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Recruiter: Elvwyr
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First and foremost we are a sanctuary and family. Led by an older couple (40s and 50s) one ADHD and one Autistic, we aim to provide an inclusive safe space based on civility, kindness, mutual support, fun and friendship. We are LGBTQ+ friendly too :slight_smile: and consist of 40+ unique players. Some of our members struggle with various issues of their own, so compassion and forgiveness if and when people are unable to handle things goes a long way and is extended to us all. Update: Happy birthday to us. We are 1 year old as of 14th June 2022. Loads of fun we’ve had.

Update: 11/11 Reg SoFo, Fab Raid Leadership and new First time mixed with Returning Raiders. Quick excellent learning on Jailer! Took us 2-3 raid sessions. Woot :smiley: Yayyy well done team, Anduin (Andy is ded) :smiley: after 4-6 raid sessions learning the fight as a team. So proud of us all :slight_smile: and Lords of Dread too in same night we first saw them. And we continued, Rygelon down in 90 minutes as a new boss and Jailer to phase 3 as first encounter too :smiley: Super proud of all my crew and Pugged friends too.

Especially lacking Melee dps: Warriors and Rogues. Healers and Tanks still needed for our Raids.

We are an end-game social casual pvp and mythic dungeon guild that enjoys group content immensely, formed out of returning players. Still young, since we were created on June 14, 2021. We are particularly seeking melee dps and non Druid healers. We started raiding in April of this year.

We have a strong team of supportive officers who we are blessed with ranging in ages 18 to 60. Our main rule is: Don’t be a jerk because we will not tolerate you! We also aim to keep all chats PG 13.

We are the guild where real life comes first when it comes to everything Life can throw at us with kids, work, family and so on. If you are not empathetic to this, you will find it hard to fit in with us.

If only three of us are on at that time, you will see us tackle BFA Island expeditions or Chore ahem torghast, Areanas, or world event quests, holiday quests, callings and everything in between.

We also run Mythics (and +) constantly and always happy to form more teams. Our guild has taken a few non pvp’ers to Challenger 1 & 2 and new raiders to LFR Jailer. All done in good natured and non toxic ways.

Our weekly events (Mountain Daylight/Standard Time)

  • Tuesdays (7:30 pm) PVE nights- Mythics

  • Wednesdays (7:00 pm)- Previous Raids for Achievements & Mounts.

  • Fridays (7:00 - 10:00 pm) Raid Night - SoFo Regular

  • Sundays (7:00 - 10:00 pm) Raid Night- SoFo Regular cont’d.

  • Also very early morning MST, impromptu group events

Events often can go on for 3-4 hours though often our officers run a further 2 or 3 hours and all events are drop in and out. :smiley:

If this sounds like a fit for you, please apply in game. :star_struck: We look forward to having you join our thriving family. :slight_smile: We are a US Nordrassil guild and the allied realms of Khaz Modan, Azjol-nerub, Blackrock and Muradin. We also consist of a community and run the horde version of Civitas, Civility Horde style: Both guild and community.

How to Apply:
To join us, apply on our website, friend Elvwyr (GM & Recruiting Officer), send an in game message or drop me a message here and I will get in touch.

Search for Civitas Nordrassil and we are with the WoWalliances websites to explore our site.

To try and find the best fit, I normally conduct an interview and arrange to run with our applicant. If interested but on other realm, feel free to request to join our community.

Come check us out:

https:// civitas dot wowalliances dot com


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