Blame it on Lag 7/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kabo
Server Rank: #41
US Rank: #891

Founded and raiding since 2009, Blame It on Lag on Sargeras is a weekend raiding guild always looking for dedicated raiders with previous Mythic experience (not just the kill) Dragonflight Season 4 and The War Within!

RAID TIMES (Central Time) Saturday 7pm-11pm, Sunday 7pm-10pm (Grouping is at 6:45 PM both days)

This expansion we were 6/8M in VOTI, 7/9M in Aberrus, and 7/9M in Amirdrassil. In SL we were 4/11M SFO, 5/10M SOD, 8/10M CN; and in BFA we were 11/12M Ny’alotha, 5/8M EP and 7/9M BoD. If interested in focusing on downing bosses together long term in a progressive non toxic atmosphere, you may have found your home and beyond!

High Needs:
TANK: Main tank role
RANGED: Shadow/Disc Priest, Warlock, or any other good ranged DPS.
MELEE: WW Monk, Enh. Sham, Death Knight or DPS Warrior.
HEALS: MW Monk, Disc Priest, or Holy Pally.

Medium Needs:
Raider with Raid Leader experience.
Exceptional Raiders always welcome to apply.

We also consider all strong players of any role that want to down bosses for the entire tier! We also accept applications for more casual Mythic Fill-in role, and AOTC raiders are also welcome to join us.

Here are a couple highlight videos from Dragonflight Mythic raiding to get a feel of how our raids run:
Aberrus, Zskarn (first kill):
VOTI, Terros:

Our Mythic+ Dungeon community currently pushes keys most nights of the week. Logs and parses for relevant characters help us a lot. We also have more casual players that enjoy heroic raids, Mythic fill-ins, and some who just enjoy being in a supportive environment. We are all adults, and keep a “Drama free or /gquit” rule. We just want to chill, be ourselves, and have fun downing bosses together. You can apply via our wowaudit site link below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our guild master or recruitment officer with your character’s information:

Guild Master Tariya: Discord - tariya
Recruitment Officer Kabo: Discord - kabobness

Happy Raiding!

Lucky Shot 9/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Nullzero
Server Rank: #28
US Rank: #205


Lucky Shot was formed in late BFA with the mind of clearing the hardest content in a reasonable time all while having a good time.

Raiding Achievements:
T25 Nyalotha - OCE 54th (Disbanded after Carapace OCE 15th, rebuilt and killed Nzoth in 2 months with fresh roster)
T26 Castle Nathria - OCE 25th
T27 Sanctum of Domination - OCE 17th (Hall of fame)
T28 Sepulcher of the First Ones - OCE 18th (Hall of fame)
T29 Vault of the Incarnates - OCE 28th
T30 Abberus - OCE 41th
T31 Amirdrassil - OCE 30th

We are currently seeking players to fill in the last few spots.

Currently recruiting,

Healer (Holy Paladin, Disc Priest, Resto druid, Mistweaver Monk, Pres Evoker)
Melee DPS (Enhance Shaman, Havoc Demon Hunter, Rogue, Feral Druid, Windwalker Monk, Warrior)
Range DPS (Augmentation Evoker, Mage, Hunter, Warlock, Shadow Priest)

All exceptional raiders will be considered regardless of what are looking for.

Current raid times are,
Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 8:30pm to 11:30pm AEST during DST (8pm to 11pm when not DST)
With the additional raid night for the first 4 weeks of a new tier
Sunday 8:30pm to 11:30pm AEST during DST

If you are interested, please add hanul#6440 for questions/chat or feel free to apply at

Thanks and stay safe!

Bloodline 3/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Makeawish
Server Rank: #50
US Rank: #1721

We are now working to recruit for Season 4

We are a family/friendly casual raiding guild
We are very competitive when it comes to pushing raid content & M+ keys.
We are a very social & active guild, along with an active discord.
We are always prepared and ready to raid and we expect new recruits to have that
same mentality.
If you plan to Raid make sure you are fully enchanted

Not everyone in our guild is a raider some people just enjoy running M+ Keys or some just like to farm materials and collect mounts this is important you realize this before joining the guild.

Current Guilds Raid Progress

  • Awakened Amirdrassil (9/9 N , 9/9 H , 3/9 M)
  • Awakened Aberrus (9/9 N , 9/9 H , 3/9 M)
  • Awakened Vault (8/8 N , 8/8 H , 2/8 M)

Our Raid Days and Times for RAID TEAM ONE are Weds/Thurs 7pm to 10pm PST (Proudmoore) Server Time
Team One is mostly looking for consistent - 1x Tank w/dps offspec, 2x Healer & 5x DPS (Outlaw Rogue , Aug Evoker , Hunter, Warlock or Mage (Pumpers Only) (Will also consider for backup/filler heals and dps spots)
Team One Plans to Push into Mythic Raiding Again This Season

Our Raid Days and Times for RAID TEAM TWO are Sats/Suns 7pm to 10pm PST (Proudmoore) Server Time
Team Two is still looking for consistent - , 2x Melee 1x Ranged DPS (Ret Paladin, Unholy Dk, Aug Evoker, Boomkin & Warlock) (Pumpers Only) (Will also consider for backup/filler heals and dps spots)
Team Two Plans to Push Into Mythic Raiding

Our Raid Days and Times for RAID TEAM THREE are Fridays 6pm to 9pm PST (Proudmoore) Server Time - (This is a one day a week raid team that is more casual)
Team Three is still looking for consistent - 2x Melee 2x Ranged DPS (Fury Warrior, Windwalker Monk, Enh Shaman, BM Hunter or Mage)
Team Three Plans to Push Into Heroic Raiding! This Grp will not be doing Mythic This Season

We expect our new raiders to know the boss fights by watching videos or reading about the fights before joining raid!
We expect everyone to be ready to raid at our raid start times if that’s what you are being recruited for! Invites will normally go out 15-20 mins before start time.

If interested in joining the guild send a msg to us in Discord

Discord Names Listed Below

1. felxlonious#7343 (Raid Lead TEAM ONE) Speak with if you want to raid with Team One
2. Rheiad (Raid Lead TEAM TWO) Speak with if you want to raid with Team Two
3. ruby_stardust (Raid Lead TEAM THREE) Speak with if you want to raid with Team Three
4. cookiemonsta333 or cookiemonsta3 (GM)

Vitality 3/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Psychie
Server Rank: #130
US Rank: #1891

Hello! We are semi-hardcore guild recruiting more dedicated raiders to strengthen our progression team going into the new expansion. Our team is a very laid back group of like-minded raiders that want to achieve the same goal – to get down bosses. We are not demanding for our raiders to play the top specs, but look for raiders who enjoy playing what they prefer while performing well.

:clock8: Our raid times are Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30-12 EST. :clock130:

:small_blue_diamond:Requirements for our progression team include: :small_blue_diamond:

  • positive attitude
  • punctual and communicative
  • active
  • In the guild (transfer if needed when financially possible)

:small_orange_diamond:Classes/Specs we are looking for: :small_orange_diamond:

  • Healers! (Prefer Evoker, Monk, or Druid)
  • Rogue
  • Monk
  • Aug Evoker

Our guild values the social connection with each other more than anything. We want to be the right fit for you as much as you want to be the right fit for us. We search for players who enjoy running keys with other guildies and just enjoy having fun in between pulls. There is a strict zero tolerance for drama and toxic behavior. We are here to have fun and prog!

If you’re interested in joining our guild for progression or mythic plus, please reach out to me or my co-GM through Discord. We would love to have more players, especially tanks, for our m+ groups we run regularly! We always have members looking for keys.

:speech_balloon: Discord: :speech_balloon:

Night Renegades 0/9 N
Guild Information
Recruiter: Bip
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Night Renegades is currently recruiting multiple classes to comfortably fill our AotC roster and build a Mythic team! We are a tight knit gaming community that expands over a few different games.

NR is an Ally Mid-Core AOTC guild on Doomhammer/Baelgun that has been around since the start, we are currently open to any roles/classes and are looking for people that are a great fit for our community and raid team. We also have M+ groups that run multiple days a week.

With War Within we will open guild to cross server, currently trialing during alt raids and heroics, we are in casual mode until Expac drop.

Recruitment: Open to other classes within reason
Monk (MW/WW)
Rogue (Any)
Evoker (Aug)
Shaman (Enh/Resto)
Druid (Resto)
Demon Hunter (Havoc)
Priest (Holy/Disc)
Mage (Any)

If you are interested in a chat or a few group runs please feel free to contact anyone listed below!
Bip-Doomhammer Dudz#1750 (Bnet) Dudz#7637 (Discord)

Current Progression:
AotC - focused, plans to push Mythic with roster expansion.
Raid Times:
2000-2300 EST

Guild Application:


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