Guild Information
Recruiter: Mariuss
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

:star2:< Nexus > is a twice a week, raiding guild focused on mythic progression raiding in a fun, mature, supportive, and positive environment centered on community, mutual respect, and consistent self improvement. :star2:

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, read on!

:date: Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 8:00-11:00 PM CST / 9:00-12:00 EST

:crossed_swords: Progression:

Aberrus: 9/9 H - 5/9 M
Vault: 8/8 H - 6/8 M

CN: 5/10 M US 633
Sanctum: 3/10 US 690
SoFO: 3/11 M US 561

SOFO (Prior to Fated):
6/11 Mythic US 752

:mag: Recruitment:


  • Any Spec


  • Mistweaver Monk
  • Holy/Discipline Priest
  • Preservation Evoker
  • Holy Pally


  • Warlock
  • Rogue
  • Warrior
  • Demon Hunter
  • Monk
  • Death Knight
  • Another ranged DPS

We will always consider exceptional players for any role.

:telephone_receiver: Contact Information:
Discord: mariusnexus / Battlenet: Halbrium#1395
Discord: grebbogaming / Battlenet: AGreb25#1353

We are looking to augment our existing, CE-experienced core with motivated players looking to improve. Nexus has been around for just over ten years now, raiding from Cataclysm all the way through Legion, hovering around the US ~500-600 mark (occasionally 300) for mythic progression.

In particular, we are looking for raiders who are looking to make progress on an abbreviated schedule - just six hours of raiding a week means we have to be efficient and quick learners to make any real progress.

Nexus strives to be a guild where people show up to play with their guildies and do hard content - not just to progress and parse. We promote an attitude of constant self-analysis and improvement among our raid team, but we are not in the habit of making raiders duke it out for a spot on the raid team every week.

Are you ready to join us? Reach out via discord ( Marius#7686 ) today and become part of an unforgettable WoW experience! :rocket:

Guild Information
Recruiter: Rhelsa
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #


—About Us—
Our team is focused on midcore Mythic. We say “midcore” because, while we are progression-focused, we want to keep a happy core of people without the expectations of splits/alts or explicit min-max. We do expect every raider to be competent in their role/spec, bring consumables, and be a collaborative thought-partner on strategies. We are very transparent with trials (and even after passing and becoming core) about performance, both in DPS/HPS and mechanics, so you know exactly what you need to work on. This is not a casual team - everyone plays a role in progression, we’re just not CE-focused. The weekday team is new so we are looking to build up a consistent group of high-performing, reliable, team-oriented folks. We do have a CE focused Mythic team for those who wish for a more challenging experience.

—Current Aberrus Progression—
3/9 Mythic

—Raid Times—
Wednesday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM EST
Thursday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM EST

—Recruitment Needs—
Tanks: Closed
Healers: Open - Priest
Melee DPS: Open - High priority: DH, WW, Warrior
Ranged DPS: Open

Regardless of the recruitment status, we encourage anyone to reach out and inquire!

—Not a Raider?—
Outside of raids, we are pretty active. We average 30+ people during the afternoon/evening with people chatting and running keys together. Raid logging is not a real issue here and we strive to earn the loyalty and commitment of our people. We welcome all to join as socials, casuals, key runners, etc. There’s a place for everyone! Just message anyone in-game, apply in-game, or add a B-tag below!

—Can’t Commit/Raid Yet?—
Interested in raiding with us but can’t commit yet or for one reason or another aren’t ready? You can join as a “Prospect” until you are. There is no time limit on how long you can be a Prospect, so as soon as you are ready and/or able, reach out so we can start a trial. Reasons for being Prospect can include (but are not limited to): Temporary schedule conflict Undergeared Logs need to be improved Leveling

—Basic Requirements—
18+ years old. Commitment to all days. Active and run keys. Willing to learn, improve, and take constructive criticism. Always come to raid prepared. Competent and strong player. Cross-realm trialing is acceptable but you are required to transfer and join once you pass your trial. No exceptions.

—Contact (B-Tags / Discords)—
Recruiter: VictoriaKins#1971 / victoriakins
Melee Officer: Supercatlitr#1771 / chadrockwell
Ranged Officer: Stigas#1237 / jonezen
Healing Officer: Jäger#11356 / staffeln

Guild Information
Recruiter: Gnas
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Alpha is a progression-minded guild that has enjoyed success for over 16 years. We have consistently achieved Cutting Edge over the lifespan of the guild and look to emphasize longevity when we consider bringing in new members. Our membership is comprised of a diverse group with an average age in the late 20’s, with some outliers. We are pretty open on Discord and expect prospective members to be able to interact socially and contribute a personality to the guild.

We enjoy our alts and will occasionally use them for progression if the situation warrants. We keep them current through weekly heroic raids which are also attended by friends and family members.

We raid from 9 PM EST to 12 PM EST Tuesday-Thursday. 9 hours a week. We occasionally add optional time at the start of a tier to clear normal/heroic. During farm, we only raid two days per week (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Currently recruiting one of the following DPS:

1 Evoker;
1 Hunter;
1 Rogue;
1 Enhancement Shaman;
1 Death Knight;
1 Warrior

Also recruiting:
1 Tank

Exceptional applications from any class/spec will always be considered.

Apply Here:

Officer Contact Information:

Gnas: [] Gnas#1440 / [Discord] @gnas
Wylan: [] Wylan#1381 / [Discord] @oldwylan

Trial Process:

The majority of our raid team has played together for many years. As a result, our trial period is typically quite lengthy, as we look to recruit people that can fit in long-term. Being an appropriate social fit is just as important as performing well in raid. We will give all accepted applicants ample opportunity to prove they should stay on as a member. During this time applicants may receive items and are encouraged to be active with the guild during and outside of raids in things like Mythic+. When filling out an application, we ask you to think about what you want to say to us and what you feel is important that we should know. Keep in mind that this will likely be your only chance to create a good impression.

If you have questions/comments feel free to contact any member of Alpha in-game and they can direct you to an officer!


We distribute loot via an officer led loot council, for the purpose of improving the future success of the raid.

Relevant links:

Guild Information
Recruiter: Decix
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

< Infusion > of Azjol-Nerub was founded in April of 2007. The guild started out pushing to be best on realm, which we accomplished. Then the next goal was top US 100. Now we’re older and have more responsibilities outside the game, but still want to be successful. Our goal every tier is Cutting Edge. When we do not meet this goal we don’t disband instead we reflect and figure out where we can improve going forward to meet our expectations.

Our notable finishes throughout the years:

Tier 13 25 man US 154th
Tier 14 25 man US 82nd
Tier 15 25 man US 115th (Lei Shen without locks and MW Monks )

The core of the guild has been playing together for years, people have their career jobs, families etc. So while the guild’s mentality is a bit more casual (“Dad Guild”), the competitive nature of mythic raiding is still there. We push until the end of a tier if that’s what it takes. (3% Mythic Gul’dan wipe the last night before Tomb came out, CE Jaina last night it was available) We may evaluate the time we have left and make a decision as a guild to not push. (2 weeks left for Argus, G’huun etc) but during that time we’ll do all the farm we can for the next content push. Cutting edge is the goal, but having fun along the way and making a community or family for people matters just as much.

We maintain a relaxed environment while keeping a serious attitude for progression. We fully understand that WoW is a game; you won’t perform your best if you’re not having fun and that’s our basis of raid every night. We also want to drive home the ideology that all of us are carving out these 9 hours a week in our busy lives. Come prepared and don’t waste your own time, along with 20+ others time.

We do not over-recruit. We have Discord interviews with all recruits and only accept those who we feel will fit best in our small family. While we keep the roster small, we make sure everyone understands the nature of mythic raiding. We take the best comp into a fight and mold it around what works best for us. If that includes sitting half of our melee, that’s what we’ll do. We only recruit who and what we’re after, we don’t take chances.

We require all recruits to be in guild, that requires Alliance and on our realm until Blizzard can figure recompiling old code. This is due to us valuing how someone fits in, and community/family feel at a high level.

Raid hours are Tues-Thurs 9-12 EST (6-9 PST).
(We historically add two Mondays that are optional on new tier releases. We use these Mondays to do normal/clean up what we can)

Current Dragonflight progression:
8/8M Vault
6/9M Aberrus

Recruiting Needs in no particular order:
Demon Hunter
Any exceptional DPS looking for a long-term home that isn’t a Warrior. :grinning:

The best way to contact us is real ID at Decix#1306 or discord Decix#8154

Lfm tank for m+ push group!Sep 22nd, 2023 11:35 pm
this is fine
Guild Information
Recruiter: Liffuvir
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Hello Im a seasoned m+ player like most of all :smiley:

Im looking to create a m+ push group and plan to play some days/nights a week with a mindset on 3kio and beyond the class i will be playing is relative to the team, for now i have an augie evoker and a paladin all role ready and geared to go but im willing change class or spec depeding on what can i find so long the team fits :slight_smile:

you are not required to leave your guild!

based on the current dungeon pool and the reveal of the new dungeon pool most of the players know utility its king on M+ more than DPS and Healing output so im gonna describe the classes more or less im looking for and the reasons behind each possible choice.

this is the baseline of the team:

  • 1-2 battle Rez, 1 battle rez its a must but 2 secures the dungeon as if the player with the battle rez dies the dungeon its pretty much over on high keys specially if the only b rez is the tank or the healer.
  • Blood lust, self explenatory
  • 2 melee kicks or better (15 sec kick) or close to melee kicks (augie 18 secs) this count includes the tank, an exception to this with a protection paladin and triple range comps.

i tried to do a good research on each spec im about to mention please feel free to comment if im wrong in something.


---------------What Im NOT looking for-------------------

Death Knight

the reasons its because the spiky damage on high keys can blow them up pretty easly as many have seen in tiktoks and twitch highlights with a combination of the following:

-no party buff
-limited utility

  • blood shield only covers physical damage


-battle rez
-crowd control with 2 charges of death grip + abomination limb
-AMZ so very niche situations
-very low damage compared to other tanks.
-undead slave for incorporeals

  • death strike heal and physical damage absorb on rotation
    -have access to a cheat death

LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH, this is confusing for some but DKs are super self sustaining tanks on low-medium keys, on high keys they can actually die in middle of deathstrikes globals if not carefull or using Cds properly and the time frame to heal spiky damage is pretty short, there is many backing evidence from world class tanks to this claims.

even considering the pros it offers there are other tanks that can do aoe stops, have battle rez and the amz is not strong enough to justify a DK tank in my eyes, not to mention very low mobility.


Brewmaster Monk?

they are going to have a very powerfull 4 set piece on the next patch and are undergoing a rework so for now its on a blurred line, but overall its the tank with the strongest dps in both single target and AOE.

-------------Possible Tanks to add up-------------------

Protection Warrior


  • Warrior buff 5% attack power
  • Rally cry
  • good ammount of damage both in single target and AOE
  • permanent mitigation thanks to the new defensive stance change (it is less requried to be in battle stance as the damage penalty of defensive stance was reduced and with a 20% permanent damage reduction magic damage is a non issue for skilled warriors, even if they dont want to stance swap)
    -high uptime on shield block and self sustain with ignore pain making physical sustained damage a non issue
  • exelent damage on cooldowns with avatar, ravager and passive talent related to avatar.
    -shattering throw for incorporeals (it works)
  • Rally Cry
    -Good warriors can deflect magic for nice dps increase and defensive power
  • stormbolt single target stun, aoe fear, and aoe stun with shockwave make warriors really good controling mobs.
    -great mobility
    -passive leech
    -large hp pool
    -access to a shield (more armour increase, lower physical damage taken including non-melee swings such as bleeds or aoes that do physical damage)


  • with The current and future meta the warrior buff will only buff a 1 dps at most besides himself.
  • no dispels or real utility besides the occasional intervene on niche boss mechanics such as pistol shots in freehold, making the load of utility fall into other players hands which might limit composition options.
    -no battle rez.
  • no “real” self healing

Healing Requirement:
LOW-MEDIUM, with their reliable defensive power they only require enough heals to get going even if they cant self heal in a traditional way ignore pain its a very strong source of extra health points that does not overheal itself as its a absorb shield, the most effective way of healing.


while the warrior have some notable flaws on the utility department its sturdiness is notable in the hands of a capable player leading the heals to focus on other players as their healing required is not very high.

----------------High Demand Tanks-------------------

Guardian Druid


  • can combo control with typhoon
  • large hp pool
  • great ammount of offhealing with talents such as, after the wildfire, natures vigil and more.
  • great self healing in frenzy regen
    -the best iteration of death strike with ursoc fury making aoe and single target damage into an absorb shield that can go into very high ammounts
  • exelent damage during incarnation
  • flexible utility talents
  • very strong aoe damage with abilitys with no cooldown
  • encouraged to giga pull to get more benefit to his damage and sustain, increasing the dps of the whole party
  • versatility buff mathematically the strongest buff of all since it provides heal, damage reduction and damage increase to the whole party regarless of class or spec.
    -decent mobility with stampeding roar and charge
  • high uptime on ironfur-ursocs fury
    -can range pull if necesary with druid spells
    -if played as night elf have access to the some uber pro strats
    -access to hybernate for incorporeals
    -can soothe
  • battle rez


  • magic damage can hurt outside defensive cds
  • have trouble grouping enemies
  • their crowd control is just “ok” as their class stops lack a “true stun” and certian mobs will not stop casting at all.
  • some of the utility will sacrifice great survival or its impossible to get at all.
  • single target falls behind some tanks specially on tyranicall weeks.
    -will get limitations on its survival next incomming patch with target caps

VERY LOW- LOW- MEDIUM, the ammount of self healing and self healing druids have its beyond anything seen before its just that good.


An Original member of the god-exodia comp with great aoe and super strong self sustain that provides great utility, healing and promotes giga pulls an outstanding tank with very forgiving playstyle and scales really well with stats also having a vers buff and battle rez are traits very desirable in any party.

Demon Hunter Vengance:

Now this is a tricky one as he is about to be majorly reworked so he should be at ???, even tho the current iteration of the demon hunter is super strong as is a close contender to the guardian druid meta.


  • VERY HIGH MOB CONTROL, thanks to range interrup, aoe stun chaos nova, aoe silence sigil of silence, single target trap/cc for an extra stop and handle an incorporeal without a cast time.
  • very high mobility thanks to vengeful retreat and 2 charges of jumps
  • passive leech in both elf and demon form
    -very high uptime on defensive abilitys such as chaos brand and meta,fel devastation-meta
    -very high self sustain
    -great demonspike uptime
    -passive magic mitigation (demon tatoos/wards)
    -passive dam reduction during inmolation aura
    -great armour and hp increase and increased leech/fury regen during meta
    -have access to a cheat death
  • strongest single target and aoe damage, just behind brewmaster
  • darkness aoe stack for random party help
  • chaos brand buff, this thing will increase 5% of the magic damage of the party including clases such as paladin, rogues, frost dks and the ranged-caster dps and also all healers including holy paladin as his main damage source its holy power yielding and overall 15-20% extra damage to the whole party for the full dungeon duration, this is huge and not something to be undermined as some clases such as disc and holy paladin can dish out alot of damage and heal equally as good.
    -easy to execute rotation


-lack of group utility outside chaos brand and the niche darkness which requires the group to be stacked and its a random to chance to dodge, not reliable.

  • no battle rez
  • can die real fast if the setup is not done quick enough
  • tendency to outrange healers on pulls


Demon Hunter its a very strong tank with a very simple purpose, control mobs be sturdy and deal LOTS of damage while increasing party damage just by existing thier lack of utility is evident but its power as a whole its a net increase of damage in any group it is a very desired tank on almost any group composition.

Protection Paladin


  • The strongest group control of all the tanks with, regular interrupt, single target stun, aoe stop on blinding light, single target ranged silence/interrupt that can be reset SUPER OFTEN, aoe targeted silence interrupt, which then will keep doing auto shields for 15 secs every 5 seconds(it sounds wierd but thats how it works)
  • 2% max hp party wide heal on rotation
  • self and group healing in word of glory procs/regular cast lay on hands 1 button top heal anyone without cast time.
  • large ammount of defensives to cycle between, such as eye of tyr, sentinel, guardian of ancient kings and ardent defender.
  • great aoe damage
  • passive damage mitigation while on consacration (all kind of damage)
  • high uptime on SOTR (armour buff)
  • good basic attack damage reduction with blessed hammer high uptime (3 charges as they spin the re-apply the dam red on enemys)
  • all his cooldowns do general damage reduction so good in all situations regardless of the dungeon or boss
  • sentinel large duration increases both max hp, damage, healing, and damage reduction.
    -can solo kick many situation making group composition very flexible
  • access to 2 party buffs: devotion aura a well desired -3% damage reduction and retribution aura a 5% increase in healing and damage increase with a descent uptime, this makes having 2 paladins in the same group have no dimishing returns at all not to mention the utility package.
    -access to shield for the extra armour
  • high uptime on damage/defensive cooldowns
  • blessing of freedom, will increase both the paladin and other player speed will make them inmune to root and slows will prevent any aplication of such debuffs and dispell them too, this is larger than it seems as some debuffs will slow and damage you or your party with a 1 click on a low cooldown this problem can be completly solved
  • great mobility with 1 freedom and 2 horse charges since the talent changes
  • blessing of protection and blessing of spellwarding and make trivial alot of trash and encounters giving the players inmunity to magic and phisical damage and being able to dispell bleeds this way or reset some boss stacks with a mouseover macro, also will drop threat on allys against melee enemies
  • blessing of sacrifice a good external for the team, should paired with a defensive so the tank dont die.
  • devine shield this spell has its own section with the talent final stand and its rework on how it works its the best defensive cooldown in the game, being able to be cast under any crowd control state dispelling such effects, dispelling any debuffs on the pally including tank stacks, making him inmune to damage for 8 seconds of all kind and taunting all nearby enemies of the paladin for the duration and on the activation of the bubble, this change is huge as no longer enemies pulled after the bubble cast will go for the party and can make taking dangerous packs trivial giving the group route flexibility.
  • battle rez
  • repentence-turn evil for a ranged sap/incorporeal handling
  • a dispell of poison and deases
  • cheat death (to a limited extent with ardent defender)
  • solo carry potential (even in organized play this power cannot be denied)


  • not very good single target damage
  • high skill ceiling
    -unforgiving if pulling poorly or not having cds on each pack/SOTR Falls off, requires a player attention.
  • medium hp pool combined with poor gameplay can lead to oneshots
  • avenger shield its on the GCD so paladins need to play around that
  • “limited mobility” this contradictory but you need to stand or reposition consacration consistently to keep getting the benefit of the dam reduction to which your class and mastery is tuned around and with new tier set blizzard is pushing this idea even further, this is regarless of having 3 godspeed increases.
  • tier sets are not very generous
  • healing others with wog can lead to the paladin death if the SOTR is not up and takes multiple melee swings


this depends a lot on the composition and the paladin itself but its notable the healing it does require, this is off set by the power of kicks as every kick done by the pally makes the group requires less heal of those wind bolts which means more heal for the tank.


the paladin its an overall powerful tank the strongest mob control and utility in the game while a bit limited on the giga pull side a ranged dps can pull for him once he is “stationary” and he can quickly grab enemies if that is necessary, his single target damage will suffer in tyrannical weeks but most of the paladin problems are can be offset by the player skill on the class, a truly powerful tank that can fit any composition.

thanks for reading i will be doing a dps and healing post very soon feel free to comment!

contact info:
Battle tag: Liffuvir#1785
Discord: Liffuvir#8885

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