Hierarchy 6/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kneevil
Server Rank: #33
US Rank: #1219

Hello! Hierarchy is seeking players to fill out our Mythic raid roster. We raid 2 days a week: Wednesday and Friday from 7:30pm to 10:30pm Eastern Time. Non-LGBTQ+ friendly need not apply.

Our top recruitment priorities at the moment:

  • DPS: Shaman (pref Enhance), Monk, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, Death Knight
  • Healers: Monk, Priest, Druid, Shaman
  • Tank: Monk, Paladin, Demon Hunter

All skilled and experienced players are encouraged to inquire regardless of class/spec.

Our core is comprised of players with an immense amount of high level experience and having recently returned to the game during the Shadowlands expansion we are looking to return to a high level raiding guild on a smaller 2 day schedule.

The trial process is a 2-3 week “trial by fire” where you will be tested with the raid team on farm and possibly even progression. You may have a performance review with an officer if needed and we will let you know if you’ve passed.

(Passing your trial does not guarantee a spot every single raid, but we will rotate around as needed and try our best to be fair to everyone on the roster)

Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope
9/9N, 9/9H, 6/9M (3/9M S4)
Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible
9/9N, 9/9H, 5/9M (3/9M S4)
Vault of the Incarnates:
8/8N, 8/8H, 5/8M (4/9M S4)

If you’d like to know more, please reach out to an officer on discord: deevil311, sheevil, kultirastides

US-Area 52
Dont Tease Me Bro 5/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Nabalicious
Server Rank: #197
US Rank: #1289

DTMB is recruiting to build a second raid team for AOTC/Casual Mythic


  • Main Teams Prog Tue/Wed Group: ATDH S3: 5/9 Mythic, Nymue at 18%, AVoTi 3/9M, AATSC 1/9M

Raid Schedule:

  • Fridays and Saturdays, 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM EST

Recruitment Contacts

  • Disc: mooney4629 Btag: Mooney#12761 (Gm), Btag: rexinar#1334
    Discord: rexinar (Raid Leader), Blind Discord: pokechakra#1927 Bnet: Silvercrøw#1232 (Council Officer), Hades Discord: hades9000 (Co-Lead/Rcloot Officer)

Class Openings:

  • All skilled candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of class.
  • DPS: Warrior, WW Monk, Mage, Rogue, Boomy, Dev Evoker, Unholy DK, Hunter, Enhancement Shaman
  • HPS: Holy Paladin, Priest, Resto Druid

We Are Looking For Candidates Who:

  • Have proven raid experience
  • Master class mechanics
  • Take well to constructive feedback
  • Communicate effectively within the team

Raid Team Rules:

  • Use the highest level gems and enchants
  • Use potions and augment runes on all kill attempts
  • Adhere to high standards of play
  • Agree to team rules
  • Maintain a good attitude when sitting or when asked not to roll on certain loot.
  • Use your heads when rolling or bidding on items.
  • Consider who else might need an item before rolling

Trials/Raiders Guidelines:

  • Trials are allowed 8 absences per patch (6 justified monthly, 2 unjustified for the patch duration)
  • Exceeding 2 unjustified absences results in demotion to trial status, with potential removal if absences continue
  • Trials can request a meeting with the Officer Council if removed from the team
  • Trials may be up to 10 minutes late if they notify the Raid Leader promptly using proper channels

Join Us:
Be a part of our second Aotc/Casual Mythic raid team and experience Mid-level raiding in a supportive environment. Apply now and let’s achieve greatness together!

Bloodline 3/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Makeawish
Server Rank: #49
US Rank: #1676

We are now working to recruit for Season 4

We are a family/friendly casual raiding guild
We are very competitive when it comes to pushing raid content & M+ keys.
We are a very social & active guild, along with an active discord.
We are always prepared and ready to raid and we expect new recruits to have that
same mentality.
If you plan to Raid make sure you are fully enchanted

Not everyone in our guild is a raider some people just enjoy running M+ Keys or some just like to farm materials and collect mounts this is important you realize this before joining the guild.

Current Guilds Raid Progress

  • Awakened Amirdrassil (9/9 N , 9/9 H & 1/9 M)
  • Awakened Aberrus (9/9 N , 9/9 H)
  • Awakened Vault (8/8 N , 8/8 H , 1/8 M)

Our Raid Days and Times for RAID TEAM ONE are Weds/Thurs 7pm to 10pm PST (Proudmoore) Server Time
Team One is mostly looking for consistent - 3x DPS (Outlaw Rogue , Aug Evoker , Warlock , Balance Druid or Unholy DK) (Pumpers Only) (Will also consider for backup/filler heals and dps spots)
Team One Plans to Push into Mythic Raiding Again This Season

Our Raid Days and Times for RAID TEAM TWO are Sats/Suns 7pm to 10pm PST (Proudmoore) Server Time
Team Two is still looking for consistent - 1x Healer (Shaman or Priest) , 3x Melee DPS (Pumpers Only) (Will also consider for backup/filler heals and dps spots)
Team Two Plans to Push Into Mythic Raiding

Our Raid Days and Times for RAID TEAM THREE are Fridays 5pm to 8pm PST (Proudmoore) Server Time - (This is a one day a week raid team that is more casual)
Team Three is still looking for consistent - 1x Melee DPS (Fury Warrior, Windwalker Monk or Enh Shaman) NO RET PALADINS
Team Three Plans to Push Into Heroic Raiding! This Grp will not be doing Mythic This Season

We expect our new raiders to know the boss fights by watching videos or reading about the fights before joining raid!
We expect everyone to be ready to raid at our raid start times if that’s what you are being recruited for! Invites will normally go out 15-20 mins before start time.

If interested in joining the guild send a msg to us in Discord

Discord Names Listed Below

1. Critbot#1403 (Raid Lead TEAM ONE) Speak with if you want to raid with Team One
2. ruby_stardust (TEAM TWO) Speak with if you want to raid with Team Two
3. ruby_stardust (Raid Lead TEAM THREE) Speak with if you want to raid with Team Three
4. cookiemonsta333 or cookiemonsta3 (GM)

US-Area 52
Mind Smooth 3/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Olysian
Server Rank: #262
US Rank: #1762

We are an active guild that is currently recruiting DPS for Mythic raiding, and are shooting for CE. We are a group of individuals who share love for all aspects of the game and enjoy a competitive and fun yet professional atmosphere when raiding. Outside of raiding we also have an active PVP and M+ community and play others games together. Weekend Normal/Heroic raids. We are currently recruiting mostly DPS but are accepting anyone, so please feel free to reach out! We expect our players to show up to every raid, know fights, and perform your role efficiently. All exceptional and/or teachable players are encouraged to apply! All Casuals Welcome!!

Raid Schedule: Tuesday / Monday 8pm – 11pm EST Raid Positions available: DPS / offspec classes
***High priority on Rogue and Warlock ***
All are welcome to apply though


Recruitment- Discord -Olysian#5213


Total Tools 1/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Thundergoose
Server Rank: #127
US Rank: #2122

Total Tools is a small, inclusive retail guild that is looking for players, new or experienced, to come and join our Dragonflight heroic raiding team and join in on Mythic+!

We are comfortably farming heroic raid, participating in and running Break the Meta Season 3 nights, and frequently run other interesting community events such as transmog comps, achievement runs, alt-focused raids, hosted multiplayer servers for other games (like Minecraft, etc.) and even small in-house eSport-like competitions! We currently have 17 members and are looking to bump that number up to as high as 30 so that we have the potental to have enough members to kill the first few Mythic bosses!

If you’re looking for a WoW focused community to call home and play the new expansion with, please feel free to send myself or any other officers a message (info at the end) if you have any questions with no obligation to join.

Raid nights
Wednesday 7pm - 10pm server time.
Sunday 7pm - 10pm server time.

No toxicity, elitism, sexism, or racism.
Show up to raid nights, including after AoTC has been achieved
Be patient enough to let us teach newer players.
Casual banter.

Role / Class needs
We currently have two tanks but would like at least third, flexible off-spec tank that can also DPS.

Tank specs we don’t have are;

  • Protection Warrior
  • Vengeance Demon Hunter
  • Guardian Druid
  • Blood DK

We currently have three healers and looking for more to be main healers in the raid and active in mythic+.

  • Preservation Evoker
  • Restoration Druid
  • Mistweaver Monk

We are always on the hunt for DPS players. I’ve listed some specs that could be ideal, but being a good player and having fun is more important than what class you play.

  • Windwalker Monk
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • any Hunter spec
  • any Mage spec
  • Unholy or Frost Death Knight
  • any Rogue spec
  • any spec of Warlock
  • Vengeance Demon Hunter

Again, these are not requirements, any DPS is welcome to enquire!

Whats the next step?
Contacting myself (Thundergoose) or any other officer via Discord or adding me on is the easiest method to get a hold of us. You can also find us in the in-game Guild Finder, just make sure to make a note that you seen this post!
Once you make contact I will just briefly ask how much experience you have among other questions just to get an idea on who you are.

Like i mentioned above, we are new player friendly so having no raiding experience is completely fine.

Guild master
Discord: thundergoose Thundergoose#11153
In-game character: Justagoose

Discord: aant Dia#6809
In-game character: Allfurone

Discord: maximeg MaximeG#3173
In-game character: Astrabloom

Discord: stevedawgg stevedawgg#6490
In-game character: Sturdybunz

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