[H][Turalyon] 10/10 N , 3/10 HJan 20th, 2021 3:51 pm
New Breed 0/10
Guild Information
Recruiter: Shoresy
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

New Breed is a casual Horde guild on US Server Turalyon. We began raiding in BFA and continue to focus on maintaining a raid team for current and future content. Members also regularly run M+ and do other content as well.

Current Progression

10/10 Normal
3/10 Heroic


Tuesday and Thursday 7:45 PM EST to 10 PM EST are focused on progression. We typically host events Sunday evening as well for normal raids or other content.


All players are welcome to apply.

For raiding, we are primarily looking for DPS. Willingness to flex into a healing or tanking role is a plus. Having some experience in Normal Castle Nathria and an iLvL of 190 is also ideal so that you can jump right into progression with us.

Battletag: Shoresy#1948
Discord: Shore#5613

Demon Blades 0/10
Guild Information
Recruiter: Rosswent
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Nocturnal Assassins is a newly formed community that is recruiting to push heroic/mythic Shadowlands raids. Our group is small and takes on the basic principles of a hardcore raiding guild.

Schedule (Catered to Pacific Standard Time PST)

  • Fridays : 10:00pm PST - 12:30am PST
  • Saturdays: 10:15pm PST - 12:30am PST

Current recruitment needs:

  • 1-2 healers
  • 2-3 RDPS
  • 2-3 MDPS

What you can expect from us:

  • Highly organized group who use the raid time to execute a plan
  • Experienced former GM/RL
  • Fun group that hangs out to run M+ and pvp…but is all business once the pulls start

What we expect from you:

  • On time & consistent attendance (ok to skip some raids - real life happens - just communicate to the group if you won’t be there)
  • Come to raid prepared with flask/food/buff
  • Thrive on doing new content with a progression mindset
  • Adult who has been properly socialized (don’t talk over the raid leader or say disrespectful things to people you are unlikely to meet in RL)

Our group is starting as a community but may convert to a guild on a TBD server, so no need to transfer right now.

Application process:

No need to supply logs and you do not need to have normal 10/10.
We want players who know their class and fit with the group.

Contact us via Discord if you have any questions.

Discord: nymtree#4342 or krykiett#0738
BNet: Jess#1678 or krykiett#1540

The Forgotten Order 0/10
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kenobi
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Hello There!

We are a casual guild that is rebuilding with Shadowlands and looking to add more to build on raid progression and M+ progression

We are currently 6/10N and are looking to finish and shift to Heroic.

We have a great community and are always available to help each other.

The Dark Örder 0/10
Guild Information
Recruiter: Ozeus
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

The Dark Örder Summons You…

Who We Are:
We are a group of people on Stormrage looking to progress and have a good time. We currently are progressing through normal raids with the goal of heroic progression and AotC. And we’re looking to grow our ranks with people like you! Pushing mythic keys, raiding, fun and random events, and making new friends. If this sounds something for you, please reach out.


  1. Be active in the guild
  2. Please participate. We all need to come together as a team even if it isn’t something you need. Helping lower geared guild members complete that low key can go a long way with getting everyone geared and ready
  3. Please come to the raid ready with food, flasks, enchants, and gems. The guild will provide what it can as long as members continue to contribute bank materials.
  4. Keep up with gearing yourself in preparation for raid.

Tuesday & Wednesday 8:00 - 11:00pm Eastern

Currently 10/10N 1/10H

What We Need:
We are looking for a skilled Mage, a Tank, and a Resto Druid/Boomkin. And other classes to grow our ranks for mythic key pushing and at some point a second raid group.

How to contact us:
If you’re interested in giving The Dark Örder a shot please contact one of the below officers or leave your contact information.

Ozzie#8456 (Guild Manager)
WarcraftLore#8345 (Officer)
Diaspore#1692 (Officer)

[A] Arathor/Drenden RecruitingJan 21st, 2021 2:18 am
Chemically Balanced
Guild Information
Recruiter: Mayse
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Hey :slight_smile: We are a new guild currently building our raid team to get into progression. We hit 10 Raiders and were able to get a look at CN (N) but now we want more. Our intention is to be an AotC level casual/raiding guild. Currently looking for Healers/RDPS/MDPS to round out and bolster our team.

A little about Chemically Balanced is that we started as a small group of friends who got tired of Guild hopping trying to find the right fit for us. We are an East Coast Guild looking to raid Sat/Sun 8Pm to 11Pm. During the week we hang out, work on Alts (its an addiction) and run M+.

We are pretty layed back and are just looking to have our after work/school hours relaxing and fun with friends and family. That being said a level of situational awareness and proper mechanic tactics is expected from each individual who intends to raid. If your just coming back to the game, we don’t mind answering questions and helping teach players the basics of Shadowlands.

We also welcome package deals if you have friends/family that want to stick with you even if they have no intention of raiding but want a more casual position in the guild.

Below is a list of what positions we are looking for in the Guild. Please note that specific class/specs are not listed as we are strong advocates of letting mbrs play what they want to enjoy their game time and we do not focus on CE level min/maxing our raid comps.

Raid - (Full)
M+ - 1-2 Open
Casual - Always Open

Raid - 1-2 Open
M+ - 1-2 Open
Casual - Always Open

Raid - Open
M+ - Open
Casual - Always Open

Raid - Open
M+ - Open
Casual - Always Open

That is it, that’s my pitch. If anything appealed to you then please feel free to DM me with any questions. Cheers!

Battlenet: Maveric#1869
Discord: Maveric#2376

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