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Minimum Region Rank:    
 Posted: 2020-02-19
 Recruiter:  Dedericus   Ny'alotha
 Server:  Ravencrest
 Realm Rank:  
 EU Rank:  
 Achievement Points:  475

Hey there. Our guild raidhub is newly formed on Ravencrest and we’re currently looking for members who are interested in raiding.

We don’t currently have a team together but we would like to have a set team ready for Shadowlands and do have experienced raiders who’ll be more than happy to help out new or returning players get into raiding.

If you don’t mind joining a guild that is just getting started or want to know more please feel free to add and message me at Splayard#2382 on Discord

 Posted: 2020-02-17
  Temporary Solution
 Recruiter:  Pandaflausch   Ny'alotha
  12/12 (H)
 Server:  Draenor
 Realm Rank:  104
 EU Rank:  1843
 Achievement Points:  0

Hey there :smiley: ,

We are a relaxed, laid back guild and want to get as far as possible in mythic. :slight_smile:

We are currently looking for:
-a SPriets
-probably a wl and a hunter

Atm we are on 12/12hc. Raid days are Wed+Sun 20.30-23.

If you are looking for a guild to have fun and still progress in a serious environment without toxicity then add me to have a chat.

You should have:
-at least normal xp in the current tier
-ilvl of 450+
-neck on 75 at least
-working mic and not too shy to use it
-be mature and dont take everything serious
-be able to take criticism and want to improve yourself.

Add me on b-net for a chat. :smiley:


 Posted: 2020-02-17
 Recruiter:  Lyycuss   Ny'alotha
 Server:  Turalyon
 Realm Rank:  
 EU Rank:  
 Achievement Points:  0

I have a 465 ilevel BM Hunter, Pandaren Alliance, called Sylvee. I’m looking for a guild which raids HC Ny’alotha to the end, then takes a break. So it’s just a one shot, get mount and achieve, done. We win Pog.
I won’t claim to be the best player, but I’ll at least ask for you to give me a try.

I am willing to do realm and faction transfers. But I may only play hunter as I get really stressed out managing multiple characters at once.

If you want to get in contact with me, ask me questions, even invite me to your guild run, PM me on Discord at EeveeonE#8093 or add me on Battle Net at Sylveon#21334

(Note: My current guild isn’t bad. I just don’t share the same goals. I want to get the mount, kill HC N’zoth and be done for this patch. No more end game. So I can get on with IRL stuff)

 Posted: 2020-02-13
  Death Wish
 Recruiter:  Lyassandre   Ny'alotha
  12/12 (H)
 Server:  Ravencrest
 Realm Rank:  69
 EU Rank:  2126
 Achievement Points:  0

Hello I am an experienced Demon Hunter, previous to 8.3 I raided mythic, got past cutting edges and 1.9k in 3v3 last season.

My goal for this PvP season is to get at least 1.9k again and eventually 2.0k while improving and trying out new working comps, I am mainly interested in 3v3 but can also play 2v2 occasionally.

If interested or want to ask more questions, please do not hesitate to add my battletag Khae#2641 or directly answer to this thread

 Posted: 2020-02-10
  Dark Sanctum
 Recruiter:  Cybershade   Ny'alotha
  1/12 (M)
 Server:  Draenor
 Realm Rank:  94
 EU Rank:  1652
 Achievement Points:  0

Dark Sanctum 12/12 HC is a 3-day per week raiding guild focused on mythic progression, we aim to build a raid team capable of achieving cutting edge.

Raid Times:

Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday(optional) 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time


Very high attendance, we take raiding seriously and other people rely on you to be there almost every raid. (We understand real life sometimes gets in the way)

Have Discord and be a part of the community, we would prefer if you wouldn’t just log in for the raids.

Main raiders are expected to constantly work on their class/spec and search for the optimal way to deal with the encounter

Ability to accept constructive criticism.

We offer:

Progression oriented team
Friendly and active community
Raid supplies
Lots of off-raid activities (Mythic+/PvP/Islands)

Currently recruiting:

DPS: Warlock, BM Hunter, Boomie, Warrior,
Healer: Holy Paladin/Disc Priest

We will always consider exceptional players even if your class isn’t listed.

Anyone who thinks that this guild fits their playstyle or has any further questions feel free to contact me:

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