Offensive 5/9 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Jakesane
Server Rank: #17
US Rank: #211

10.0 Tue/Wed/Thurs/Mon 7:00-10:00 pm PST
10.1 Whenever we want

Previous Progression

  • 12/12 Mythic Ny’alotha CE
  • 10/10 Mythic Castle Nathria CE
  • 9/10 Mythic Sanctum (Guild took a break)
  • 11/11 Sepulcher CE

3 Tier Plan

  • 9.2 Rebuild the roster and get Cutting Edge DONE
  • 10.0 Prep for Push to Hall of Fame
  • 10.1 Push for Hall of Fame

What we offer

  • Stable leadership that has worked together the past 2 tiers
  • Exceptional raid preparation from the Officer-core
  • Guild repairs, Feasts and Flasks
  • Alt runs
  • Off-night activities such as Mythic+/Sales

Raider Expectations

  • 98% Attendance
  • Willingness to take criticism as well as improve personal gameplay
  • Willingness to speak up during raid to improve the teams success
  • Selfless during progression
  • Ability to Multiclass
  • Degen
  • 1 Alt For Splits
  • Keystone degeneracy first 3-4 weeks for Vault/Trinkets/Weapons

Recruitment Needs

  • 21st Man
  • Degenerates
  • Monk DPS
  • Warlock
  • Priest Healer
  • Evoker Healer
  • Enhance Shaman

Contact info
Jakesane#1779 (Battlenet)
Jakesane#3084 (Discord)

Premonition 4/9 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Flyntflosy
Server Rank: #2
US Rank: #587

About Us:
Premonition (Cutting Edge HFC+EN+NH+Ant+Uldir+BoD+TEP+Nya+SOD+SFO+VotI) is a Horde guild on US-Magtheridon. Our raid team has been together since MoP and we pride ourselves in maintaining a stable home for players. We are looking to bolster our roster with players who are interested in progressing Mythic content. While we maintain a laid-back, non-elitist environment, we are in no means casual – our goal every tier is to push CE. We have streams available for anyone who is interested in checking out our raid environment. Outside of raid, we have an active player base looking to complete M+’s every day to farm gear/io. We also play games outside of WoW and have an active Discord.

Raid Times:
Tuesday: 9 PM – 12 AM EST
Wednesday: 9 PM – 12 AM EST
Thursday: 9 PM – 12 AM EST

Extensive knowledge of your class
Non-toxic/elitist attitude
Consistent attendance (90%+)
Ability to communicate (have a working mic)
Bring dps/health pots (we provide flasks, food buffs, and vantus runes)
Desire to be competitive

Recruitment Needs:
Do not hesitate to apply even if we’re not looking for your class. We are always looking for talented players in all roles/classes.

Havok DH

WW Monk

Feel free to apply at

Btag - Ludacris#1776, or Limeyman#1556; Contact us in-game with any questions and to start the painless application process.

Salsa Verde 3/9 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Mamahuff
Server Rank: #18
US Rank: #883

Salsa Verde is a newly formed Horde raiding guild on Barthilas. We achieved 5/8M in S1 of Dragonflight after a bit of a late start to the expansion - and are seeking a few more gigachads to fill out our raid team in anticipation of 10.1. The goal is to achieve CE in the next raid tier, in a timely manner, but without compromising our guild culture. So far we’ve got a great core roster built, with the last few spots on the team open and ripe for the picking. We offer an active key pushing scene, alt runs for raids and plenty of friendly bants in the discord.

We are currently welcoming players of all stripes. So if you are a social player, new to the game, looking to gear up for future content, or into pushing high keys we have got you covered.

That said, our main focus is currently recruiting for Mythic raid.


We are currently looking for:

  • DPS. All specs welcome to apply, eager to hear from these in particular:
    … MAGE, WARLOCK, WW monk, Warrior dps, DK dps
  • Soft minimum of 430 ilevel for mythic. Happy to review great applicants.

Raid Times

  • Our raid times are 9:30pm - 12:30am SVT.
  • Main raid nights are Thursday & Sunday.
  • Currently alt raids are on Wednesday.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please get in touch. Formal applications are handled via our Discord. Please speak with MamaHuff for access.

They can be contacted on

  • Discord - Select#0256
  • BattleNet - Synergi#1276
  • Discord - MamaHuff#0196
  • BattleNet - DumBishJuice#1761

Cheers x

LGBTQIA+ inclusive!

Titans 3/9 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Eminence
Server Rank: #19
US Rank: #885

Hi guys,

Titans is a long standing Horde guild on the Barthilas realm. We have achieved AOTC every tier since its release in Pandaria and have been raiding at an intro mythic level together since Late Wrath. We are a tight knit group of friends who love to have a laugh whilst getting through the content. We are currently looking to expand our roster to commence our push towards Cutting Edge raiding.

We have an active discord, guild chat and we are actively running mythic plus dungeons.

Our raid times are 8-11pm Server Wednesday and Sunday and we are currently on the look out for the following classes:

Tanks: Closed


  • Discipline Priest (High)
  • Holy Paladin (Medium)

Ranged DPS:

  • Warlock (Low)
  • Balance Druid (High)
  • Shadow Priest (High)
  • Mage (All Specializations) (High)
  • Elemental Shaman (Medium)

Melee DPS:

  • Death Knight (Medium)
  • Demon Hunter (Medium)
  • Warrior (High)
  • Windwalker Monk (High)

Even if your class is not listed here, you are encouraged to apply. Please contact me by replying to this post. Alternatively contact me on discord at Shivaqt#0966 or adding me in game at Shiva#11790.

Look forward to hearing from you :grinning:


Soul Squad 2/9 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Nekototems
Server Rank: #44
US Rank: #1002

Hey All,

We are currently looking for few more members to round out our mythic roster! We are a Mythic raiding guild that is focusing on CE but also on having fun and clearing content in a timely manner. We are currently 2/9M (9/9H) in Aberrus and looking to get fill the roster for mythic.

Our raid times are Tues/Thurs 830est-1130est, short and sweet but we get the job done :). outside of raid, the guild is always on playing alts, pushing high keys, or even playing other games together. A handful of the guild has been playing various games together for years and are definitely more of a group of ‘friends’ vibe.

If any of this resonates with you, don’t hesitate to reach out ! We do have a preferred need for melee dps (warr/monk/rogue/dk/ret) but open to all players if the right fit.

Hit me up on disc if you want to talk further! Nekomi#7135

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