Risen Anarchy 0/9 N
Guild Information
Recruiter: Tyronious
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

We recently moved over from Lightbringer. We have been raiding together since TBC. Many of us took a break pre-Shadowlands, and have reformed since we missed playing together. Our intent is semi-casual raiding mainly focusing on Normal + Heroic raiding (AOTC focus). We are proactively recruiting for The War Within expansion, and plan to have Mythic + teams to help us gear up, along with Awakened Mythic raiding and MOP remix raiding during S4 as soon as we have the raid comp. We offer the perfect environment for those players who recently have come back to the game by catching up with us.

Our guild places a strong emphasis on commitment, as well as our sense of community & camaraderie. We have cultivated a space we proudly call home, encouraging a first name basis amongst each other. :purple_heart:

Raid Times: Tuesday & Thursday 5:30PM - 8:30PM PST

We expect raiders to arrive 15 minutes prior to raid start time.

Current Spec Needs:

All classes

:star: All exceptional players are encouraged to apply and will be considered regardless of spec :star:

Other Expectations:

Team player traits: this includes willingness to sit for roster rotations, AND standby to fill in as needed.

Maintains a non-toxic and tenacious attitude/mindset for prog environments.

Eager and driven for self-improvement.

Knows how to balance a healthy understanding of a competitive spirit and team-oriented mindset.

Greater mechanical awareness and prowess: this includes the ability to self-telegraph basic mechanics of a given boss fight without any raid lead “hand-holding”.

A core player seeking a long-term home.

If you are looking to play with a guild of adult players and are like minded, please feel free to reach out and let’s chat! :blush:

Discord Contacts: @Tyronious88

Battlenet ID: Tyronious#1742

Part Time Heroes
Guild Information
Recruiter: Guerrer
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

In PTH, our motto is Community over Progression. We have three raid teams, ranging from CE-focused to casual AOTC, and are active at all levels of PvE content with a very active Mythic+ culture. We’re all about creating an engaging and inclusive community for all our players. We’re also proudly LGBTQIA+ friendly!

Our AOTC team (Team Infinity) is looking for more ranged DPS, particularly players with leadership experience. They raid once a week, Friday 8-11PST, and the team takes a hiatus for the season after completing AOTC. Message me at Guerrie on Discord or Guerrie#1803 on[](, if interested!

Bloodline 3/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Makeawish
Server Rank: #47
US Rank: #1647

We are now working to recruit for Season 4

We are a family/friendly casual raiding guild
We are very competitive when it comes to pushing raid content & M+ keys.
We are a very social & active guild, along with an active discord.
We are always prepared and ready to raid and we expect new recruits to have that
same mentality.
If you plan to Raid make sure you are fully enchanted

Not everyone in our guild is a raider some people just enjoy running M+ Keys or some just like to farm materials and collect mounts this is important you realize this before joining the guild.

Our Raid Days and Times for RAID TEAM ONE are Weds/Thurs 7pm to 10pm PST (Proudmoore) Server Time
Team One is mostly looking for consistent - Holy Pal or Disc Priest & an Aug Evoker for Main Raid Spots
( Also looking for backup/filler heals and dps )

Our Raid Days and Times for RAID TEAM TWO are Sats/Suns 7pm to 10pm PST (Proudmoore) Server Time
Team Two is still looking for consistent - Ret Paladin , Fury Warrior, Havoc DH & Enh Shaman For Main Raid Spots (Mostly Any Melee DPS) We are Full on Ranged DPS currently

Team Two wants to push into Mythic raiding in Season 4 and we are looking for serious and dedicated raiders to fill in core raid spots.

We may also possibly start a Third Raid Team at some point.

We expect our new raiders to know the boss fights by watching videos or reading about the fights before joining raid!
We expect everyone to be ready to raid at our raid start times if that’s what you are being recruited for! Invites will normally go out 15-20 mins before start time.

If interested in joining the guild send a msg to us in Discord

Discord Names Listed Below

1. Critbot#1403 (Raid Lead TEAM ONE) Speak with if you want to raid with Team One
2. cawkatrice (Raid Lead TEAM TWO) Speak with if you want to raid with Team Two
3. .aragom (Officer)
4. cookiemonsta333 or cookiemonsta3 (GM)

[Emerald-Dream] [H/A]Apr 22nd, 2024 10:06 pm
US-Emerald Dream
The Better Guild 3/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Wrandm
Server Rank: #16
US Rank: #1784

Looking for a tight community that’s been together for years? Look no further!

The Better Guild is actively recruiting Heals & DPS for our Mythic raid roster, as well as new members to run keys and join us in other fun events.

→ What to Expect ←

  • Chaos, but fun chaos
  • AOTC every raid tier
  • Some Mythic prog
  • Friendly group of players willing to help with class/role questions
  • Inclusion in every aspect of the game
  • An equal opportunity for loot each raid

What we Expect from you

  • Casual Mentality with emphasis on Community & Humor
  • Don’t be hungry for gear
  • Minimum 80% Raid Attendance
  • Just be a decent human being :smile:

Raid Times
Friday 11:15pm EST
Sunday 9:00pm EST

As a guild we do not tolerate ANY slander or racist remarks; we kick instantly for anything harmful.

Contact on Discord if interested!

Cries On Progression 9/9 H
Guild Information
Recruiter: Demoncora
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

We are a collection of friends and former guildmates from the last two expansions looking to play again and have fun in our new guild . We are a Midcore Mythic raiding guild, wanting to push as far into mythic as we can. If we do happen to get close to CE then we may push to achieve it but it is not a priority. Many of us also do PVP and Mythic+ as well!

Raid Times: Tuesday & Thursday | 9:30 EST - 12 EST

Recruiting Needs: Warrior DPS, Rouge, Enhance Shaman
Exceptional DPS are always welcome, with bonus points for those who can flex into a healing role. Don’t see your class listed? Don’t fret! If you think you’d be a great fit for our team, we encourage you to reach out regardless.

What we expect from raiding applicants: Respectful, inclusive, growth-oriented team players welcome. Must be able to make raid times consistently.

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