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Guild Information
Recruiter: Docgreen
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

We are a new raid-focused guild created during 9.1 looking for all classes to join for Normal and Heroic Sanctum of Domination. Raid nights are yet to be chosen but will likely be during the weekend and will be at least 2 nights ~3 hours each. We aim to have at least 10 raiders (we are 6 at the moment) so we can start clearing normal Sanctum then move onto heroic ASAP. We are an all-inclusive guild (even weebs are welcome) that will not tolerate any kind of bigotry and we do not currently have any boomers in the guild.

EU-Tarren Mill
Guild Information
Recruiter: Gaul
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

Vanquish is an old guild, formed on Frostwhisper server back in 2007. We’ve been together through many ups and downs but many of the people who formed the guild are still there, still raiding and still having fun even in these times.

We are hoping to expand our roster to enable us to tackle mythic with a bit more gusto. We won’t clear things the fastest but I can promise you stability, camraderie and fun while we do so. If you are looking for a new home for raiding, why not try out Vanquish?


Wed, Thurs and Monday from 20:00-23:00 server time. You’ll be expected to bring your own oils/stones, armor kits and potions but the guild will provide flasks and feasts as often as possible.


Contact myself here, any Vanquish officer in game or join our discord at and follow the instructions to submit an application.

We look forward to hearing from you and maybe even joining us.

Feline Friends 0/10
Guild Information
Recruiter: Nimsta
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

Hello all you travelers, wanderers and adventurers! Feline Friends is recruiting! We’re a social guild that’s been around since Legion (so about 3-4 years) and have recently come back from a long break. Our plans going forward are to build up a solid community that’s helpful and create a super relaxed and friendly environment for everyone.

Future events we’d like to do include M+ nights (day to be decided through polls), transmog runs, old raids and maybe some goofy competitions like themed tmogs or games like hide and seek etc. If this seems like something you’d be interested in then we’d be more than happy to welcome you :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading. Happy trails and have yourself a marvelous, wonderful day!

Hey Nice Marmot 0/10
Guild Information
Recruiter: Pyrophobe
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

[UPDATED 08/09/21]

"Love Drama? Do you like being screamed at by 16year olds for being late or missing a raid day? Looking for the best PvE and PvP guild? A guild with the most competent mythic raiders and hardcore PvPers ready and willing to teach you their secrets? Well, we’re not that guild, but if you want a group of laid back dudes and dudettes who like pizza, beer and smokes, this may be the guild for you!”

[H]Hey Nice Marmot are primarily a mature, casual raiding guild on Draenor-EU who are looking to achieve AOTC every tier in a chilled-out environment without all the usual guild toxicity, drama and bs. We have a fantastic, interesting and friendly bunch of people from throughout the UK and EU aged 25 to bus pass, all with varying levels of experience and skill who are happy to help others and clear content at our own pace in a pressure free environment. Most members have busy real lives with jobs and children and we understand that this comes first!


We are currently Sanctum of Domination 10/10N - 9/10HC. Our whole raid philosophy is to be inclusive, understanding and having a chilled-out vibe. We are not after the meta, the best parses or an intense raiding environment – just a good group of people that can raid together and have a laugh. Despite this approach we have and will continue clearing content at a steady pace.

Raid times - THUR & SUN 2030-2330 Server Time. This tier we are planning on more guild events throughout the week including Alt runs, achievement runs and M+

We’re interested in you as a person, rather than the class, spec, professions, or the way you play, and aim to recruit people who can bring something to the guild rather than fill a space on the roster.


We are keen to encourage players to jump into Mythic+ content, even if you don’t have any experience due to a long break or other circumstances. We’re not aiming for super-high keys but we’d like to reach a point where guildies won’t have to pug for their Vault loot and can have fun in the stress-free environment of a guild group while doing so. There are toons in the guild at all keystone levels. We also have some players keen on achieving Key Stone Master every tier if you fancy more of a challenge.

Current Recruitment

We have had a few people leave the game due to being unhappy with 9.1 and so have spaces available in our main raid team. Our current aim is to get around 20 raid members in our team which gives us a good buffer if people cannot make raids due to real life issues.

We are currently looking for:

DPS - All considered but we are currently missing a Mage, Priest, Pally, Warrior

HEALER - Closed

TANK - Closed

If raiding is not your thing or you can’t commit to our raid nights don’t panic as we are also recruiting socials and members looking to take part in other content such as M+/PvP/Ach runs/Legacy content. We also put on weekly raids for alts and socials.

Please see here for our Guild member and Raider expectations:
https:// tinyurl. com/u8j5w2jd (remove spaces)

If we sound like your cup of tea or you would like more information please get in touch with us.

BNET: AlanDinosaur#2903
Discord: Zacquzamon/Alan#0366
Ingame: Zacquzamon-Draenor

Bnet: GiantAxe#2111811
Discord: JWills#5213
Ingame: Pyrophobe-Draenor

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