Hierarchy 5/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kneevil
Server Rank: #63
US Rank: #2338

Hello! Hierarchy is seeking a few exceptional DPS as well as a couple of Heals to fill out our Mythic raid team. We raid 2 days a week: Wednesday and Friday from 7:30pm EST until 10:30pm EST.

Our top recruitment priority at the moment is Ranged DPS & Heals (pref Priest/Shaman/Monk). We are also LF 1 solid Warrior DPS, but all skilled and experienced players are encouraged to inquire regardless of class/spec.

Our core is comprised of players with an immense amount of high level experience, including US 7th Heroic Ragnaros at our height in Cata. Having recently returned to the game coming to this expansion we are looking to return to a high level raiding guild on a smaller 2 day schedule.

The trial process is a two week “trial by fire” where you will be tested with the raid team on farm and possibly even progression. You will then have a log review with an officer afterward to review your performance.

Logs are located here:

If you’d like to know more, please reach out to us on discord. tezzrah#0154 brute #5778 sheevil#3677 deevil#8988

Quitting In A Month 9/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Iliketurtlzz
Server Rank: #92
US Rank: #708

Quitting in a Month (8/10M) - 2 Day (+1 Flex)

  • Tuesday/Wednesday (flex day being Sunday) nights 7-10 CST

Current Recruitment Needs:
Tank- Exceptional Applicants
Melee- WW monk, DH, DK
Range- Ele Shaman, Warlock or any Exceptional applicants
Healer- Disc Priest, mw monk

Any strong applicants will also be considered, do not hesitate to apply if your Spec/Class is not listed!

We’re pushing for Cutting Edge and we a interested in a player like yourself.

We’re made up of exceptional CE players from multiple tiers/expansions with many years of Progressions Raiding. We are looking to play a few times a week to clear the tier in a quick and efficient manner, while having a fun in the process. We expect effort, commitment, and friendly, same-minded attitudes from all our raiders.We constantly strive to achieve the highest rankings with the minimal time we have on our raid schedule. This keeps us competitive and maintains a healthy amount of time for real life activities.


  • Zeek#1714, Iliketurtles#1146


  • @zeek#0713 or 0g_iliketurtlezz#7579
[A] US#31 10/10M LFMJan 31st, 2021 3:45 pm
Formality 10/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Manager
Server Rank: #1
US Rank: #31

Rankings (US):
-NYL- #32 | AEP - #22 | BoD - #23 | ULD - #36
-ABT - #39 | NH - #20 | EN - #58
-HFC - #26 | BRF - #47 | HM - #36
-SoO - #25 | ToT - #35

Schedule (PST):
-Monday - Thursday
-6:30 - 10:30pm

-Balance | Elemental | Mage | Shadow | Warlock
-Priest | Shaman


ChaosTheory 7/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sollysolly
Server Rank: #80
US Rank: #1426

ChaosTheory [A] US-Stormrage
We are a community guild with two raid teams. We are a group of players looking to achieve Cutting Edge, Ahead of the Curve in Castle Nathria, and Keystone Master achievement, as well as pushing ‘Raiderio’ . Many of us have raided for a number of years and are looking to push our achievements this tier. While our group understands that real life is more important than WoW, we take progression seriously and we want to have fun doing it. We expect everyone on the Mythic roster to show up prepared, geared, and ready to progress.

Raid Team 1: Ring of Peace
Raid Times: Saturday & Sunday 9am-12pm EST
Ring Of Peace Recruitment Post
Currently 10/10H, 7/10M in Castle Nathria. Their raid leader is experienced and organized. This team has high expectations of their raiders as they continue to down bosses in Mythic, and anyone joining must be ready to progress in mythic with them as their current class.
Exceptional players of any spec are encouraged to apply. Classes/specs we are currently seeking:
*Balance Druid
*Frost or Unholy Death Knight
*Elemental Shaman
Please have logs available that can show you utilize Healthstones, health pots, defensives, and are not dying to avoidable mechanics. Both you as a player and the logs you provide must show you have extensive knowledge of your class.

Raid Team 2: New Boot Goofin Fri/Sat 8pm-11pm
New Boot Goofin Recruitment Post
This team is 10/10H 4/10M. Looking for: An Experienced Warlock, Death Knights and will accept any other mythic progress minded raiders based on case by case basis.
Come with logs and a MYTHIC Progression Attitude.

Raid Team 3: Currently not Operating. Would accept Raid Team Absorb WITH Raid leader into guild.

@All Raid Groups:
(Once all raid buffs are filled, it’s more about the community).
We are recruiting ACTIVE Mythic+ Pushers. We are looking for individuals consistently pushing 15-20+ Keystones.

What we expect from you

Mythic Raiders will have higher expectations and stricter requirements. Heroic raiders, Those currently not on a raid team and the players that only want to push mythic+ keystones should have the same mindset as our mythic raiders.


We aim to cultivate a tight-knit atmosphere and a fun culture. The two biggest barriers to this are a lack of preparation and being toxic. Neither will be accepted. We won’t tolerate any form of hate speech, sexism, harassment, bigotry, in-fighting, gossip, or any other form of toxic behavior.


We expect every mythic raider to be proactive, showing up with an expert knowledge of their class and a deep knowledge of the fights. Review logs. Plan your cooldowns. Talk with fellow raiders to ensure success. Ask questions. Watch/read guides. You know the drill.


We expect every mythic raider to be an above-average player. This means being an expert in your class and improving on every pull. If you consistently underperform you will be subbed out. We want to help everyone improve but we can’t help if you don’t help yourself.


Again, real life is more important than WoW. You will not lose your spot for missing a week here or there. However, you MUST tell the raid lead and the raid team in advance. No-shows with no communication will not be tolerated.

Please message SollySolly-Stormrage in game or Solemn#8227 on Discord for an interview set up and let me know what team(s) you’re interested in.
Come join our community! We want to create a community of likeminded progression focused players! Thank you for your time.

Frostbone 8/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Baeuty
Server Rank: #101
US Rank: #1149

Frostbone is currently recruiting!

Our Goal

We’re looking to create a solid raiding team built of up of people determined to perform their best to achieve Cutting Edge. We host members from Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and more in a friendly and relaxed, yet competitive environment. LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Mythic Raiding Nights

Thursday and Monday - 8:30pm-11:30pm SVT.

What we’re looking for

We are currently recruiting the following classes/specs for the core raiding team.

  1. Resto Shaman
  2. Holy Paladin
  3. UH DK
  4. Fire/Frost Mage

Those with off specs/equally geared alts will be highly considered, please specify this in your application.

If we sound like the guild for you, join our discord below and comment in the applicants channel with the below points and an officer should be in contact with you shortly:

  1. Character name
  2. Class and spec
  3. iLvl
  4. Current raiding experience
  5. Any additional notes we may need to know

You can also add me on or Discord with any questions but the fastest way is the method above. - Robae#11184
Discord - Robae#7372

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