playing most afternoons of the week unless something comes up irl that needs to be taken care of.
Raiderio: Search for “Restocobo”
My battletag: JacktheEgg#2305
My Discord: JacktheEgg#4579
Feel free to poke me through any of those channels. Thanks in advance for your time.

Player Stats
Item Level: 472 [Equipped: 472]
Azerite Power: 88 [HoA 509 iLvl]
Legendary Cloak: Rank 15
Progress: [6/12 N]   [6/12 H]   [0/12 M]
Mythic+ Raider.IO Score: 1223
WCL Top 500 Ranks: [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
Average Percentile:  [Heroic: 46]
Achievement Points: 14940
Azyriell (Night Elf Druid) 0/12 (M)

Are you a new and returning player, who wants to try out raiding, maybe for the first time?
Do you want to get in to M+ and maybe even Arena?
Or maybe you are a social player, who look for other’s to game with in general.

Clandestine offers a good starting point, and a laid back atmosphere with room for trial and error. We have a good laugh when there’s a mess up sometimes and are in general a place of fun and banter - And everybody is very social.
We have an active Gchat and very active Discord as well,

We are currently on break when it comes to raiding, but if there’s enough guildies who wishes for it, we will run it ofc.

We also run M+ on a daily basis - again notice that we are mostly in the low end, as we are having a lot of new/returning players. But everybody wish to practise and get better and get to the higher keys.
-Discord listen-in at least, is mandatory for keys above +6

Typical Guild calender looks like this:

  • Monday: HC Nya - On break for now We run raids if enough wants it.
  • Tuesday: M+ low keys
  • Wednesday: HC Nya - On break for now We run raids if enough wants it.
  • Thursday: M+ 10 and up
  • Sundays: Social activity and games.

You are welcome with any class/spec (We need Main tanks and healers)

If this sounds appealing to you. Either let me know in comments below, or hit me up @ Btag-> MissHøjriis#2152

Player Stats
Item Level: 478 [Equipped: 475]
Azerite Power: 88 [HoA 509 iLvl]
Legendary Cloak: Rank 9
Progress: [0/12 N]   [8/12 H]   [0/12 M]
Mythic+ Raider.IO Score: 1760
WCL Top 500 Ranks: [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
Average Percentile:
Achievement Points: 8460
Lunarsist (Night Elf Druid) 0/12 (M)


Me and a real life buddy are looking for a nice progress guild for SL which is realistically aiming for cutting edge.

We are two alliance players which prefer to stay on the alliance side. We are willing and planning to migrate to another server for a fitting guild since our current server is kind of dead.

Our experience:
I have been playing Vanilla, some tbc and wotlk and then stopped until 9.2 where I have been casually raiding Full heroic EP. In the expand after we have cleared Nyalotha on heroic but I wanted more so started to do mythic quite late in the expand and have been raiding with an xrealm guild which made us progress to 7/12. Unfortunately we stopped raiding cause of lacking sign-ups.
My buddy have been raiding CE in the past and had a break through the end of WoD and Legion and started again in 9.3 and progressed up to 7/12 with the same group.

Our classes:
My classes, I have been maining Holy priest in raids, main alt is a veng/havoc DH, but I also have a resto druid and prot warrior. But I am willing to try almost any class or spec.
My buddy plays fire mage as main and has a havoc Dh as an alt.

SL classes:
My plan is to level my veng dh and/or disc priest first. But I currently also looking into hunter or rogue

What do we bring to the table:
Serious players that play their classes quite well.
Players which have a very high attendance rating.
Players that always come prepared and are on time.
Players that like to play with a competitive team to keep improving.
Players that love to do mythic+ runs 18+.
Players that are flexible regarding raid days.
Players that will gear up fast.

What are we looking for
A serious but fun guild
A guild that focuses on progress and cutting edge
A guild that raids 2 days a week (max 3)
A guild that raids between 19:00-23:00 server time
A guild that also does serious mythic 15-25

If you are interested leave a message with your discord or in-game info and we will get back to you.


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