Guild Information
Recruiter: Curegirl
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #
First and only Toxic Guild.

Anti-Social and 100% certified Unwholesome.

-Immature. -Awful. -Immoral. -Problematic.

No Ethics or Baby Yoda!

P.S. Leader has Double-Gladiator and Cutting Edge N’Zoth.

Dismiss Poets 5/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Meatbeast
Server Rank: #216
EU Rank: #3704

The Guild

Dismiss Poets was formed in patch 8.3 from returning players during lockdown. Our goal is to be one of the top 6 hour raiding guilds, with an aim to get cutting edge every tier, without endlessly sinking hours into the game.

With a few solid new recruits added to our excellent core of ex-CE and veteran raiders we believe we are more than capable of this aim, starting in Castle Nathria.

Raiding Schedule
Thursday 20:30- 23:30 ST
Monday 20:30 - 23:30 ST

Who are we looking for?

Dismiss poets is made up primarily of players that don’t necessarily have the time to devote to raiding more than two nights per week. Our raiders have full-time jobs, families and studies that take up more of their time than WoW. If you join us, we expect that you can attend 90% of our raids, will keep one character as close to optimal as possible through Torghast and covenant weeklies, and will maintain a very good knowledge of your own class. These are the only requirements outside of great performance inside the raids.

If you feel like this approach to cutting edge raiding would suit you, and you have experience raiding at mythic level in any of the last 3 expansions, make sure to apply.

How can you join?

Get in contact with us on discord, where we’ll have a look at your characters and then invite you for a voice interview.

Discord IDs:
darrengibbon#6168, Heskey#7719, OZeManel#5693,

t r a s h 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sugartoes
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

We’re looking for the following experienced officers to build our core in preparation for Shadowlands ( performance perks include xfers/tokens/etc ):

  • Recruitment officer x2
  • M+ officer
  • Raid leader

Our current recruitment officer’s details are at the bottom of the post!

For everyone else - LF anyone that is :

  • lonely
  • just coming back from hiatus
  • chatty and enjoy socializing
  • weekend warrior (going to school, working, have kids, etc.)
  • consistent

We offer you :

  • damn fine company
  • guild repair
  • free gbank tab
  • 100% sass
  • 20% off AH prices for any items in GB (gold goes directly to guild repairs)

Battletag: Exo#2756 | Discord: e x o [고수]#9802

(A) 3 Days Raiding Guild LFMSep 23rd, 2020 1:01 pm
The Varangian Guard 3/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Lestharia
Server Rank: #200
EU Rank: #4594

Raid days/hours - Thursday, Sunday & Tuesday 19.30-23.00 ST

Who are we?

We are a casual and relaxed guild that also wanna focus on the social aspect of the game. And that loves progression but not more then we love enjoying our time in great and fun company. Many of us are long term friends from as far back as in classic/vanilla times. But we have picked up a few very appreciated people along the way that we count ourselves very lucky to have met. Our age range from 19 to 40 but most of us are around 24-28 years. Some of us raided together back in the very end of Legion already and we have together gotten our curves each raid and had fun while doing so. We want to try get further now though and see how far we can get in progressing mythic! We wanna take raiding seriously while still keeping it fairly relaxed without any stress. Our goal is to build up a pleasant social community to enjoy all aspects that the game have to offer. And to do so together in good company!!! We do also play together outside of wow in other games and you’re always welcome to join in those activities too!

Why choose us?

We care about every single person in the guild, even our new ones. We don’t want like some guilds that the core just play with the core, we want everybody to feel like they are just as much of a valued guild member as the rest of us. You will be treated fairly and get help to achieve your weekly keys and anything else you might want company for. We try to provide cauldrons etc for raids to the extent it works and we have a 0 drama tolerance policy. We do accept that people can have a bad day every now and then though. But toxicity is not our thing! We take raiding and progression seriously without the need for yelling or finger pointing. Mistakes happen and we prefer to laugh at them!! And we will never force you to play or change to a class or spec you do not enjoy!

Who are you?

You may be a recently returned wow player or completely new to wow. Its completely fine if you have no experience in the current raid or this expansion. Logs do help us give a quicker view of how you would do in comparison to our current team members but you can always trial! We try to keep the raid team on somewhat the same skill level to prevent friction building up or someone feeling they are doing bad. There are people here to help you with your rotation and tips in general if the wish is there though! What we value the most is the personality and to find somewhat like minded people to share our community with. Logs can always be replaced, a person can not! What we really want from you is for you to enjoy the game to the fullest and to do so with a positive attitude. You can always join just as a social or to run mythic keys or PvP with us :3

If this post sounds interesting to you then you are more then welcome to get in touch to talk a bit more.

Come join the fun!!! :smiley:

Battle tag - Guild Leader - QuietSummer#2314
Discord - Guild Leader - QuietSummer#8472

Battle tag - Team Leader - sunna#21310
Discord - Team Leader - sunna#4798

Guild Information
Recruiter: Zoorooz
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

We’re a guild that found some success towards the back end of BFA. What started off as just a group of friends sick of jumping between other guilds became a community and a guild that we are proud of. We recently made the decision to switch servers over to Draenor and join the Horde!


  • A social and active community, who regularly play together
  • A relaxed atmosphere for newer players to chill and learn in
  • Regular guild events and consistent raid times
  • A mixed community full of a wide range of players, from mythic raiders to pet battlers (they exist apparently).


  • We have a strong core of raiders that we would like to expand
  • We plan to put together a mythic team and tackle every raid tier
  • We plan to raid twice a week as of current, with the runs being either for progression or for gearing raid alts
  • Outside of our main core, we would love to provide an environment for newer players to learn to raid. However, establishing a 20man team is our first priority.


  • We do have a lot of experienced mythic plus players, regularly pushing in the 20’s and will look to do the same in SL.
  • We also have a few players active in PvP, many of them play arena but have expressed interest in setting up an RBG team.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope we managed to purvey all the information you need to decide if this is the right place for you. We are very proud of our community and we hope that you may be able to find a place among us. If you would like to join us or have any more questions, please contact Zagwitz#1569 on Discord.

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