Dark Skies 9/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Tewa
Server Rank: #4
US Rank: #280

Celebrating 10 years of Cutting Edge raiding!

Disc Priest
Shadow Priest
Holy Paladin
DPS Warrior
Boomkin or Feral Druid

Might also be interested in: Rogue, Warlock, DPS Death Knight, Havoc DH

9:30 PM - 1 AM, Pacific Time, on Tue / Wed / Thurs.

In Dark Skies we balance solid Mythic raiding progression with everyone’s needs for career and family. But more than that, we’re a community that is a family unto itself, where everyone becomes true friends and get to know each other. We recruit based on both performance AND personality, to create a fun, friendly, relaxed environment where we also kick butt.

We’re a mature group mostly consisting of professionals & parents with young children. So we raid late, after the kids are in bed. Our members range from age 21 to 52, with most in the 30+ range. Our group includes professors, game designers, software developers, college students, and many others.

We value each other as friends, not just as people we raid with. We hang out on discord a lot, including non-raid days, and enjoy helping each other with achievements, farming old mounts, or just shooting the breeze.

Most of all, we’re about people. Because raiding isn’t really about classes, or gear, or specs.

Raiding is about people!


  1. Personality is the most important thing. We want mature, easy-going people who like to have fun.
  2. That being said, we are a Mythic raiding guild, so everybody needs to perform at that level. We’re very happy to work together to bring up our numbers, help with add-ons and macros, etc. We’re happy to take good raiders we like, as long as they’re willing to become great raiders. (We will NOT take raiders we don’t like! We don’t care how great they are.)
  3. All ages are welcome, but we are mostly an older group.
  4. Respect for diversity is a must. People come from different backgrounds, and we all need to respect that.
  5. Please be respectful of others’ time! We all have busy lives and time is at a premium.
  6. Must have Mythic logs / progression history. (From previous xpac is fine.)

SoO 14/14 Heroic (so Mythic before it was called Mythic)
4/7 Mythic Highmaul
7/10 Mythic BRF
13/13 Mythic HFC (U.S. 232nd)
7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare (U.S. 336th)
3/3 Mythic ToV
10/10 Mythic Nighthold (U.S. 240th)
8/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras (KJ @ 5%) (U.S. 273)
11/11 Mythic Antorus (U.S. 294)
8/8 Mythic Uldir (U.S. 313)
9/9 Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor (U.S. 420)
8/8 Mythic Eternal Palace - U.S. 230
12/12 Mythic Nya’lotha - U.S. 321
10/10 Mythic Castle Nathria - U.S. 337
10/10 Mythic Sanctum - U.S. 393
11/11 Mythic Sepulcher of the First Ones - U.S. 351
8/8 Mythic Vault of the Incarnates - U.S. 483
9/9 Mythic Aberrus - U.S. 381
9/9 M Amirdrssil - U.S. 282

We play on the Hyjal server - The Jewel of the West!

If this sounds like a good fit for you, we’d be happy to talk to you. Add us on battletag please!
Tewa#1373 (btag) or .tewa (discord)
Drattz#1954 (btag)

Eternal Kingdom 9/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Fleecey
Server Rank: #5
US Rank: #338

Eternal Kingdom is a women-led, active gaming community of ~1200 people—there’s truly something for everyone, from open guild raid runs and pushing keys to mount and pet hunting groups. We prioritize a respectful, welcoming, and kind environment that is a home to both HOF raiders and people looking to grab M+ title, as well as those new to the game who want to find friends and learn the ropes.

Team Quartz is a 1-night mythic team, raiding every Wed from 7-11pm PST. We’re a new team this season, forming from a casual mythic/AOTC team that split into a group more focused on AOTC and a group more focused on mythic progression (us). Our goal is to get AOTC quickly and then push as far as we can into Mythic, likely not achieving CE but getting about halfway or a little further as a reasonable expectation.

Requirements: We pride ourselves on having a fun, supportive, and non-toxic environment while also effectively pursuing our goals. We require that team members be excellent to each other, have a drive to put in effort both inside and outside of raid, a positive and respectful attitude, and a desire to balance joking around with efficient progression/maximizing limited raid time.

We’re looking to round out our roster for S4 and TWW with a few more DPS and 1-2 more healers. Current needs are listed below, although all exceptional players can apply! Please contact myself (@fleeceyxo on Discord, or Lukaashi#1539 on Bnet) and feel free to ask any questions!

Ranged DPS: Augmentation Evoker, Mage, Warlock
Melee DPS: Enhancement, Warrior, DH, DK, WW
Healer: Holy Paladin, Mistweaver, Resto Shaman

Last Attempt 9/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Schizophreni
Server Rank: #1
US Rank: #360

At the bottom of this post we have video clips on twitch if you would like to see what our raid environment is like, and our logs are always public.
Application link:
About Us

Example of our serious business raid:

Last Attempt is long standing guild formed during Wrath of the Lich King on the Magtheridon-US server.

We’re a hodgepodge guild of ex-raiders of varying levels from US Top 5 to casual friends and family with history stretching back to Vanilla WoW.
We have a focus on trying to make the most of the time we raid and having a good time while doing it.
Must be over age 18, preferably over 21. No kids. A sense of humor is required. Guild chat is not family-friendly.
Awareness to remove yourself from fire, frost, poison, shadow, and any other incredibly obvious ground effects, push your buttons close to your classes’ potential, the ability to accept criticism regarding mistakes and learning from them is required.
Our main concerns are skill level and fit with the guild, we are open to ANY PLAYER with those two meeting our expectations.


M Fyrakk #362US


M Sarkareth #406 US

M Razageth #375 US

M Jailer #333 US

M Sylvanas #328 US

M Sire Dentathrius #517 US

M N’zoth #304 US

M Azshara #344 US

M Jaina #385 US

M G’huun #433 US

M Argus #432 US

M Gul’dan #314 US

M Xavius #401 US





We are looking for a tank.

The easiest classes would be Blood DK, Protection Paladin, or Brewmaster.
























You can apply at:

(Google sheet, no signup, posts to our discord)

Or talk to an officer:


Cuddlestomp (Cuddlestomp#1182) - General inquiries

Schizophreni (Cit#1338) - Raid leader/Ranged

Discord tag: @citta

Our Logs:

Our Kill Videos:

Fyrakk Kill Video

Sarkareth Kill Video

Razageth Kill Video

Jailer Kill Video

Sylvanas Kill Video

Sire Denathrius Kill Video

N’zoth Kill Video

Azshara Kill Video

Ashvane Kill Video

Jaina Kill Video

G’huun Kill Video

Argus Kill Video

Eon 9/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Murrx
Server Rank: #22
US Rank: #461

[A] [Stormrage] Multi-CE Weekend - Sat/Sun - LFM DPS

Hey all, thanks for checking us out.

Eon on Stormrage has been around for the better part of 10 years in various iterations. Whether the guild was playing together on a cutting edge level or pushing title level mythic plus, the core members of this team have continued to play together through thick and thin at a very high level. In Dragonflight we came back together as a team and started pushing mythic progression for the first time since MoP.

ADH: CE US 462

There aren’t many strict 2 day Cutting Edge teams out there, and we’re looking to push rankings with the absolute best of them. Boasting leadership with top 50 world experience, multiple realm first kills; You’re going to be put in the best situation to win. This means you need to come to raid focused, but we absolutely want you to come ready to laugh, cry and grow with the rest of us.

Raid times: Saturdays and Sundays from 9pm EST to 12am EST.

Our raid days are Saturdays and Sundays from 9pm EST to 12am EST. This will not change and stay consistent with DST over the course of the year. We do not add days during the tier, except for the very first Friday we’ll always run an optional normal full clear.

We’re currently recruiting the following


  • Frost/UH DK
  • Shadow Priest
  • Feral Druid
  • Warlock
  • Mage
  • DPS Shaman
  • Rogue
  • Aug Evoker


  • Mistweaver
  • Resto shaman
  • Resto druid
  • Disc Priest
  • Holy Paladin

If any of these roles, or another that we’re not currently recruiting, fit your strengths please apply at the link below! We’re always looking for strong players to bolster our roster:

We have kill videos available from all CE kills. Check our wowprogress for more info!
wowprogress .com/guild/us/stormrage/Eon

If you have any questions or want to apply and check your application you can reach out to the following on Discord:



Thanks, and we look forwarding to speaking with you.

US-Area 52
SAF 8/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Trikkster
Server Rank: #87
US Rank: #552

8/9M Amirdrassil - 7/9M Aberrus - 7/8M VotI Cutting Edge Ny’alotha on Area-52 is always looking out for Raiders who are determined and driven towards achieving Cutting Edge each tier, and having fun along the way.

About Us

The Leadership is well organized and structured as a brigade (Everyone has a specific role they manage within the guild).

SAF was formed 2½ months prior to Battle for Azeroth release by friends ( and friends of friends) who raided together at one point or another in previous expansions (with varying mythic experiences). The goal was to obtain CE, which we achieved in Ny’alotha, Cutting Edge remains the goal going from tier to tier on a light 6 hour schedule.

We strive to better ourselves each raid week and becoming a more solidified raiding unit, during trash there is a lot of banter, but when we’re facing a boss everyone turns the script and focuses up and gets things done.

Our raid times are Tuesday & Thursday from 8-11pm EST (Server Time).

Our optional night is Sunday 9-11pm EST. This is also the night where we’ll be doing Sale Runs to keep the Guild Bank sustained for progression costs.

P.S. First two weeks of a new tier (Heroic) we’ll raid on Wednesday (and other off nights) as long as people want to, to clear the instances as to not lose out on upgrades for the raid team.

Currently Seeking Up to date as of the 18th of March. All exceptional classes will be looked at and reviewed, even if not listed.


• Blood DK
• Veng DH


• Death Knight
• Enh Shaman
• Rogue
• Havoc


• Mage
• Hunter
• Boomkin
• Ele Shaman
• Aug Evoker


• Any

What we have to offer

• We’re a serious yet fun Raid Team without the massive time commitment of 3-5 raids (9+ hours) per week, we utilize the raid times to the fullest extent in order to progress at a steady pace.
• We supply guild repairs for Core Raiders/Raiders/Trials (Incremental per rank (As long as the Guild Bank is kept sustainable throughout each tier))
• During raids we supply Cauldrons, Feasts, Enchants & Gems, Armor Kits. We’ll continue to do so as long as everyone helps keep the bank sustainable.
• Only things you need to supply yourself are Potions, Oils/Stones & Augment Runes.

What we expect of you


  • Being on 15 minutes prior to raid start, ready to enter the instance.

  • We expect 90% attendance for raids overall

  • If it so happens you CAN’T make raid, you MUST post in our attendance channel (On Discord) otherwise it will be counted against your Trial/Attendance.

• Fully prepared for raids (Don’t forget grabbing things like your seals (When Applicable)) with consumables such as (Armor Kits, Oils/Stones, Tomes), watching the next fights in advance to have an idea of encounter mechanics)

• Knowing your class in and out, being able to maximize your output for each specific encounter (Talent Switching, don’t be “that” guy/girl who doesn’t care being talented wrong for an encounter, tomes are cheap) being up to date with class changes and so forth.

• Excellent raid awareness, being able to see what is happening around you and what is coming up next to avoid unnecessary damage taken or loss of damage.

• Being able to adjust quickly to changed circumstances that may arise during encounters.

Team Player, the understanding of a rotating roster (This is very important, we don’t raid on an even 20 man roster, because Real Life will happen) to better optimize the raid for each boss as needed during Progression (WITHOUT getting Salty(We absolutely don’t have any interest in dealing with that)).

• Prior Mythic Raiding experience is required to some degree, you should know what comes with progression (There will be wipes) & a Stable Connection.

If you are interested, follow the link below to our application.

https:// apply. wowaudit. com/us/area-52/saf/main

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