Dirty Zuk and the Boyz 8/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Notunicorn
Server Rank: #32
EU Rank: #746

We are just a bunch of gamers that love to spend time together doing various things in World of Warcraft. The main focus of our guild is mythic raiding, but we still like to go for legacy, achievement runs or push Mythic+ outside of raiding hours. The higher/harder, the better.

We are currently looking for: havoc demon hunter, rogue, mage, discipline/holy priest and holy paladin.
We are raiding every Wednesday and Monday (20:00-23:00 server time).
Current progress Tindral Sageswift (P3, 37.8%).

What we offer:

  • experienced leadership
  • well-organized 2-day raiding content (mythic, heroic)
  • strong core of mature individuals
  • inclusive environment and banter
  • zero tolerance to toxicity, racism or any other form of misbehavior
  • active guild Discord
  • safe environment for people that just joined the game (couching included)

What we expect:

  • mature attitude
  • be able to take critique
  • no toxicity (not even towards random players in-game)

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of our recruitment officers via Discord: silverskips, kazz90 or unicorn6421

Join us, and get dirty too!

OfflinesJan 27th, 2024 2:52 pm
Offlines 6/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sarafein
Server Rank: #44
EU Rank: #1277

Offlines on Ragnaros is now looking for a Holy Paladin and a ench Shammy to join our ranks. We raid on a Wednesday and Sunday from 18:30 to 21:30 ST. We just started progress on Nymue. But we are missing some key roles, that will help us progress smoother in the tier.

If you play any other class, and feel that this guild is right for you, we still accepting outstanding players.

If you think this is something for you, I would love to hear back from you

Kind regards

Punished 9/9 H
Guild Information
Recruiter: Holyfluff
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

Punished is a small guild on Dentarg/Tarren Mill realm, which is looking for more people to join our crew.

We are family first (meaning you can raid when you can and it won’t be your 2nd job), friendly, mature type of guild which has set it’s goal to achieve AotC and maybe some early mythic bosses down the line. In order to proceed to mythic we need YOU!

Presently we are looking for:
Healers: shaman, druid, possible priest & paladin (having a DPS OS or an alt which can fill another role is a great bonus)
Ranged DPS: warlock, mage, evoker, priest, druid.
Melee DPS: monk, might fit in also a paladin, DH, DK
Tanks: Opened to all tanking specs, but you should be able to DPS with your OS or have alt which can DPS

Our raid times will be Thursday and Monday from 21 to 00 server time, mythic+ we usually run when ever people have time, but mainly on off raid nights.

Amirdrassil Normal: 9/9
Amirdrassil Heroic: 9/9
We have cleared VOTI and Aberrus on heroic.

Other then a chill environment, helpful members and occasionally bit serious raid nights and mythic+ fun as well as play what you want and not needing to worry to meet “the quota of raids attended or X things farmed per week” we cannot offer you much of anything else. If you feel that we could be your new home then add me on discord:
and we can chat further.

The Plan 9/9 H
Guild Information
Recruiter: Nyama
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

<The Plan> is a relaxed cross-realm guild/community :slight_smile: Our main focus is normal & heroic raiding.

Currently recruiting for our raids in season 4.


  • healer (prefer priest, shaman, monk, paladin)
  • dps (prefer priest or other ranged)


  • reliability, positive attitude, knowledge of your spec
  • 465+ ilvl when raids start

Raid days

  • wednesdays 20:00 - 23:00 server time
  • sundays 20:00 - 23:00 server time

Recruitment contact

  • gow[dot]gg/the-plan
  • discord: romdeau23
Taivans Tavern 0/9 N
Guild Information
Recruiter: Metzly
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

New Year New Opportunities! :beers:

Building a Fresh Start
New expansions always bring about a reboot in terms of guilds: some players return to Azeroth after quitting, others decide to switch their main character, and a few may find that their current guild doesn’t fit quite right…

We welcome all of the above and want to offer a home to people seeking a fresh start in the upcoming expansion. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newbie, we value the player over the character…

What we offer
A Discord server that is alive and buzzing: We’re looking for people that love to mingle and make new friends. We want to bring back the golden days so we want members that are social and talkative. We feel that raid performance benefits from the fact that you build a decent relationship with the other people in the guild.

Chill Raiding Atmosphere: Raiding should be enjoyable, not stressful. Our focus is on clearing Heroic content while having fun with friends, laughing our asses off and sharing nerd screams when we finally down a certain boss.

Aiming for “Ahead of the Curve” and “Glory of the … Raider” : We’re committed to achieving “AotC” and “Glory of the … Raider” but not at the cost of our sanity. We have the whole season to achieve this, so let’s not rush things. We will NOT venture into Mythic raiding.

What we are looking for
Socials and Experienced Raiders: We’re looking for experienced players or quick learners for our raid team. Since we only commit a limited amount of time to raiding we all need to carry our weight.
We’re also accepting socials that are looking for a nice place to call home.

Chill and Friendly Attitude: We want people that add humor and laughter to our raiding adventures.

Dedication to the New Expansion: We’re focusing on the upcoming expansion, so we’re looking for players who are excited to start fresh and conquer new challenges together. Currently we’re doing Mythic+ runs and once the fated raids drop we casually do those to keep ourselves busy.

Raid Schedule
We will raid somewhat later than many guilds: starting at 21h till midnight (server time). Raid days will be wednesday and sunday.

Recruitment Status
Tank: Offtank (no Prot Paladin)
Healer: closed
DPS: closed

If you are looking for a social spot you can join us regardless of the class you play!

Contact Info
If all of the above sounds good to you, please poke me on Discord (VRX#3144) after which i will send you an oldskool recruitment form. After you’ve submitted that we can have a little chat to see if our views allign and if you suit our current group of misfits.

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