Magical Gathering 8/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Nilathyr
Server Rank: #52
EU Rank: #657

Magical Gathering was formed at the end of the Battle for Azeroth expansion and Castle Nathria was our first raid tier as a guild.
Our goal is to work towards CE every tier in a semi-hardcore pace while maintaining a fun and enjoyable environment.
We are recruiting patient, progressive and positive-minded people looking for a long-term guild home.

Previous Progression:

  • ATSC Cutting Edge

  • VOTI Cutting Edge

  • SFO 9/11M

  • SOD Cutting Edge

  • CN 8/10M

Raid Days:

  • Thursday & Monday (19:45 - 23:00 ST)
  • Wednesday (19:45 - 23:00 ST) - extra raid day during the first couple of weeks of a tier to boost gearing


  • A level-headed mature personality.

  • Close to 100% attendance and punctuality.

  • Solid knowledge of your class/spec. We’re not looking for greedy, self-centered players who only think about parses. What we’re looking for is a TEAM PLAYER. Someone willing to go the extra mile to make fights easier for everyone else and execute mechanics properly, but also maintaining a decent level of throughput at the same time.

  • Put effort into your preparation. Basic stuff like understanding mechanics and how to deal with them is a requirement. We have a limited raiding schedule, so we don’t fancy wasting time waiting for you to try out every mechanic.

  • Open to giving and receiving feedback.


  • DPS: Frost/Unholy DK, Havoc DH, Aug/Deva Evoker, Rogue, Enh Shaman, Warrior, Mage
  • Healer: Preservation Evoker
  • Tank: Blood DK

Recruitment Contacts:

  • nilathyr (Discord) | Nila#21277 (
  • hulkmar (Discord)
hulkomania 9/9 H
Guild Information
Recruiter: Meffzie
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

Hulkomania is a relaxed endgame content pushing dad guild more on the casual side looking for their fellow brothers to join us in raiding and M+ started by experienced raiders. We fear no man, no beast or evil, brother.

Looking for DPS (happy to take dps with healing offspec) and a few healers to raid with us in the current and the next season, socials are more than welcome!

Our goals are getting AOTC every tier and pushing even harder end game content as we go.
Outside of raiding, most of us push IO and we always have everything between 2 and 20+ key level wise.

Raid Schedule:

  • Wednesday 8PM-10PM Server Time
  • Saturday 8PM-10PM Server Time


If you are interested in raiding/mythics and would rather skip pugging and join a comically fun environment, feel free to contact me on

  • mephlaren#2566

Our recruitment process is rather simple, just message me and we’ll have a quick voice chat on discord to see if we’re bot fitting what the other party is looking for. Applications via the ingame guild finder will be declined sadly.

What we’re looking for

  • Adults, we’re a strictly 18+ guild to avoid drama
  • At least 50%-60% attendance on a monthly basis
  • Beginners and veterans alike
  • Know your class at an acceptable level
  • Read up on guides before raid, and be able to ask questions
  • Patience
  • It’s just a game, so a chill environment
  • Decent behavior
  • At the very least, basic understanding of the English language
  • Accept constructive criticism and be willing to improve

What do we offer though?

  • Fun environment, banter is more than encouraged
  • Help with improvement if asked for, including looking through and supporting logs
  • An inclusive and mature guild where everyone is welcome
  • Hopefully, an insane amount of loot
  • Everything needed for successful raids and mythic runs
Dirty Zuk and the Boyz 8/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Notunicorn
Server Rank: #32
EU Rank: #746

We are just a bunch of gamers that love to spend time together doing various things in World of Warcraft. The main focus of our guild is mythic raiding, but we still like to go for legacy, achievement runs or push Mythic+ outside of raiding hours. The higher/harder, the better.

We are currently looking for: havoc demon hunter, rogue, mage, discipline/holy priest and holy paladin.
We are raiding every Wednesday and Monday (20:00-23:00 server time).
Current progress Tindral Sageswift (P3, 37.8%).

What we offer:

  • experienced leadership
  • well-organized 2-day raiding content (mythic, heroic)
  • strong core of mature individuals
  • inclusive environment and banter
  • zero tolerance to toxicity, racism or any other form of misbehavior
  • active guild Discord
  • safe environment for people that just joined the game (couching included)

What we expect:

  • mature attitude
  • be able to take critique
  • no toxicity (not even towards random players in-game)

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of our recruitment officers via Discord: silverskips, kazz90 or unicorn6421

Join us, and get dirty too!

Void Guardians 1/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Gracielle
Server Rank: #149
EU Rank: #3128

Welcome to the Void Guardians - Silvermoon

Established in 2020, we have achieved AOTC every tier and our plan going forward is to dabble in mythic once we have HC on farm.

We are currently 9/9hc Amirdrassil and we are currently recruiting for season 4 and beyond. Our plan is primarily heroic raiding with some early mythic planned. We are not a hardcore guild we only expect the following:

  • Turn up on time, full gemmed and enchanted , willing to use voice
  • Have a basic knowledge of the fights and be willing to learn.

We will consider anyone however classes in need are:





We are also looking for a dps with a strong healer OS.

We are a social and friendly guild and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love a bit of banter and whilst we take our raids seriously , we do them with jokes along the way.

Our guild would be perfect for you if:

  • You are new to mythic or have been wary of trying it before
  • Want to raid for chill fun but also get the loots
  • Enjoy the social aspect being in a guild and enjoy m+
  • Enjoy HC raiding and alt runs
  • Enjoy other guild activities such as events with gold prizes or playing other games with guild members.

Our raiding days/times:

Monday 19:30-22:30 (servertime)
Wednesday 19:30-22:30 (servertime)

It is important to note that a lot of our core team are taking hiatus from raiding at the moment and our primary focus is recruiting for season 4 and the new expansion.

If you feel like this is the guild for you or you would like to know more please contact me on discord: Hanloumary or battlenet Hanloumary#21376

Chaos Crew 0/9 N
Guild Information
Recruiter: Zathiel
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

:boom: Hello, greetings and welcome! :boom:

< Chaos Crew > is looking for new members for raiding, M+, hanging out and having fun!
Our motto: No flaming, no blaming, just chilling and gaming! :partying_face:
We’re looking to revive the guild and get back into raiding and doing mythic+ runs, so if you’re looking for a chill and laid back community, where progression should be fun, hit us up!
We also have members interested in PvP if that is your jam, and if you just want to come be part of a social group, you’re welcome as well.

So far we have no raiding days :x: because as I’ve mentioned before, we’re reviving the guild. This also means you get every opportunity to help shape it and have the role you wish to have.

  • We plan to raid 2 - 3 times a week. (Like we used to do)
  • We have 1 tank, 1 healer and 1 dps so far who wishes to raid. (So we need quite a bit more)
  • We have a few more for M+. (But that shouldn’t stop you from joining, if M+ is your jam)

Hit me up: :speech_balloon:
Ingame: Zathiel-Darksorrow
Bnet: Vryxell#2693
Discord: Vryxell

Discord is a must if you wish to join the guild, as we prefer to make friends and not just be strangers on the internet. Come have fun with us and bring your friends along

Darksorrow is part of the cluster: Bladefist, Frostwhisper, Zenedar, Darksorrow, Genjuros, Neptulon (Though this is soon irrelevant)

Q & A

Q. What is the amount of players for the guild overall and for the raid team are you aiming to have max?
A. Currently 42 characters in guild, some inactive, others have moved a secondary toon to another guild. Hope to get them all back. As for raiding, whatever makes sense. Currently it’s hard to tell, but we’ll need at least minimum requirement to raid.

Q. How do you plan on handling loot in regards to a current season and when a new tier is released?
A. We usually went with if the one who gets it can use it, they keep it, otherwise we roll for it, and winner decides if they wanna keep it or give it to someone else.

Q. Out of the people you have atm what classes/specs do you have?
A. We have 2 x DH tank, 2 x Hunter (one of said hunters also have a rogue), 1 x Shammy. and a few others.

Q. Is the plan for the guild to be AOTC or CE focused with regards to raids?
A. If possible we’d like to be AOTC, but the main goal will always be to have fun. Progression is important, and should be a priority, but it should never be more important than having fun. It’s a game.

Q. For mythic+ is there interest/plans on pushing/ improving in that?
A. Pushing keys is always fun and something we enjoy. Would be awesome to set up some M+ teams.

Q. What system do you have for people who end up being jerks/toxic/drama focused?
A. A maximum of 3 warnings are given, depending on severity of whatever happened. I already have 2 kids, I don’t wanna deal with BS drama in my guild.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask either here or contact me directly! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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