Gordian Knot 7/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Jenquai
Server Rank: #196
EU Rank: #2679

Guild name: Gordian Knot
Faction: Horde
Realm: Draenor (EU)
Realm Type: Normal - PVE
Current progress: Castle Nathria 7/10M
Raid days: Wednesday, Sunday, Monday
Raid times: 20.00-23.00 CET
(Full application details on website)


High Demand:

  • Death Knight: All specs
  • Demon Hunter: Vengeance
  • Druid: Guardian
  • Mage: Fire
  • Monk: Brewmaster
  • Priest: Holy & Shadow
  • Rogue: All specs
  • Shaman: Elemental
  • Warlock: Affliction

Medium Demand:

  • Warrior: Fury

Low Demand:

  • Hunter: Marksmanship

Also, in order to be able to join our main team straight away, you need to meet the requirements for our current progress, which are around 220+ item level equipped.

We are also open to discuss a possible merge and get a smaller group or guild that is struggling to get their raids going, or that they want to advance to the next level. Most of us are versatile people and we can possibly reroll to achieve a good composition after a merge.

Any social and friendly person who wants to join us for kicks and giggles is welcome. Just poke any of our officers online and you will get an invite for a social spot (no raiding spot).


Gordian Knot is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that consists of experienced raiders with some of them having raiding experience as far back as Vanilla.

We are a friendly group who enjoys World of Warcraft and loves raiding. We have fun and joke around but when bosses need to go down then all is serious! We wish for all our members to enjoy the game as much as we do and we expect raiders to maintain a 80% attendance per month.

We also enjoy a variety of other activities such as running a lot of Mythic+ dungeons doing alt-runs, achievement runs etc.
We generally aim to push Mythic+ to get +15 keys done for the weekly chests. We do this in spirit to help everyone in the guild getting their highest possible gear reward from their weekly cache (socials included).

There are a few things we hold in high value but above else we value friendliness and politeness towards guildies and other players and skillfulness when it comes to the more serious parts of the game.


We raid 3 nights a week, Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays, from 20:00 till 23:00 server time.
Although we are a 20-man guild, we usually run an extra group in order to get more people to experience the joys of raiding, help new raiders learn the Knot’s way to down bosses and gearing up. Usually, these runs happen on Thursdays, and also we’re on RBGs killing alliance scums every Saturday or on other in game activities if not on RBGs!

Our current guild progress is 7/10 in Castle Nathria mythic, and we’re focusing on getting further Mythic progress in Shadowlands. Our aim is to always progress as much as possible but also to have a relaxed and fun atmosphere at the same time!

If you’re interested in joining Gordian Knot, please fill in our application form, located at , or join our discord, alternatively please whisper one of our officers:

  • Leleko - Leleko#2235
  • Narweena - Sephyra#2517
  • Tia - Tialha#2798
  • Haardie - Martins#2139
  • Carried - Getcarried#21210

  • Leleko - Leleko#7934
  • Narweena - Narweena#7029
  • Tia - Tia#7280
  • Haardie - Haardie#7178
  • Carried - CARRiED_tv#0001

PS. We’re always open to group applications!
We are also open and welcome social applications.

Breakfast Raiders 7/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Lunexa
Server Rank: #85
EU Rank: #2688

Is an Alliance Morning raiding guild on the EU Server Ravencrest, we are focused on clearing current Heroic then moving onto Mythic raiding and trying to push for Cutting Edge each tier (well, we try!) All with the aid of our main sponsor, Coffee!

This Post:

Now that’s out of the way, the intention of this thread is to recruit you lovely peole that want to raid in the Mornings whilst still being able to secure an everyday life outside of gaming the rest of the day! We encourage wholesomeness, helping each other out and making it a pleasant time for everyone involved when online! We have a non toxicity policy which provides a haven for you whilst playing with us!

Raid times:

Thursday, Friday and Tuesday 09:30-12:00 CET. We also have a Alt/Social raid on Mondays a tier lower than our progress tier.

Our Current Progress will always be Updated at the Bottom of this Thread

What is Breakfast Raiders looking for? We are currently recruiting:

People with at least regular Heroic experience that wish to progress into Mythic raids.

Ranged DPS: Basicly any Ranged spec, but Ele/Balance/Hunter/Shadow etc are all good :smiley:

Melee DPS: Rogue, Monk, Enhance

Healers: Paladin, Priest (Holy/Disc), Resto Druid
Tanks: Closed

Exceptional Applications are always welcome so please do get in touch regardless!

What if Raiding ain’t my thing?

First of all, welcome to you too! And no worries my friend, raiding is not everything this Guild stands for - as much as daytime raiding matters to Breakfast Raiders , socializing, Dungeons, M+, PvP’ing and just chatting around means just as much if not even more. We believe a solid & engaging community is key to creating the right environment for successful raiding and everyday guild life!

Regardless of your ingame intentions we would love to have you on board to join in the fun!

Please add us on or simply join the Discord for more questions!

Bnet: MrMax#2149, HiddenSquid#2154120

Discord link: https ://discord .gg/ tmF8n5tKRb (Remove spaces)

I hope to be able to have a chat with you very soon!

Have a nice day and thanks for passing by!

Centurion 6/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Shuguu
Server Rank: #218
EU Rank: #3028

Centurion is a late night raiding guild created by cutting edge players at the beginning of Shadowlands.

The aim of Centurion is to be one of the premier late night raiding guilds on a 3 night a week schedule with the goal of achieving CE in 9.1, after a hiatus we are looking for members to help bolster the raid team ready for Mythic content.

Mythic raiding experience is it not always necessarily required. We are aware there are skilled HC raiders out there who may not have had the chance to progress through Mythic. Well now is your chance!

Raid Schedule

We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday - 22.00 - 01.00 Server time.

What we expect from you

Availability to attend all 3 weekly raids
A character that is full equipped for raiding (Gemmed, Enchanted, Potions/Flasks, Food)
Preparation prior to the raid, including but not limited to ensuring you have read up boss tactics, ensuring all addons are up to date, etc.
The ability to communicate over Discord where required during a raid
Addons - Boss Mods (Bigwigs/DBM), RCLootCouncil, Exorsus Raid Tools and Weakauras.

What you can expect from us

A dedicated and relaxed raid environment
Friendly and active community who help each other
Social content such as M+, BGs and Achievement Runs

Recruitment Status

Tanks - Closed
Melee - Monk, Rogue
Ranged - All
Healers - Disc Priest, Holy Pala, Resto Druid and Mistweaver Monk

Social members and Levellers are more than welcome, we also have many players who actively take part in M+ and PVP Content.

If you are interested, please get in touch with one of the contacts below:-

Guild Master - Arxi#2448
Officer - Shugaa#21552
Officer - Sparkster#2690

We look forward to fighting alongside you in 9.1!

[A][Ravencrest] Recruitment Open!Jan 23rd, 2021 7:47 am
Enígma 2/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Bazpaladin
Server Rank: #187
EU Rank: #6647

Guild: <Enígma>
Server: Ravencrest (A)
Language: English

Raid Times:
Thursday : 20:00 - 23:00 Servertime
Sunday : 19:00 - 22:45 Servertime
Tuesday : 20:00 - 23:00 Servertime

Current Progress:
Check our raider-io link !

Goals !
We aim for AOTC on each raid tier. We are using 9.0 to rebuild and establish the guild.
We aim to continue our current progression, we are looking firmly towards Mythic as we establish our core raiding team.

Enigma was founded in the crucible of 40 man Molten Core - a time of Myth & Legend to many. From then till now, the guild has undergone a journey that spans games, countries, continents and friendships.
We focus on the player, more so than the class or a FOTM spec. We focus on attitude more than ilvl. We expect our members to be self sufficient, learn, be on time, grow and evolve with us.
We also expect to be professional and have fun in equal measure. Though simplified, ‘Don’t be a *&%^%!’ sums up part of our expectations. We trend older, and experienced with regards to raiding - but will happily put effort into those that want to learn and progress.

Our Recruiting needs:

Ranged: 1-2 Balance Druid. 1 Warlock, Shadow Priest
Melee: 1 Unholy DK, 1 Outlaw Rogue, 1 Havoc DH ,1 Enhancement Shaman.
Healers: None

Click the link below in order to fill in the application !

We will contact you on discord based on the information you provide from the application.

[H][Draenor] - Recruiting for 9.1Jun 22nd, 2021 12:35 pm
The Origin 10/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Stigr
Server Rank: #569
EU Rank: #9789

Faction: Horde
Guild: The Origin

Raid Schedule: Monday & Wednesday 20:30 - 23:30 Server Time
Raid Progression: 10/10 HC-Nathria (AOTCs throughout BFA and before)

About us:
The Origin is a long running raiding guild looking to expand our roster for 9.1. We aim to progress through heroic (and some mythic) with a fun, sociable atmosphere, within our 2 days a week schedule. We also run Mythic +, transmog raids, and more through our active guild discord.

What we are looking for:
Tanks (any class)
Healers (Druid/Shaman/Priest only)
Multiple DPS (sorry no DHs, Hunters or Rogues)
Min ilevel: 215

Contact Us:
If you are interested please contact Stigr (stigandr#2776) or Macaroona (georgeeeeka#2907) for a chat

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