[A] Silvermoon - 9/12MJul 19th, 2020 5:17 pm
Undercover Horde 9/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Yooraa
Server Rank: #115
EU Rank: #2597

Hey there!
We are a couple of old WoW friends who met a decade ago (during TBC days) and recently came back to WoW. Most of us have been on an off throughout the previous expansions but we are all new to BFA. Overcome with the intense nostalgia feels, we started a new guild and would love some new additions!

We’re a friendly bunch, aiming to progress slowly in Mythic raiding. We have a progress of 9/12 M and need more people who are familiar and comfortable with their classes. Our leader is experienced and pretty chill, he was active in Legion with a progress of 12/12 M in Nighthold. We are currently trying to build a stable core raiding group for M raiding. We are looking for dps who can consistently commit to weekly progression. We are currently progressing Il’gynoth.

Whether you would like to put in the work to learn & progress with us in raids, or wish to be a fiery socialite just taking part in simple day-to-day activities, you are welcome to apply!

Raid days: Fridays & Sundays progression, Wednesdays mythic farm 9pm GMT+2
For any questions, feel free to DM me via Discord: Yara#5846

Supercilious 7/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Klinxasaurus
Server Rank: #194
EU Rank: #2855

Allow me to introduce Supercilious of Draenor.

The raid times are:
Monday 7-11pm
Wednesday 7-11pm
Friday 7-12pm

The time frame and days are set in stone, however the exact times are preliminary and may be slightly shorter (.5-1 hr) per day, this is tbd.
(Example: Raid might start at 7:30 instead of 7).

Tank - Medium
Healer - Medium / High
Ranged DPS - High
Melee DPS - Medium

What there is to know about Supercilious:

  • Experienced & transparent leadership
  • High expectations for each individual
  • Everyone is being re-trialed for Shadowlands
  • An enjoyable well-prepared raid environment
  • We are a multilingual guild and speak English in raids
  • A solid core which has played together for years
  • Our Goal is CE with smooth progression
  • We Enjoy pushing M+ Keys

What we expect from Raiders:

  • Don’t be toxic
  • Generally 25+, 20+ minimum
  • 90% minimum attendance in a period of 3 months
  • Full consumables on progression or recent boss kills
  • Prior preparation to the raid, including but not limited to our custom strategy
  • The ability to take constructive criticism and an eagerness to provide help to others
  • Keeping up with all the in-game power systems and showing up to every raid as powerful as reasonably possible
  • Open and honest communication. A microphone is required and you must have the ability to communicate during a raid

How to Apply:

  1. Go to our discord: discord.gg/z58rysr
  2. Read the Bot message and click " Pog "
  3. Fill out the application thoroughly
  4. Post your completed application into the #application Channel
  5. You will be contacted by an Officer

About Us:
With Shadowlands around the corner, a handful of us returned and established on Draenor late into the final tier of BfA - Ny’alotha. The core of the guild raided together across various expansions and servers within the Pserver scene. Driven by the prospect of the upcoming expansion, more and more people showed interest in joining us once again. Along with this core, old friends, and new faces we set out to create a successful, efficient, and enjoyable mythic raiding environment.

The ideal guild member engages with the guild and enjoys spending time with other guildmates. This includes activities outside of raids such as M+, PvP, or various other non-wow related things. Many of us have been friends for years and have played a wide array of video games together apart from WoW, while this is not mandatory, it is encouraged, we don’t just want to be a raid group, but rather - a group of friends.

Midnight Asylum 6/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Venegoor
Server Rank: #217
EU Rank: #3212

Midnight Asylum is a late night raiding guild based on Draenor. Due to work schedule and real life issues, we raid and are online generally late in the night. Our main goal is to assemble a core of ‘‘mature’’ people to socialize and play with on the end game content.
Currently we are on 12/12 on Ny’alotha HC. We aim to start mythic immediately.

Currently in need:
Disc priest
(considering all specs)

Shadow priest
(considering all specs).

We do consider all the apllicants and give chance to everyone if there is desire to play and progress with us.
Beyond raiding, we do M+ and various activities.

Raid Times
Wednesday 00:00 - 02:00
Thursday 00:00 - 02:00

There is an alt raid which is not mantadory, usually on Sundays.
(Note that these times are server based)

Do not hesitate to contact us and see if we suit you.

Contact information
Officer - Venegoor @ Hesselink#2455
GM - Miyyagi @ Agato#21315

Chimera 6/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Danray
Server Rank: #4
EU Rank: #3213

About Us:

Our core group consists of ex hardcore raiders who simply dont have the time to raid 5+ nights a week anymore. Weve created a friendly gaming community over the 10 years since Chimera was established that consists of great raiders and socials alike. Were a good bunch of people who love to raid & are looking for a few new members to join our online family. We look for solid timely progress without raiding too much and do include an alt raid throughout the week (as weve all got that 1 alt we love to play!)

What were looking for:

  • DPS of any class.
  • 1 Healer. Any class. Priest preferred.
  • Committed raiders who put the time in during the week to make sure your char is raid ready.
  • Raiders who know their class and can perform at the requirements the Mythic level raids provide us.

Raiding Schedule:

  • We Raid 3 times a week:
    2 Mythic raids and 1 fun raid.
    Currently only raiding Weds evenings at 20:00 server time due to slowdown before SL. SL raid days TBA announced but Weds, Fri and Sun evenings are likely raid days with Fri being the alt run.

What we provide:

  • A large long-lasting community of like-minded friendly players
  • Discord for voice comms and multiple chat channels
  • Mythic+ Dungeons are loved by a large proportion of the Guild & are ran throughout the week
  • Regular weekend raids
  • Combatlogs
  • Advice given from Class Leaders on request

If your looking for a new online home with a friendly community of gamers then
Apply via contacting an Officer in game or reply to this thread

Dismiss Poets 5/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Meatbeast
Server Rank: #216
EU Rank: #3708

The Guild

Dismiss Poets was formed in patch 8.3 from returning players during lockdown. Our goal is to be one of the top 6 hour raiding guilds, with an aim to get cutting edge every tier, without endlessly sinking hours into the game.

With a few solid new recruits added to our excellent core of ex-CE and veteran raiders we believe we are more than capable of this aim, starting in Castle Nathria.

Raiding Schedule
Thursday 20:30- 23:30 ST
Monday 20:30 - 23:30 ST

Who are we looking for?

Dismiss poets is made up primarily of players that don’t necessarily have the time to devote to raiding more than two nights per week. Our raiders have full-time jobs, families and studies that take up more of their time than WoW. If you join us, we expect that you can attend 90% of our raids, will keep one character as close to optimal as possible through Torghast and covenant weeklies, and will maintain a very good knowledge of your own class. These are the only requirements outside of great performance inside the raids.

If you feel like this approach to cutting edge raiding would suit you, and you have experience raiding at mythic level in any of the last 3 expansions, make sure to apply.

How can you join?

Get in contact with us on discord, where we’ll have a look at your characters and then invite you for a voice interview.

Discord IDs:
darrengibbon#6168, Heskey#7719, OZeManel#5693,

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