(A) 3 Days Raiding Guild LFMSep 23rd, 2020 1:01 pm
The Varangian Guard 3/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Lestharia
Server Rank: #200
EU Rank: #4594

Raid days/hours - Thursday, Sunday & Tuesday 19.30-23.00 ST

Who are we?

We are a casual and relaxed guild that also wanna focus on the social aspect of the game. And that loves progression but not more then we love enjoying our time in great and fun company. Many of us are long term friends from as far back as in classic/vanilla times. But we have picked up a few very appreciated people along the way that we count ourselves very lucky to have met. Our age range from 19 to 40 but most of us are around 24-28 years. Some of us raided together back in the very end of Legion already and we have together gotten our curves each raid and had fun while doing so. We want to try get further now though and see how far we can get in progressing mythic! We wanna take raiding seriously while still keeping it fairly relaxed without any stress. Our goal is to build up a pleasant social community to enjoy all aspects that the game have to offer. And to do so together in good company!!! We do also play together outside of wow in other games and you’re always welcome to join in those activities too!

Why choose us?

We care about every single person in the guild, even our new ones. We don’t want like some guilds that the core just play with the core, we want everybody to feel like they are just as much of a valued guild member as the rest of us. You will be treated fairly and get help to achieve your weekly keys and anything else you might want company for. We try to provide cauldrons etc for raids to the extent it works and we have a 0 drama tolerance policy. We do accept that people can have a bad day every now and then though. But toxicity is not our thing! We take raiding and progression seriously without the need for yelling or finger pointing. Mistakes happen and we prefer to laugh at them!! And we will never force you to play or change to a class or spec you do not enjoy!

Who are you?

You may be a recently returned wow player or completely new to wow. Its completely fine if you have no experience in the current raid or this expansion. Logs do help us give a quicker view of how you would do in comparison to our current team members but you can always trial! We try to keep the raid team on somewhat the same skill level to prevent friction building up or someone feeling they are doing bad. There are people here to help you with your rotation and tips in general if the wish is there though! What we value the most is the personality and to find somewhat like minded people to share our community with. Logs can always be replaced, a person can not! What we really want from you is for you to enjoy the game to the fullest and to do so with a positive attitude. You can always join just as a social or to run mythic keys or PvP with us :3

If this post sounds interesting to you then you are more then welcome to get in touch to talk a bit more.

Come join the fun!!! :smiley:

Battle tag - Guild Leader - QuietSummer#2314
Discord - Guild Leader - QuietSummer#8472

Battle tag - Team Leader - sunna#21310
Discord - Team Leader - sunna#4798

Insomnia 3/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Crowtix
Server Rank: #265
EU Rank: #5389

INSOMNIA was created for the sole purpose of providing those who can’t attend the traditional raiding schedule with an environment focused on progression raiding. We enjoy a manageable raid schedule that while unique, works well for busy students, those with difficult work schedules, and anyone that enjoys staying up a bit later than usual. With this in mind, we classify ourselves as a “Semi-Hardcore” late-night guild that provides a niche for players who wish to experience this game at a competitive level while also having competitive professional and family lives out of game. We want to have fun while expecting the best out of every player!

Raid Times Are Server Time

Wednesday: 23:00-1:30
Thursday: 23:00-1:30
Sunday: 23:00-1:30

What We Are Looking For
We prioritize recruiting dedicated and skilled players over the most optimal class, so anyone will be considered even if our comp does not currently call for that class/spec. We also place great value on anyone able to play all specs available to their class well and/or keep geared alts to be used for other roles on progression.

What We Expect Of You
We expect every trial and raider to: Maintain an attendance of at least 80%. Watch videos or read up on boss mechanics BEFORE progression starts. Know that being stand-by/benched can be completely unavoidable depending on what the boss we’re progressing calls for (This is where being able to play multiple classes and roles comes in handy).
Be able to take constructive criticism regarding performance, if you want drama there is surely other places you can attend to. Report absences in the discord channel specifically for this purpose, we are a family, we talk to each other and tell people if there is something coming up that makes you unavailable.
Always be willing to improve
Have a stable internet connection and a working microphone and yes, you have to be able to talk, simple as.

What You Can Expect Of Us
As a trial or raider you can expect:
A stable raid environment.
An officer team with the raiders’ best interests in mind. To be notified if you’re starting to under-perform and which part of your performance could be improved. A fair analysis of individual players’ raid performance (We don’t just look at dps!), more info on this below.

How We Analyze Raid Performance
We check our raiders’ performance by manually going through every pull on our logs, what we watch out for is as follows (and in order of importance) Wipes Caused Due To Incorrect Handling Of Boss Mechanic > Avoidable Deaths > Avoidable Damage Taken > Boss Mechanics Not Performed Correctly (Debuff Spreads, etc) > Add Damage > Boss Damage. There are exceptions, but overall, we consider mechanics performance to be a lot more important than DPS, but it’s also vital to not be dealing low DPS, this is something you would be notified of should it be the case.

If you’d like to join Insomnia and take part in our late-night raiding community, you can head on over to
h t t p s : insomnia. squarespace. com/apply-now and fill in a quick application using the form provided and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively add angel#8577 in Discord or angel#2467 BTAG for more info.

Hope to see you in Shadowlands and beyond!

Requiem 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sarchai
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

Requiem [Ravencrest EU]

Welcome to our recruitment post on the EU forums.

Founded by a group of friends originally back in 2013 on Quel-Thalas, we moved over to Ravencrest (as Oathsworn) to seek greener shores. Later on we were able to free up our original name Requiem on Ravencrest and will be known as such going into Shadowlands. Our aim in Shadowlands is to clear Herioc Raid Difficulty content in a comfortable and timely manner. As soon as HC is cleared we will dabble in some Mythic raiding if we have enough members up for it and skilled for it. We will not push for the Cutting Edge achievement. We will raid 2 nights a week aiming for Wed/Sun 19.30h - 22.00h.

++ Our goals ++

  • Clear HC raid difficulty in a timely manner
  • Clear some bosses on Mythic if possible
  • Push Mythic+ content
  • PVP for those interested

++ What do we offer ++

  • Experienced guild leadership/raid leadership
  • Raids are prepared with extensive knowledge of the tactics
  • A relaxed yet focused environment
  • Experienced players who have previously played at the Mythic difficulty level each expansion since the release of Mythic Difficulty.
  • Experienced players in Mythic+ content
  • Premium Banter (be able to take a joke)
  • The best memes/guild memes

++ What do we expect from you ++


  • Be a team player (!)
  • Come prepared (know tactics/bring your consumables/gemmed/enchanted)
  • Put in effort to maximize your performance
  • Be able to take constructive criticism
  • Have a thick skin (dont be easily offended)
  • Be active in the guild community
  • Dont be afraid to ask for help if needed
  • Enjoy your time in the guild, speak up if you dont


  • Do whatever you want
  • If you want us to LOVE you, help out by keeping the guildbank stocked up
  • Have a thick skin (dont be easily offended)
  • Be active in the guild community
  • Dont be afraid to ask for help if needed
  • Enjoy your time in the guild, speak up if you dont

++ Achievements ++

++Battle For Azeroth++

Ny’alotha: 3/8 Mythic (as combined crossrealm effort)

Eternal Palace: 8/8 Normal (as combined crossrealm effort)

Crucible of Storms: 0/2

Battle of Dazar’Alor: 1/9 Mythic (as Oathsworn - Ravencrest)

Uldir: 6/8 Mythic (as Oathsworn - Ravencrest)

++Legion (as Requiem - Quel’Thalas)++

Antorus, the Burning Throne: 4/11 Mythic

Tomb of Sargeras: 4/9 Mythic

Nighthold: 3/10 Mythic

Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic

Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic

Thanks for taking the time to visit our guild page. Generally speaking, with us you join for the boss kills and stay for the banter. We are currently looking for ranged DPS (Mage/Warlock/Ele Sham/Boomkin) and healers (Holy Pala/Priest Disc/Holy/Resto Sham) mostly but if you want to join us feel free to shoot us a message. Socials welcome aswell, we’d love to have you.

If you are interested please get in contact with one of the members of the guild management. Contact information is found below.

Guild Leader: Sarchai-Ravencrest Bnet: Sarth#21218 Discord: Sarth#3134

Raid Leader: Aegeusan-Ravencrest Discord: Aegeus#4383

Recruitment Officer: Espera-Ravencrest Bnet: Yubba#2942 Discord: Espera#6825

Pulse Gaming 12/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Wrathzz
Server Rank: #84
EU Rank: #8542

Hi Guys,

Pulse Gaming are recruiting new members for Shadowlands! We’re looking for all types of players to build our community. Our main aim is mythic progress whilst enjoying other aspects of the game e.g. high level M+.

We are based on Stormscale EU and have been active since Warlords. We have always aimed for curve but this time around in Shadowlands we’d like to push mythic and aim for Cutting Edge.

We are trying to build a community feel with members playing different games together outside of WoW for when lulls in content occur.

If interested or you’d like a chat for further information add me on WalkingDead#1179.

Currently recruiting for our heroic group only!

  • Enhancement/Ele Shamans
  • Mages (any spec)
  • few more warlocks/hunters/spriests
  • Healers
Just 8/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Senney
Server Rank: #371
EU Rank: #9427

Just is back for Shadowlands!
Shadowlands Recruitment Announcement Trailer

About us
Let’s skip over the boring wall of text everyone puts here, if you’re reading this you want to find out one thing only: what makes us different from every other CE guild out there? The answer is simple - atmosphere. We take great pride in fostering a completely uncensored, uninhibited, explicit environment where you’re free to speak your mind without wondering if you’ll hurt someone’s fragile feelings.

“Achievements” and timeline
Jul 2018: Established (BFA prepatch)
Dec 2018: Cutting Edge: G’huun
May 2019: Cutting Edge: Lady Jaina Proudmoore
Jun 2019: Faction transfer to Horde
Oct 2019: Hiatus started due to outside factors at 6/8M EP.
Sep 2020: We’re back on!

Cutting Edge.

Raid times
Thursday 20:00-23:30
Monday 20:00-23:30

Currently looking for
All classes applicable.

Contact us via Battle.net

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