Helmet Check 5/11 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Naladaa
Server Rank: #24
US Rank: #585

Helmet Check is a semi-hardcore Cutting Edge progression guild focused on the success and fulfillment of its raiders

  • Goal: Cutting Edge

  • Current Progression: 5/11 M, AOTC SFO | 10/10 M SoD

  • Schedule: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 8:30 - 11:30 PM Eastern

  • In addition to high end PVE content, guildies run PVP for vault slots and run high keys together regularly (PVP is not required)

Regardless of current needs, Helmet Check is always open to exceptional players in any role.

Current Recruitment Needs

  • Healers: Exceptional

  • Melee: Exceptional

  • Ranged: Mage, Balance Druid, Elemental Shaman, Warlock

Please reach out to me directly to apply or for more information

  • Naladaa (Rachie#0001 discord)
Cypher 10/11 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Yaweechoob
Server Rank: #192
US Rank: #1858

Hey folks,

Looking to recruit a few more people for our sat/sun raid team, we go from 7pm eastern until 10, hitting AOTC then hitting the booze (more). We are a semi-casual bunch, good players who like to have a laugh and kill bosses.

We want to build a good group of people who can finish out this tier, head into the carnage I hope season 4 becomes, dragonflight and beyond :slight_smile:

We are also building an Alliance guild on Stormrage for those elfy/dwarfy types who want to run cross faction!

Outside of raid we do a bunch of keys, mog runs etc. even have one or two who dabble in that PVP lark.

We play a few other games during content droughts (not that we ever suffer through them) FF14, Valheim, 7 Days and the like.

Any questions please give me a shout, disc is yabigchoob#1967

Cheers :smiley:

Firehawk 10/11 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Brerellyn
Server Rank: #63
US Rank: #2177

[Firehawk] on Proudmoore is a long-established, highly active Alliance guild of good friends and WoW veterans looking for recruits for both raid teams: Corpse Run(mythic progression runs Tu/W 6-9pm PST) and Twilight Fenix(AotC -focused runs Fr/Su 6-9pm PST) !

We are a group of chill players looking to progress through content while enjoying the company of each other and have a good time. Every tier we attempt to push the content as far as we can, getting the best gear possible while still enjoying the game within our in-game community. By no means are we a CE-pushing hardcore group, however we try our hardest and look for exceptionl players looking to make meaningful friendships and pushing difficult content with. Much like all raid teams, attendance, coming prepared, knowing all the fights is always a standard for our teams. We’re looking for avid players to fill our roster for Sepulcher of the First Ones. Corpse Run is looking for solid dps (ranged preferred but willing to make exceptions) and one healer of any class (minus druid). Twilight Fenix is looking for healers and dps of any class/spec!

Item lvl does not necessarily need to be caught up, although 230+ is preferred. If you need gear to get caught up, we will be more than happy to run dungeons to help you in any way possible. Groups for high mythic + keys will form regularly as well once the new season starts. (A good handful of our guild members always try to obtain keystone master). As for raiding:

Corpse Run is the weekday mythic raid team that raids every Tuesday and Wednesday 6-9pm PST/9-12pm EST. Group focusing on getting tier pieces for all members and pushing our player power. Currently 11/11 N and 9/11 H.

Twilight Fenix is our casual weekend raid team that focuses on heroic content every Friday and Sunday also 6-9 pm PST/9-12 pm EST. Currently 11/11 N and 7/11 H.

We also have a Firehawk Discord where we all come to hang out, listen to music, post fun stuff and play other games besides WoW. So if you’re looking for a community to become friends/family with and an opportunity to get loot and reach your character/raiding goals, then we are the guild for you!

So whether you’re a mythic raider, mythic plus spammer, or just a casual WoW lover, we have all that you’re looking for! Message me Brerellyn (Brerellin#1558 btag/Brerellyn#6794 discord) for more information about our guild, raid teams, policies, or if you just want to talk. Come hang out with us and become a Firehawk! :grin:

Hostility 5/11 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Reinna
Server Rank: #95
US Rank: #4245

Australia based - Horde

Hi everyone!

Me and 2 of my friends just came back about 2 weeks ago and currently doing 15s and we’re looking for a couple new friends to join us (dps, maybe dps with lust? XD and/or tank when our tank friend isnt available)

Ideally you have previous experience with m+ and ready to jump in 15s keys.
The goal is to push as high as we can while still keeping the fun & chill vibe.
We quit early during s1 but have experience doing keys (achieved multiple ksm in the past)

We dont have a set schedule atm, its more like “who’s online, lets do keys!” kinda vibe, usually around 7-8pm server.

Pls no rager, we all make mistakes!

Please leave a message here with your contact if interested :slight_smile:
Or add my bnet usagi#6215 or discord riisa#3859

Thank you, happy gaming and stay away from the voodoo!

Leviathan 5/11 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Zayva
Server Rank: #7
US Rank: #548

Guild & Server: <> Leviathan <> :Horde: Hyjal (Team Kraken)

Raid Times/Days: Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 pm -9:30 pm pst (9:30 pm - 12:30 am EST)

Current Progression: 5/11M SOFO 9/10M SOD

Recruitment Contacts: Discord: Zayva#1688



Requirements: Punctual, Ability to take constructive feedback on gameplay, desire to progress and gear your character without relying only on raid drops.


DPS: High need for ranged preference for Mage/Demo lock

Accepting any and all applications.

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