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Recruiter: Amheh
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Social/casual guild who wants to focus on progression and completion of all World of Warcraft content/achievements, both old and new. We’ve been around since 2010, but recently under new leadership due to the death of our long time GM. (RIP Blue) We have members on at various times throughout the day, and are always on together, nightly, between 6-12 AM. Head to our Discord server if interested (/x83cK6T)!!!

H Y P E 3/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Dredlockss
Server Rank: #248
US Rank: #3731

About US.

Hype is a newly reformed guild that has one goal in mind and that is to efficiently progress through Mythic Raiding content in shadowlands. The goal in the end is to obtain Cutting Edge in a reasonable amount of time.

The guild mainly consists of experienced leadership in the form of a GM and 4 officers who have raided wow at the highest level. We are dedicated to helping people gear and to answer any questions you have involving playing your class at the highest level.

In a short amount of time we have managed to obtain 12/12 H ahead of the curve and 6/12 mythic progression before we took a break to get ready for shadowlands. We are looking to build our Heroic and Mythic raid teams for Shadowlands content.

Progression Raid Times (EST)

Friday- 7:00PM-11PM
Saturday- 7:00PM-11PM
Sunday- 7:00PM-11PM

Recruitment Application
h ttps:// (delete space betwwen h and ttps)

We are currently recruiting all classes and roles. We are looking to form gearing groups for shadowlands and new recruits will be placed in raid teams when the content is available.
New recruits will go through a trial period of about 2-3 weeks when the first raid commences .

If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact us.

Discord-(King Marco#8109)

Brunns-GM Assistant

Dredlockss- Recruitment

Symphony 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Airro
Server Rank: #28
US Rank: #859

Symphony is a new GMT+8 guild formed on Barthilas that is focused on serious mythic progression on a tight schedule. We aim to complete the highest level of content the game has to offer with a 2-day raid schedule. Our roster consists of both new and experienced raiders with a common goal of achieving CE on every raid tier. Apart from raiding, we enjoy heavy late-night banter over discord and maybe a round or two of among us.

Raid Timings(GMT+8):
Wednesday @ 9pm-12am
Thursday @ 9pm-12am

Raid Timings(Server Time):
Wednesday @ 11pm-2am
Thursday @ 11pm-2am

We’re currently recruiting the following classes moving into SL. All exceptional players are still welcome to contact us.

Demon Hunter

Dionysius#1728 / Discord: Airro#5210

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the officers above in-game to find out more!

But My Parse
Guild Information
Recruiter: Syviis
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

But My Parse is a 12/12M CE semi-hardcore raiding guild recruiting for our SL roster. We are a group of raiders that formed in late June 2020, comprised of former top tier raiders. Our goal is to achieve CE each tier from here on out, building a solid core, and enjoying the atmosphere and people we raid with. Our raid days/times are Wed/Thurs 7-10 CST.

What we are looking for in our raiders:
-Dedicated and committed players
-Ability to adapt to different raid requirements
-Come prepared and 15 minutes early to raid
-Going above and beyond to learn your class and raid fights

Required Addons:
-Exorsus Raid Tools
-Big Wigs/DBM

We are currently looking for DPS and Healers going into SL

PST one of the following officers with any questions or to talk about joining:



Flying Squirrel Squad 7/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Jayowin
Server Rank: #98
US Rank: #1847

FSS is a two day, 5 hour per week Alliance AOTC/Mythic raiding guild on Sargeras. We raid Wed/Thur, 7:15-9:45PM Central Time. Last tier we were 7/12 M when we called progression two weeks before the corruption vendor was released. If you’re looking for a mid tier mythic guild that still gets our kills with a lower time commitment and friendly atmosphere, we may be the guild for you.***

***Our Mythic roster is now most likely full for the first tier of Shadowlands, but we’re accepting people for heroic raiding and community purposes, and there’s always a chance you get subbed in or earn a spot on the progression team. ***

We’re serious about our few hours of raid progression each week, but we don’t have any crazy gearing or time commitment requirements. Show up on time, know the fights we’re doing for the week, be reasonably geared, and give it your best for a few hours. We do ask that you be willing to receive (and occasionally offer) constructive criticism and feedback with a good attitude (or if that fails. . . blame the healers).

The guild has a bunch of players who consistently push higher M+ keys and we’ll always help guildies get their +15 (or the SL equivalent) done for the week. We have about a dozen Arena players who are always looking to get more people involved in PvP. Last tier, we also ran voluntary alt raids on weekends to get people geared up. Occasionally we’ll do Guild RBGs or transmog runs after a raid.

The strongest aspect of our guild is our community. Our Discord is constantly active. We joke around and give each other crap, but we’re fundamentally an inclusive guild and I can honestly say we don’t have any toxic players. We don’t tolerate homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or racism, and we’re looking to recruit good players with good attitudes regardless of gender, race, politics, or anything else.

If you’re interested in joining the raid team and/or just interested in the guild and community, you can message Jay/Diamedes in game (JonSnow #1942 B tag) or on Reddit (u/woodjt5), or just respond here.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to chat. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the Shadowlands.

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