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 Posted: 2020-02-11
  Vindicta Nocturna
 Recruiter:  Sepher   Ny'alotha
  5/12 (M)
 Server:  Kazzak
 Realm Rank:  44
 EU Rank:  460
 Achievement Points:  0


My names ollie from the UK, 22 years old and am currently on the look out for a new raiding guild to get into.
I have stayed up to date in the current patch after coming back from a break from the game since BoD. Wanting to go a little more casual but in the end want to get cutting edge before the end of this expansion.

Some of my raiding history:

Started raiding in Cata in which i pugged content , same with mop mostly as i pugged bosses.

Skip WoD cause boring expansion

Started raiding properly in Legion
EN 5/7 M
ToV 3/3M CE
NH 9/10M
Antorus 5/11M world 180 , guild disbanded after hitting this due to some core roster leaving cause of high world rankings

Uldir 5/8M
BoD 9/9M world 450
COS 1% wipe on Mythic Cabal can link logs if necessary, after 200 ish wipes
TEP 5/8 M had to stop raiding mid teir due to final year uni exams.

Most of my past logs of content are 95% + and have hit a couple of rank 1’s in the past.

I am quite easy to get along with and dont cause trouble within the guild. Looking for mostly 3 days + a week and dont want to change realm. Also got a geared rouge 455 ilvl which can be used in progression if needed.

Links and such:
warcraftlogs com/character/eu/kazzak/sepher#zone=21&difficulty=4
raider io/characters/eu/kazzak/Sepher

raider io/characters/eu/kazzak/Naloc

(Wont let me post links anymore so made it as easy as possible idk when they did this kinda :confused: )
Past guilds:
VII - Emerald Dream, (Char i raided on - Romedia warrior) EN -TOS
Judge - Alonsus, (char i raided on - Cindyr boomie) TOS - Antrous (Guild Disbanded)
SINS - Kazzak , (Char i raided on - sepher warlock) Uldir - BoD
Vindicta Nocturna - Kazzak, (Char i raided on - sepher warlock) BoD - present (In the guild still but as social, wanting to leave cause their roster for current patch is full.)

You can contact me on my blizzard ID cycrox#2665

Thanks :slight_smile:

 Posted: 2020-02-06
  Nordic The Legacy
 Recruiter:  Dezelegance   Ny'alotha
  6/12 (H)
 Server:  Kazzak
 Realm Rank:  169
 EU Rank:  4310
 Achievement Points:  0

Nordic The Legacy is once again recruiting members to clear raiding content, farm m+ and to enjoy all other aspects of the game with.

Who are we?
The guild was started by a group of friends who been raiding together for many years. Most of us recently made a comeback after being away since the fall of G’huun - but some of us have been around all expansion. We were supposed to be a universal guild, but ended up having almost exclusively Swedish members and hence understanding or speaking Swedish will go a long way in bonding with the guild’s atmosphere. We got a few Norwegian folks as well, for our friendly neighbors to feel welcome! :slight_smile:

What are we looking for?

Regarding the core team - casters and healers as well as a DPS with a viable tank/healer OS is on the priority list. Prefered classes (and specs) are the following: mages, rogues, ret paladins, MW monks, priests (of all specs), locks and uh/frost DKs. However, any exceptional player will be considered for the core team. Most of our core players have at least a few Cutting Edge achievements in their history - and our goal is have a steady progress throughout mythic once we get our team setup ready.

That said, anyone can apply as a social member. Socials are welcome on farm raids, m+ and all other content. The only times socials won’t be guaranteed a raid spot is during mythic progress raids - but hc and normal raids will include any social :slight_smile: Even under-geared ones as long as we feel like the team can carry them.

Ideally, we’d like to see a group of friends join us. But obviously, lone wolves are most welcome as well :slight_smile:

Relevant information

  • Raid days are Thursday and Monday : 20.00 - 23.00 … However, our current schedule is flexible and might be subject to change in the future. We also run EP once a week for trinkets and essences (however while this raid is not mandatory - core raiders are expected to progress towards BiS essences and gear)
  • We have at least one group running m+ almost every evening. Usually we run a lot of m+ during the weekends.
  • Currently, we pug about 4-7 people for Ny’alotha hc/normal runs. We got 11/12 kills on normal and will start progressing hc as soon as our raiders get some equipment ready (we do however kill Wraithon on hc every week for free loot - and we will be killing more farm bosses as soon as our gear allows it).

Are you interested? Contact us!
Noumey#1221 (Guild Master)
Dez#21528 (Officer)
Odên#2587 (Officer)
Gjermund#21109 (Officer)

 Posted: 2020-01-26
  Brexit Trading Company
 Recruiter:  Mcsquessy   Ny'alotha
 Server:  Ravencrest
 Realm Rank:  
 EU Rank:  
 Achievement Points:  0

Brexit Trading Company is newly started guild who are looking for new players to clear 8.3 with. We are an English speaking guild on Ravencrest.

Our raiding Schedule is:

  • Monday 20.00 - 23.00 (Server time)

  • Wednesday 20.00 - 23.00 (Server time)


We are currently looking for the following classes:

Ranged DPS: Priest, Druid, Warlock, Shaman, Hunter, Mage

Melee DPS: DK, Warrior, Ret Paladin, Rogue, Feral Druid, Monk, Shaman

Healers: Druid, priest, Shaman, Paladin, Monk

Tanks: Druid, Warrior, DK, Paladin, Monk

About us:

We are a small group of friends who has been playing with each other since TBC and now decided we want to make a guild and community for upcoming raids and expansions.

Our goal is to make a home for returning and new players to get back into raiding. We want to have a steady pace with raiding and have fun at the same time. To make a helpful community that see values in their roster and members.

What we offer:

  • A structured raiding team and raiding times. We start invites 19:45 and begin to clear 20:00.

  • A steady guild with a good community and good atmosphere, we strive to make you feel at home and can have a nice time while you play with us!

  • A focused attitude during progression, more relaxed attitude when we do farm content.

  • Helpful community, if you need help with gearing, achievements, or other things that you need a helping hand with, we always reach out when needed.

What we want from you:

  • Honesty. If you’re having problems within the guild, or have real life issues, we’d like to hear about it rather than you just disappearing. Talk to us.

  • Be prepared! This means reading up on new fights, having consumables (flasks, pots, food, runes), gemming and enchanting properly, and being on time!

  • Progression oriented attitude. Everyone makes mistakes, but learning is part of progression, so we value people who continue to improve over time.

  • Understanding. Sometimes, things don’t always go smoothly. We may hit a wall on a specific boss for a while, or you may have to sit for someone else during a progression raid.

For more information you can add an officer to chat: Mcsqueezy#21709 or Akarillon#2268

 Posted: 2020-01-22
 Recruiter:  Karkago   Ny'alotha
  5/12 (H)
 Server:  Draenor
 Realm Rank:  254
 EU Rank:  4730
 Achievement Points:  1465

I left my guild after raid days where changed. I could no longer join one of the days.
I am a ilvl 443 neck 74 cloak 6 Blood/UH DK. I would like to raid with at least a goal of Heroic(I have 8/8 palace and curve), but I’d also love to push Mythic.
You can expect me to be online often, and active in Discord during waking hours.
I can raid on thursday through sunday, starting at 7:30PM CET.
I would love it if the guild also does M+ runs. My best in 8.2.5 was a 11. Looking to push higher this tier.

I don’t usually PvP, but if there’s a patient guildmate willing to teach me, I can join guild groups.

Currently playing horde on server Draenor but willing to server change or faction change.
Hit me up if you have a raid spot!

 Posted: 2020-01-22
 Recruiter:  Bowbeforeme   Ny'alotha
  5/12 (M)
 Server:  Ragnaros
 Realm Rank:  15
 EU Rank:  415
 Achievement Points:  1555

BDK Main (ilvl 451) looking for a mythic raiding guild for Ny’Alotha. Ideally a guild that doesn’t have a raid day on Fri, Sat or Sunday (got work on those days).
I do have alts ready for the raid, I have a Prot warrior and a shadow priest (but I’d prefer to bench the priest).
I was an UH DK during EP but I was BDK during BoD (was a raid leader then).
I have other alts I have played with during BFA, however they were benched before the essence system came out. My best AV during BFA was probably mythic Mythrax, after which I had to take a leave of absence from mythic cause of personal reasons, quit during BoD because of the same reasons and finally returned in September. I am currently in a 7/8M guild (I chose not to raid with them during EP), but there’s a chance it might disband plus I’d ideally want to be in an English speaking guild.

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