postnerf 1/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Patymay
Server Rank: #139
US Rank: #2355

is a new formed guild by previous CE raiders from BFA. Took a break going into new expansion, and started a guild again. We are a family friendly, non toxic guild, but looking to progress into mythic and get CE again this tier. We are looking for new members to stay with us and grow as a guild and a community. We expect all of our raiders to come prepared and on-time ready to progress. Looking to add a few more to the roster to start pushing into mythic.

The guild itself is composed of good friends who have played games together for years, and want to continue to build our community. We enjoy having a community that communicates and having fun while we game. Outside of raid nights we do m+, some pvp, or have movie nights in discord.

Raid times: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6pm-9pm PST

Recruitment needs: Boomkin/Mage/Spriest

Contact Info: Discord Patymayo#3207 or Drakedekay#6514 please message either one of us with your class/role.

[H] NZ Raiding Guild 3/10MSep 14th, 2021 11:42 pm
Conclude 3/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Lukusmaximus
Server Rank: #55
US Rank: #1607

CONCLUDE (Barthilas): NZ based Raiding Guild (3/10m SOD) + RBG/pvp.

Conclude are a New Zealand based, early (6-9pm ST) Raiding Guild.
We strive for steady progression while also not forgetting that people have a real life, and have a solid core of experienced and mature players. We have also recently branched out into building a decent RBG/pvp team.

We have had players step out due to real life commitments, and are now looking for a couple of competent ranged dps and a healer to flesh out our mythic team.

Every player is expected to put effort into completing weekly content, and you would be expected to be prepared for each raid night with mechanic/class knowledge and consumables ready to go.

Preference for Ranged DPS: Warlock, Boomkin, Shadow Priest, Mage.
Preference for Healer: Shaman, Priest
Any competent dps and healers are welcome to apply, we are more focused on the player over a particular class. A DPS with a viable healing off-spec would also be welcome.
Currently full on tanks.

All players considered.


Conclude has an active base of players running M+ and arena all week.
We also have a large social side to the guild. This includes occasional guild meet-ups for those that are interested.

Feel free to ask questions here or add one of us in game for a chat.
Lok’Tar Ogar!

Lukusmaximus (Lukusmaximus#1619)

Civil Disobedience 4/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Hypotenuse
Server Rank: #4
US Rank: #968

Civil Disobedience (Alliance - US - Whisperwind) is actively recruiting for our mythic roster! We have several spots open and would ideally like a disc priest, DPS death knight, warrior, or a DPS demon hunter, but are open to any and all exceptional applicants!

We are currently 4/10M with < 30% pulls on Soulrender, and are 9/10H (we have been prioritizing mythic over Heroic Syl). We ended Castle Nathria at 9/10 Mythic, 10/10 (AOTC) Heroic and 10/10 Normal. Previous mythic tier 10/12 M Ny’alotha, 12/12 H, 12/12 N. Our goal this tier is Cutting Edge!

We run m+ other fun content every night except for Tuesday and Thursday, which are our raid nights (8p CST - 11p CST). Our Mythic Keys night is Wednesdays, our alt raid night is Sundays, and Mondays we do a mix of BoE farming, PvP, or Among Us/other games nights! We also regularly play Overwatch.

Our schedule is:

  • Tuesdays + Thursdays: Raid Night 8p CST - 11p CST

  • Wednesday: Optional M+ Night at 8p CST

  • Sundays: Optional Alt/Heroic Raid Night at 8p CST

If you’re someone who wants to push keys and work on raid content in an environment that won’t penalize you for failing and instead encourages you to learn, who wants a group of like-minded friends ready to support whatever your in game goal might be, who likes shooting the breeze with a bunch of (mostly) adults, who is ready to take your playing to the next level without being condescended to, and who is willing to put in the time and work to learn and leave your ego at the door, this is the right place for you.

We are willing to pay for server transfers. Our guild bank is super stocked, and we pay for repairs 24/7. We cover augment runes, potions, flasks, vantus runes, health pots, etc.

We are also a women-run guild with a zero tolerance policy toward racism, homophobia, sexism etc – ALL are welcome here!! We have a large percentage of the roster that are women, and have an extremely diverse guild overall. We are mostly all pretty liberal, in case that sort of thing matters to you. If you’re a Trumper, you’ll probably have a bad time.

We are community based and do lots of fun guild activities like game nights (sometimes even tabletop!), movie nights, have a newsletter, Guildie of the Month award, and are planning an irl meetup for 2022 if COVID ever chills out!

Message me in discord or in game, and I’ll send you a link to our app!

In game: Hypotenuse (mage) on Whisperwind

Battlenet: Hypotenuse#11810 (Hypotenuse) or RyQ#11468

Discord: Hypotenuse#2915 (GM - Hypotenuse) or ItsRyan#5897 (Officer)

Potter Puppet Pals 4/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Facehorns
Server Rank: #33
US Rank: #965

Potter Puppets Pals is a 10/10H 4/10M SOD guild and is currently recruiting.
Our guild consists of returning players and experienced players who has achieved CE from previous expansions.

The goal to build a strong core to push for CE during 9.1.
Our raid schedule is every Wednesday and Thursday GMT+8, Perth/SG/MY timing.

Raiding time:
Time (GMT+8): 9pm-12am
Server time (GMT+10):11pm - 2am

Note: Even if your spec is not listed below, ALL PLAYERS ARE WELCOME to apply as we do occasionally swap out members for reclears.

Priority list:

  1. Boomkin
  2. DK
  3. Warlock
  4. Enhancement Shammy


  1. Disc Priest
  2. Holy Paladin
  3. Resto Shaman

We are a very sociable multi-national guild. Besides raiding, we also run M+ content and play other games together quite frequently.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us:
Discord tag

Battle Tag

KoA 4/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Pheebi
Server Rank: #49
US Rank: #1142

|10/10H| |4/10M| We are currently recruiting solid players of various classes and specs to help broaden our roster and strengthen core performance for Mythic Progression. We are a fun group of people who love to joke around while pushing content.

Raid Schedule:


  • 4:30 – 7:30 PST (Pacific)
  • 5:30 – 8:30 MST (Mountain)
  • 6:30 – 9:30 CST (Central)
  • 7:30 – 10:30 EST (Eastern)

Current Needs:

  • All classes are considered, with a preference towards Mistweaver Monks and Disc Priests.
  • Offspec is helpful, but not necessary

Ranged DPS:

  • All classes are considered with a preference towards Boomkins, Mages, and Shadow Priests.
  • Offspec is helpful, but not necessary.

Currently, Melee DPS is a low priority, but exceptional players trump low priority :grin:

Expectations for Raiders:

  • Knowledge of class and spec
  • Research fights
  • Be prepared (enchants, pots, flasks, etc)
  • Complete content to optimize character (renowned, mythic plus, etc)
  • Ability to consistently make raid times.


  • DBM/Big Wigs
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • Weakauras


We are looking forward to speaking with you!
Please contact any of the following:
Or leave a reply :slight_smile:

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