US-Area 52
Astral 9/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Embarked
Server Rank: #22
US Rank: #169

@ US-Area 52 (Horde)

Currently Recruiting:

  • Healer: Mistweaver, Disc/Holy Priest
  • Range: Aug/Dev Evoker
  • Melee: Havoc DH, WW Monk, Rogue
  • ANY exceptional players

Website/Application (Click on Recruitment):
Astral - Area 52 (US) Guild

Potential applicants should have cutting edge experience in Shadowlands or extensive previous raiding experience. Successful applicants should have thorough knowledge of their class and roles. If your class is not specifically listed and you feel that you would be an asset, please contact us via the discord names below.


  • Tuesday: 9pm- 12am EST (6pm - 9pm PST)
  • Wednesday: 9pm - 12am EST (6pm - 9pm PST)
  • Thursday: 9pm - 12am EST (6pm - 9pm PST)
  • *We do raid one extra day (same time) first serveral weeks of a new tier.

About Us:
Astral @ US-Area 52 (Horde) is recruiting for our mythic progression core. We are an eclectic group of passionate individuals who value our time and progression. Our founding members are comprised of long-time hardcore raiders who have been playing together since TBC. Our officer core have extensive US top 10 experience as officers/GMs. Our members have a bevy of notable accomplishments which include numerous US top 10 kills and achievements. We have since settled into a more relaxed 3-night raid schedule but maintain our former hardcore mentality especially regarding personal responsibility/awareness, efficiency, and preparation.

Our players are mature, driven, competitive, and always looking to improve themselves and their fellow raiders. Over the years, we have learned to give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, progression-minded atmosphere. Through effective communication, preparation, and organization, we are able to raid fewer hours while still remaining competitive.

Dragonflight Progression:

  • 9/9M Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible US 166
  • 8/8M Vault of the Incarnates US 132

Shadowlands Progression:

  • 31/31M Fated
  • 11/11M Sepulcher of the First Ones US 75
  • 10/10 Mythic Sanctum of Domination US 120
  • 10/10 Mythic Castle Nathria US 70

Previous Progression:

  • 12/12 Mythic Ny’alotha US 72
  • 8/8 Mythic The Eternal Palace US 69
  • 2/2 Mythic Crucible of Storms US 71 (Faction Change)
  • 9/9 Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor US 104
  • 8/8 Mythic Uldir US 121
  • 11/11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne
  • 9/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras
  • 10/10 Mythic The Nighthold
  • 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor
  • 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare

What to Expect from Us:
We provide a stable environment for our raiders to constantly improve as players and teammates. During progression we use our time efficiently, maintain focus, and exercise discipline; however, while on farm the atmosphere is more relaxed. Our time is precious and we know yours is as well; efficiency is our ultimate goal. We actively endeavor to maintain a mature, drama-free environment.

What We Offer:

  • A stable roster and constructive raid environment
  • Leadership with years of progression-oriented hardcore experience
  • Guild repairs for mains and alts
  • Full guild bank support: Repairs, enchants, flasks, pots, food, gems, etc.
  • Alt raids and Mythic+ Groups
  • Optional off-night events with friends & family; Many of us play other games together

Our Expectations:

  • High attendance (90%+)
  • Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role
  • Passionate, mature attitude and willingness to take/give constructive criticism
  • Willingness to work collaboratively and promote a culture of continuous self-improvement


  • Terra (Bnet: Terra#1216, discord: terrasaurus)
  • Ayegon (Bnet:Ayegon#1108, discord: ayegon)
  • Emarline (Bnet: Emarline#1401, discord: emarline)
Firehawk 5/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Brerellyn
Server Rank: #23
US Rank: #1033

Greetings friends! Firehawk on Proudmoore is a long-standing WoW community standing strong for over a decade. We’re an active community of good friends looking for raiders for both teams: Corpse Run (mythic Aberrus 5/9M) and Twilight Fenix (AotC -focused Aberrus 9/9H). We’re looking for all types of players for some good ol’ social fun for 10.2!

We are a group of chill, like-minded players who attempt to push the content as far as we can each tier. Much like all raid teams, attendance, coming prepared and knowing the fights, and coming to raid with a positive attitude is always a standard for us (being open to criticism is a plus). We’re big on mythic + and push keys of any range to obtain keystone master/hero all week. We strive to get our members the best gear possible and fill their vaults for best chances at loot. If you’re looking for a guild that offers consistency instead of the mercy of pugs, we might be a fit for you! For raiding:

Corpse Run - (weekday mythic prog 7/9H) - Tuesday/Wednesday 6-9pm PST/9-12pm EST.
Currently 23rd for Aberrus, we’re a team focused on mythic progression and pushing our player power. We’re looking for raid-ready, dedicated, strong and capable players. LOOKING FOR: A HAVOC DH AND A MONK.

Twilight Fenix - (weekend heroic 4/9H) - Friday/Sunday 6-9 pm PST/9-12 pm EST.
We’re a fun and casual, but focused team looking for more folks to push for AotC. Will have dedicated nights for achievement runs. LOOKING FOR DPS(ANY CLASS).

So if you’re looking for an inclusive, active community to reach your character/raiding goals, then we are the guild for you! Whether you’re a mythic raider, dungeon spammer, or just a casual player, we welcome all! Message me Brerellyn (Brerellin#1558 btag/Brerellyn#6794 discord) for more information about our guild, raid teams, and policies. Come hang out with us and become a member of Firehawk! :grin:

SMH 5/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kaizze
Server Rank: #48
US Rank: #1086

Recruitment Contacts: Discord Kaizze
Raider IO:
Requirements: Mythic experience desired but not required, affinity for introspection and patience, team is a work in progress! Zero hate/drama culture, LGBTQ+ friendly!
Needs: Heals - :Monk: :Evoker: :Druid: :Priest: // RDPS - :Hunter: :Evoker: :Priest: :Warlock: // MDPS - :Rogue: :DemonHunter:

Kami no Bushido 9/9 H
Guild Information
Recruiter: Dynah
Server Rank: #246
US Rank: #24037

Guild Name: Kami No Bushido
Faction: Horde/Alliance
Realm: Hyjal US
Realm Timezone: US Pacific
Progression: 4/9 H
Raid Times: 7:00pm - 9:30pm PST
Raid Schedule: Tuesdays, Wednesdays
Openings: 1 Healer spot - prefer Monk, or possibly Paladin. Monk preferred.
1 Augment Evoker.

Kami No Bushido is looking for a healer for our weekly raids! We would prefer a Monk, but would consider a Paladin. Our guild consists of friends who have been raiding together since Mists of Pandaria, and are looking to add to our close knit group. We are looking for someone with a positive attitude, good sense of humor, and willingness to learn and grow with the team. We regularly push keys in Mythic+ after raid and during the week. Raid times are 7:00pm - 9:30pm PST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Ages 18+.

We are also looking for an Augment Evoker!

Interested? Please contact Stumbleina on Discord or shoot me a message here.

Guild Information
Recruiter: Orosion
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Warforged is a small, beginner friendly, cross-faction, raiding guild on the stormrage server. We are currently looking to recruit to bolster our ranks as we continue our push into amirdrassil

The guild was formed by a small group of friends returning from skipping much of shadowlands. We are open to anyone that wants to join and are especially interested in new or returning players that would like to relearn the game with us and try to push content in a fun, inclusive, safe environment.

What we expect:
We want to offer a relaxed environment for anyone that wants to come and join so we expect our members to offer the same. We don’t tolerate toxicity or negativity and expect our members to promote a positive image both within the guild and in the community.

We will be taking raiding and pve content seriously. We want people that can kick back, have a beer, and joke around having a good time during trash but that can also get serious and focus during progression. The goal is to get everyone AOTC and then once the team is ready push into mythic.

Raid times:
Tuesday 8pm - 10pm
Friday 8pm - 11pm EST

Recruitment & Priority:
Really looking for people with a team based mindset to further expand the core team for next tier. Looking for people that want to get aotc and push into early mythic

Raid tank spots are filled but definitely interested in anyone that wants to tank m+!

Druid - Low
Paladin - Low
Evoker - Low
Priest - Low
Shaman - Low

Warrior - High
Hunter - Closed
Paladin - Medium
Mage - Low
Priest - High
Druid - High
Death knight - Medium
Demon hunter - Medium
Warlock - Medium
Rogue - Low
Monk - Medium
Evoker - Very high (need an Aug or 2)
Shaman - Low

These needs are not hard restriction, please reach out if interested even if your class is closed. Also, if you wish to join in a more casual capacity or are looking for only m+, we are open for everyone.

If interested in joining or have any questions contact

Vespine (Discord)
Vespine2#1734 (bnet)

Zonophone (Discord)
Zonophone#1684 (bnet)

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