Eternal Kingdom 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Hantevirus
Server Rank: #3
US Rank: #206

The Sellswords team in the alliance guild Eternal Kingdom (US Proudmoore) is recruiting a tank for the rest of farm into Shadowlands. We raid MWTh 7-10 pacific time.


Exceptional players are encouraged to apply.

About you: You love to raid and have experience with your role in end content and progression. You are drama free, able to take constructive criticism and in control of your emotions. You know what mythic play requires and “yolo” isn’t part of your vocabulary when it comes time to prepare for a new boss.

This raid team clears content in a timely manner and has a lot of fun doing it. If you like mythic plus, love pve raiding, and want to raid in a calm focused but fun raid environment , add me to battletag and lets talk. Battle tag is Hantevirus#1921. More information on the team is at (Discord is Hantevirus#8346)

Hope to hear from you!

Caustic 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Humppers
Server Rank: #24
US Rank: #220

Caustic is a guild on Illidan currently looking for competent raiders who are aspiring to be part of a group for the goal of achieving CE this tier and moving forward into Shadowlands. For our history we had CE every tier dating back to Hellfire Citadel in Warlords of Draenor. We took a break from raiding when classic launched like many other guilds and are currently rebuilding to get back to the level we were at. That being said it will take time for us to reach this goal, but opportunities will be available and many core raid spots are open at this time.

Schedule: We are currently adding Monday as our third raid day and are looking for more raiders to fill our tanks

Monday: 8:30 to 11:30 EST
Tuesday: 8:30 to 11:30 EST
Thursday: 8:30 to 11:30 EST

Apply at: www.caustic-guild (add dot)com

For classes that are open please refer to wowprogress.
www.wowprogress (add dot)com/guild/us/illidan/Caustic

For any questions please contact us.
Btags: Hump#1116 / Emery#11930

Guild Information
Recruiter: Squeekerrz
Server Rank: #19
US Rank: #270

Who we are:
FØR SCIENCE is a guild that was formed back in the start of legion. We are a cutting edge guild that balances mythic raiding progression and having fun. We are a a guild that has become a family. Everyone here quickly becomes friends and enjoys playing and hanging out with each other in discord while playing wow and many other games as well. We recruit raiders on performance and personality. We want to have a fun relaxed environment while still being able to down these bosses.
We are friends before anything in this guild and you will come to find that quickly. We help people we raid with, we play other games and hang out in discord on non raid nights. We rarely ever lose our raiders because of the environment this guild has provided for everyone.

Raid Schedule:
We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10pm-1am PST. Optional off night for alts on Mondays.

Currently Recruiting:
1 Healer
1 Ele Shaman
1 Warlock
1 Mage
1 DH

1: Personality is key. We want mature, easy going raiders who enjoy raiding and want to be here to have a good time with us.
2: You are joining a mythic raiding guild. You need to preform at that level upon joining. If you are at a lower level, we will put you in the heroic runs until you are ready to join the mythic team. With that being said, if you send us a friend request to join the mythic team you need to have some logs showing you have past/current experience in end game mythic raiding.
3: We raid 9 hours a week. Time is valuable. We need you to be on time, that means the boss is being pulled at 10:00pm PST.
4: We also expect you to know the boss strats and what your role is in the fight. Again, we raid 9 hours. Raids go a lot smoother when everyone has done their research.
5: The guild uses discord. You MUST be in discord at raid time. We require you to have a working microphone to join the mythic raiding team.
6: Attendance must be 90% or more. We can not raid if we dont have the bodies. In the discord we have an absent for raid channel. If you can not make it you MUST let us know via that or a message to leadership.
7: You are expected to be fully gemmed and enchanted as well as having food, pots, and flasks. Enchants, Gems, Food, and flasks are provided for you at raid.

All exceptional applicants are encouraged to message us as we are always looking for good players to join our roster!

If you are interested, you can message the tags listed below!


Red Light District 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Onetwoheal
Server Rank: #19
US Rank: #297

< Red Light District> is a semi-casual progression focused 2-day raiding guild. Our atmosphere promotes competition and drive to always become better while simultaneously killing bosses in an efficient manner. We expect that you’ll get along with our guild inside and outside of raids, and put progression as a team ahead of personal goals and loot. Come reclear Nyalotha with us and prepare for Shadowlands!

Recent Tiers:

  • Uldir 6/8M (First raid tier, US 1112)
  • BOD 9/9M, US 472
  • EP 8/8M, US 344
  • Nya 12/12M, US 294

Current Needs/Priority:

  • Healers - Resto Sham, Disc Priest or any healer with strong logs.
  • RDPS - All Classes (Hunters/Locks High Priority)
  • MDPS - All Classes

If you’re not one of the aforementioned classes, still apply. We take all exceptional candidates.

Current Raid Schedule:

  • Tuesdays - Mythic Attempts, 7:00pm - 10:30pm PST
  • Wednesdays - Optional Sale Runs, 7:00pm - whenever PST.
  • Thursdays - Mythic attempts, 7:00pm - 10:30pm PST

We also run daily M+ Keys with the majority of our raid around 3k-4k IO. Looking for anyone wanting to join an active and social community!

Feel free to reach the GM or any of us for details.



When Dreams Become Memes 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Annelynn
Server Rank: #35
US Rank: #298

<When Dreams Become Memes 12/12M

We’re a semi-hardcore adult guild and group of friends who raid Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8-11pm Eastern (7-10 Server). The majority of us are based on the East Coast of Canada, however we have players from all over NA.

What we’re looking for

Like-minded high performing players who bring a positive attitude and a knowledge for their class. We make the most out of our 6 hours each week so we expect you to come ready to play. We maintain a positive environment while encouraging constructive feedback between members. We maintain a core of no more than 25 members.

Specifically, we’re looking for highly skilled range dps with good attitudes that will help make our team stronger.

What we offer

Challenging progression with intelligent leadership and decision making. Friendship and comradery by participating in our ongoing dungeons and Discord banter. We push as hard to compete with premier NA 2 day guilds while maintaining a fun and positive atmosphere.

Apply on Discord: Yp7ggzc

Add one of the below individuals (discord preferred) for any questions related to the guild/recruitment.

GM: xch4se#1730 (bnet) / xCH4SE#1110 (disc)
Recruitment Lead: Prolefeed#4644 (disc)

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