Requiem 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sarchai
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

Requiem [Ravencrest EU]

Welcome to our recruitment post on the EU forums.

Founded by a group of friends originally back in 2013 on Quel-Thalas, we moved over to Ravencrest (as Oathsworn) to seek greener shores. Later on we were able to free up our original name Requiem on Ravencrest and will be known as such going into Shadowlands. Our aim in Shadowlands is to clear Herioc Raid Difficulty content in a comfortable and timely manner. As soon as HC is cleared we will dabble in some Mythic raiding if we have enough members up for it and skilled for it. We will not push for the Cutting Edge achievement. We will raid 2 nights a week aiming for Wed/Sun 19.30h - 22.00h.

++ Our goals ++

  • Clear HC raid difficulty in a timely manner
  • Clear some bosses on Mythic if possible
  • Push Mythic+ content
  • PVP for those interested

++ What do we offer ++

  • Experienced guild leadership/raid leadership
  • Raids are prepared with extensive knowledge of the tactics
  • A relaxed yet focused environment
  • Experienced players who have previously played at the Mythic difficulty level each expansion since the release of Mythic Difficulty.
  • Experienced players in Mythic+ content
  • Premium Banter (be able to take a joke)
  • The best memes/guild memes

++ What do we expect from you ++


  • Be a team player (!)
  • Come prepared (know tactics/bring your consumables/gemmed/enchanted)
  • Put in effort to maximize your performance
  • Be able to take constructive criticism
  • Have a thick skin (dont be easily offended)
  • Be active in the guild community
  • Dont be afraid to ask for help if needed
  • Enjoy your time in the guild, speak up if you dont


  • Do whatever you want
  • If you want us to LOVE you, help out by keeping the guildbank stocked up
  • Have a thick skin (dont be easily offended)
  • Be active in the guild community
  • Dont be afraid to ask for help if needed
  • Enjoy your time in the guild, speak up if you dont

++ Achievements ++

++Battle For Azeroth++

Ny’alotha: 3/8 Mythic (as combined crossrealm effort)

Eternal Palace: 8/8 Normal (as combined crossrealm effort)

Crucible of Storms: 0/2

Battle of Dazar’Alor: 1/9 Mythic (as Oathsworn - Ravencrest)

Uldir: 6/8 Mythic (as Oathsworn - Ravencrest)

++Legion (as Requiem - Quel’Thalas)++

Antorus, the Burning Throne: 4/11 Mythic

Tomb of Sargeras: 4/9 Mythic

Nighthold: 3/10 Mythic

Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic

Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic

Thanks for taking the time to visit our guild page. Generally speaking, with us you join for the boss kills and stay for the banter. We are currently looking for ranged DPS (Mage/Warlock/Ele Sham/Boomkin) and healers (Holy Pala/Priest Disc/Holy/Resto Sham) mostly but if you want to join us feel free to shoot us a message. Socials welcome aswell, we’d love to have you.

If you are interested please get in contact with one of the members of the guild management. Contact information is found below.

Guild Leader: Sarchai-Ravencrest Bnet: Sarth#21218 Discord: Sarth#3134

Raid Leader: Aegeusan-Ravencrest Discord: Aegeus#4383

Recruitment Officer: Espera-Ravencrest Bnet: Yubba#2942 Discord: Espera#6825

Pulse Gaming 12/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Wrathzz
Server Rank: #84
EU Rank: #8542

Hi Guys,

Pulse Gaming are recruiting new members for Shadowlands! We’re looking for all types of players to build our community. Our main aim is mythic progress whilst enjoying other aspects of the game e.g. high level M+.

We are based on Stormscale EU and have been active since Warlords. We have always aimed for curve but this time around in Shadowlands we’d like to push mythic and aim for Cutting Edge.

We are trying to build a community feel with members playing different games together outside of WoW for when lulls in content occur.

If interested or you’d like a chat for further information add me on WalkingDead#1179.

Currently recruiting for our heroic group only!

  • Enhancement/Ele Shamans
  • Mages (any spec)
  • few more warlocks/hunters/spriests
  • Healers
Pull XXII 12/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Freekwanuit
Server Rank: #355
EU Rank: #8680

Guild: Pull XXII
Server: EU - Silvermoon
Faction: Alliance

About Pull XXII:

PULL XXII is a newly formed guild consisting of mostly cutting edge mythic raiders. We are building a hardcore mythic raiding team to push everyone to their best performance, but we try to do this in a focused and relaxed environment. Attitude and Constructive criticism is our main focus.
We focus on making the best of the best, and truth has it some people already are the best, they just need the proper wake up call.

Currently our main focus is our mythic raiding team. Nevertheless, we highly value the social aspect of the game and encourage members to help out eachother. in the near future, social events will be organized in the form of: RBG’s, guild mythic +, Alt raid runs, etc. etc.

We are looking for the following DPS classes:

  • Deathknight
  • Hunter
  • Priest
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

All socials are also welcome


  • We raid every Thursday and Sunday.

  • 20:00-23:30 ST

  • For info or application, contact us via discord:

  • Turko#8731 (GM/RL)

  • Freekwanuit#1947 (Council)

  • Bodie#0733 (Council)

Caedes 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kodoma
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

[H][Draenor] <Caedes> is an 18+ guild formed in the early days of The Burning Crusade and is still going strong after it’s recent resurrection following a short break. The guilds ambition is to raid mythic efficiently whilst holding on to a good, positive and healthy raiding environment for all our members.

After having achieved CE at the start of BFA, then having our progression and momentum cut short in BoD at 8/9M and onwards due to burnout and a lack of enjoyment of the game we have now returned with a thirst for a new chance to prove that we are worthy again of cutting edge raiding going into the Shadowlands.

What can we offer you:

We can offer you dedicated, hardworking and fair guild management and raiding environment which keeps the social aspect throughout progression raiding. We market ourselves as a laid back and focused guild for skilled, adult players.

It is important to us and we encourage our members to have an open mind towards improving to become the best player you can be. We emphasise the importance of key elements in raiding such as communication, adaptation, fun and a motivational attitude. By reinforcing these qualities in a guild and raid-wide manner we are hoping to get back in the saddle and accomplish our goals moving forwards.

What do we expect from you:

We have high expectations from our members, and are constantly striving to push the standard of raiding higher as we progress. However we are also understanding to the fact that most players have real-life obligations like SO’s, children, work and school. With this in mind however, there are certain baseline expectations we have from our Trials and Raiders alike. We are searching for members who are patient and skilled with a high knowledge of their class and a will to improve. Additionally, we stick to a three-day raiding schedule and expect attendance to be thereafter.

What classes/specs are we looking for:

Melee DPS: Monk, Warrior.

Ranged DPS: Mage, Shaman, Priest.

Healer: N/A.

Tank: N/A.

If you consider yourself an exceptional player or you are still interested despite your class/spec not being listed as a priority, we still encourage you to get in touch with us for a chat.

Our raiding schedule:

Wednesday, Sunday and Monday for mythic raids 20:00-23:00 ST.

Optional Heroic farm/alt raid on Thursdays 20:00-23:00 ST.

Thank you for reading our recruitment message, we hope to hear from you soon. If not, best of luck to you with your search for a guild!

Guild master Btag: Bjorn#21156

Officer Btag: Mig#2254

Officer Team,


Chimera 6/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Danray
Server Rank: #4
EU Rank: #3209

About Us:

Our core group consists of ex hardcore raiders who simply dont have the time to raid 5+ nights a week anymore. Weve created a friendly gaming community over the 10 years since Chimera was established that consists of great raiders and socials alike. Were a good bunch of people who love to raid & are looking for a few new members to join our online family. We look for solid timely progress without raiding too much and do include an alt raid throughout the week (as weve all got that 1 alt we love to play!)

What were looking for:

  • DPS of any class.
  • 1 Healer. Any class. Priest preferred.
  • Committed raiders who put the time in during the week to make sure your char is raid ready.
  • Raiders who know their class and can perform at the requirements the Mythic level raids provide us.

Raiding Schedule:

  • We Raid 3 times a week:
    2 Mythic raids and 1 fun raid.
    Currently only raiding Weds evenings at 20:00 server time due to slowdown before SL. SL raid days TBA announced but Weds, Fri and Sun evenings are likely raid days with Fri being the alt run.

What we provide:

  • A large long-lasting community of like-minded friendly players
  • Discord for voice comms and multiple chat channels
  • Mythic+ Dungeons are loved by a large proportion of the Guild & are ran throughout the week
  • Regular weekend raids
  • Combatlogs
  • Advice given from Class Leaders on request

If your looking for a new online home with a friendly community of gamers then
Apply via contacting an Officer in game or reply to this thread

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