Eclipsed 7/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Nakkita
Server Rank: #22
US Rank: #458

Eclipsed, a large gaming community, is a WoW Guild located on Stormrage that was created by a group of veteran players that want to build a community-oriented guild that encompasses all aspects of the game and doing it with other people to achieve our best possible playability.

(we’re always looking for exceptional and committed players so reach out even if your class/spec is not listed)

(Each raid team has their own expectations document)

Dark Star (CE Focused)
9/9N 9/9H 7/9M Amirdrassil
Tuesday and Thursday’s 8:00-11:00pm EST
Needs: Tank (Blood DK), Melee DPS (Enh. Shaman, Unholy DK, Havoc DH), Ranged DPS (Shadow that flexes Holy OR Holy that flexes Shadow), Aug/Dev Evoker, looking at all exceptional DPS

Tidal Acceleration (CE Focused)
9/9N 9/9H 7/9M Amirdrassil
Tuesday and Thursday’s 8:30-11:30pm EST
Needs: Healer (Holy Pally, Resto Druid), Melee DPS (Havoc DH), Ranged DPS (BM/MM Hunter, Dev/Aug Evoker, Shadow Priest, Mage)

Interstellar (AOTC/Mythic)
9/9N 9/9H 4/9M Amirdrassil
Tuesday and Thursday’s 8:00pm-11:00pm EST
Needs: Melee DPS (Rogue), Ranged DPS (Mage, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman)

Gravity (AOTC/Light Mythic)
9/9N 9/9H 3/9M Amirdrassil
Tuesday’s 9:00pm-12:00am EST
Needs: Melee DPS (Rogue, WW Monk), Ranged DPS (Warlock, Hunter, Dev. Evoker)

Aurora (AOTC/Mythic)
9/9N 9/9H 5/9M Amirdrassil
Wednesday and Thursday’s 9:00pm - 12:00am EST
Needs: Healer (MW Monk)

Event Horizon (AOTC/Mythic)
9/9N 9/9H 6/9M Amirdrassil
Tuesday and Wednesday 11:00PM-2:00AM PST (2:00-5:00AM EST)
Needs: Healer (Holy Pally), Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Looking at all exceptional DPS

Solar Flare (AOTC/Mythic)
9/9N 9/9H 1/9M Amirdrassil
Wednesday and Thursday 10:00am - 1:00pm EST
Needs: Looking at all exceptional players

Cosmic Shift (AOTC/Mythic)
9/9N 9/9H 6/9M Amirdrassil
Saturday and Sunday 7-10:00pm EST
Needs: Melee DPS (Warrior), Looking at all exceptional DPS

Stardust (AOTC/Light Mythic)
9/9H 3/9M Amirdrassil
Saturday and Sunday 9:00-11:30pm EST
Needs: Healer (non Priest) that can flex DPS, Ranged DPS (Mage)

Nova (Learning Raid)
Friday’s 8:00-11:00 pm EST
Needs: Accepting all

We are also openly recruiting people interested in mythic plus pushing, PVP, achievement runs, multi-platform gaming, random guild events, and etc.


  • Nakkita - Recruiting Lead
    Discord: nakkita76 BTag: britt2376#1776
  • Khaeli - Recruiter
    Discord: khaeli BNET: khaeli#11319
  • Jay/Whitezillaa - Guild Master
    Discord: zilla_dilla BTag: ZillaDilla#1991

Eclipsed Website
Eclipsed Twitter
Eclipsed on Raider.IO
Eclipsed on Warcraft Logs

Infusion 7/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Decix
Server Rank: #1
US Rank: #546

< Infusion > of Azjol-Nerub was founded in April of 2007. The guild started out pushing to be best on realm, which we accomplished. Then the next goal was top US 100. Now we’re older and have more responsibilities outside the game, but still want to be successful. Our goal every tier is Cutting Edge. When we do not meet this goal we don’t disband instead we reflect and figure out where we can improve going forward to meet our expectations.

Our notable finishes throughout the years:

Tier 13 25 man US 154th
Tier 14 25 man US 82nd
Tier 15 25 man US 115th (Lei Shen without locks and MW Monks )

The core of the guild has been playing together for years, people have their career jobs, families etc. So while the guild’s mentality is a bit more casual (“Dad Guild”), the competitive nature of mythic raiding is still there. We push until the end of a tier if that’s what it takes. (3% Mythic Gul’dan wipe the last night before Tomb came out, CE Jaina last night it was available) We may evaluate the time we have left and make a decision as a guild to not push. (2 weeks left for Argus, G’huun etc) but during that time we’ll do all the farm we can for the next content push. Cutting edge is the goal, but having fun along the way and making a community or family for people matters just as much.

We maintain a relaxed environment while keeping a serious attitude for progression. We fully understand that WoW is a game; you won’t perform your best if you’re not having fun and that’s our basis of raid every night. We also want to drive home the ideology that all of us are carving out these 9 hours a week in our busy lives. Come prepared and don’t waste your own time, along with 20+ others time.

We do not over-recruit. We have Discord interviews with all recruits and only accept those who we feel will fit best in our small family. While we keep the roster small, we make sure everyone understands the nature of mythic raiding. We take the best comp into a fight and mold it around what works best for us. If that includes sitting half of our melee, that’s what we’ll do. We only recruit who and what we’re after, we don’t take chances.

We require all recruits to be in guild, that requires Alliance and on our realm until Blizzard can figure recompiling old code. This is due to us valuing how someone fits in, and community/family feel at a high level.

Raid hours are Tues-Thurs 9-12 EST (6-9 PST).
(We historically add two Mondays that are optional on new tier releases. We use these Mondays to do normal/clean up what we can)

Current Dragonflight progression:
8/8M Vault
9/9M Aberrus
7/9 Amirdrassil

Recruiting Needs in no particular order:
Demon Hunter
Healer (MW pref?)
Any exceptional DPS looking for a long-term home that isn’t a Warrior. :grinning:

The best way to contact us is real ID at Decix#1306 or discord Decix#8154

Commit Alpha 6/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Meyliene
Server Rank: #43
US Rank: #803

Commit Alpha is a multi-team guild with a focus on Raiding, Mythic Plus, as well as occasional backdrop events and guild activities. This can range from doing in guild challenges for survival in Hardcore Classic, to seeing what can be discovered in Season of Discovery, and of course continuing to enjoy Dragonflight with each patch. :dracthyr_tea:

:dracthyr_hehe_animated:We have three raid teams in guild with different overall goals but the same relaxed environment. :dracthyr_lulmao:

:dracthyr_nod:Immediate openings listed in Team Details below-Updated as of 2/13/2024:dracthyr_nod:

:dracthyr_comfy_red:Red Team -CE Focused. (6/9 M, 9/9H, 9/9 N ATDH, 8/9 M Aberrus)
Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8pm -11pm EST. These times may fluctuate as Tuesdays tend to be a cleared content day
Recruitment: LF Resto Shaman(preferred) or Resto Druid or Disc Priest, Ranged DPS
Healer (Resto Sham/Resto Druid/Disc Priest) -High Need
Ranged DPS -High Need. (Mage/Warlock/Hunter)
Heavy melee on roster at this time.
Accepting Exceptional Applicants. Logs and Mythic Raid History preferred.

:dracthyr_comfy_green:Green Team -Casual Mythic Progression. (5/9 M, 9/9H, 9/9N ATDH, 5/9M Aberrus)
Raid Times: Raid Times: Friday/Saturday 8:30 -11:30pm. EST
Recruitment: Recruiting for Raid Lead.
Responsibilities of Raid Lead Role: Working within a team of 3 to 4 leaders who work to organize the raid together. Seeking someone comfortable making call outs during the raid. Other raid leads with other teams are available to coordinate planning of fights, cooldown structures, etc.
Recruitment : Tank and Ranged DPS
Ranged DPS/Off Heals-High Need (Preferred Ele Shaman or Evoker)
Warlock/Mage-High Need
Aug Evoker/Hunter -Medium Need
We are very heavy melee at this time
Mythic Raid history is not limited to applying, however, experience is preferred. AOTC previous history is also an added bonus. Logs are still reviewed and considered for applicants.

:dracthyr_comfy_blue:Blue Team -AOTC Focused. (9/9H ATDH, 9/9 ATDH, 9/9 H Aberrus)
Raid Times: Wednesday/Thursday 8:30 -11pm.EST
Recruiting for Ranged raiders who enjoy the chill Heroic atmosphere.
AOTC history is not required and logs are not required though they are reviewed.

:dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:–Those interested in joining you can reach out to Saylen11, LronChris, and Nocthios via discord. Or feel free to leave a message below and we will reach out to you.-- :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Blame it on Lag 6/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kabo
Server Rank: #38
US Rank: #805

Founded and raiding since 2009, Blame It on Lag is a weekend raiding guild always looking for dedicated raiders with previous Mythic experience for Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope; and more!

We are currently 9/9H, 6/9M in Amirdrassil and were 6/8M in VOTI and 7/9M in Aberrus. In SL we were 4/11M SFO, 5/10M SOD, 8/10M CN; and in BFA we were 11/12M Ny’alotha, 5/8M EP and 7/9M BoD. If interested in focusing on downing bosses together long term in a progressive non toxic atmosphere, you may have found your home and beyond!

We are open to cross-realm trials!

High Needs:
Tank with DPS off spec
Enhancement Shaman
Exceptional Ranged DPS

Medium Needs:
DPS with Healer off spec
Any Strong DPS with prior Mythic raid experience

We also consider all strong players of any role that want to down bosses for the entire tier! We also accept applications for more casual Mythic Fill-in role, and AOTC raiders are also welcome to join us.

RAID TIMES (Central Time) Saturday 7pm-11pm Sunday 7pm-10pm (Grouping is at 6:45 PM both days)

Here are a few highlight videos of our VOTI and Aberrus Mythic raiding to get a feel of how our raids run:
Aberrus, Zskarn (first kill):
VOTI, Eranog:
VOTI, Primal Council:
VOTI, Terros:

Our Mythic+ Dungeon community currently pushes keys most nights of the week. Logs and parses for relevant characters help us a lot. We also have more casual players that enjoy heroic raids, Mythic fill-ins, and some who just enjoy being in a supportive environment. We are all adults, and keep a “Drama free or /gquit” rule. We just want to chill, be ourselves, and have fun downing bosses together. You can apply via our wowaudit site link below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our guild master or recruitment officer with your character’s information:

Guild Master Tariya: Discord - tariya
Recruitment Officer Kabo: Discord - kabobness

Happy Raiding!

Wolfthorn 6/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Scooty
Server Rank: #53
US Rank: #965

Wolfthorn has been around for some of BFA and onward, and is looking for quality players to push for CE this tier. We have hit the point where reclearing brings almost no real benefit, so we are extending lockouts until CE.

Raid Times:

Tues/Thurs 7pm-10pm CST

Optional Heroic full AOTC clears on Wednesday 7pm-10pm CST (or earlier if we clear fast, we usually do)

Previous tiers this expansion:


5/8M VotI

Looking for quality players with good attendance and a good attitude.

Current needs:

Sub Rogue

MW Monk

Any Mage that knows their stuff


Disc Priest

Any other exceptional applicants are welcome to apply!

If interested, reply here and reach out to:
me on BNet (ScootyMalone#1823) or Discord (Scooty_Malone)
Btag - Bryan#1177 or Disc - bryan1177
Btag - Ender93#1927 or Disc - enderthegreat
Btag - Rekku#1710 or Disc - rekku

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