Retro 10/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kaizo
Server Rank: #16
EU Rank: #608

About Us:

Retro is a late night, 2-day raiding guild on Silvermoon. We are firmly set on Cutting Edge raiding.

Dazar’alor: 9/9M
Eternal Palace: 8/8M
Ny’alotha: 12/12M
Castle Nathria: 10/10M

The guild is also active outside of raiding. Our Discord chat is regularly populated on nights when we have nothing planned.

Even if raiding isn’t your fancy, social members are also very welcome!

Our Goal:

Our aim is to have a good time while progressing at a healthy rate through current content. We are looking for exceptional players that share a similar goal and are able to keep the guild’s progress as a focus.

Raid Information:

Currently we are recruiting the following for our 9.1 (Sanctum of Domination) Mythic roster:

  • 1x Healer (Resto Shaman / Holy Paladin / Disc Priest)
  • 1x DK DPS
  • 1x Boomkin

We raid every Wednesday and Thursday 22:00-01:00 (server time).

Monday nights is an optional raid that is typically reserved for Heroic farm.

Raid Requirements:

  • Have a raid ready character and similar raiding experience to the guild’s.

  • Use Discord for voice communications.

  • Ensure you turn up to raids prepared (flasks, tactics, potions, oils, etc.).

  • Good attendance: please ensure that you are able to attend the raid times specified above.

If you are interested or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Guild Leader -
In-game: Aetare
Battletag: JaackD#2461
Discord: Jaack-D#5177

Recruitment Officer -
In-game: Kaizo
Battletag: Mimilini#2217
Discord: Mimilini#1820

Thank you for reading!

Best in Slot 10/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Lauvly
Server Rank: #83
EU Rank: #792

:wave: Who we are:

BEST IN SLOT is a semi-hardcore / hardcore raiding guild that just recently formed at the start of shadowlands after being a realm rank 1 speed running guild in classic. We arrived late to the mythic scene. However, despite the lateness we acheived 10/10M and have high hopes in acheiving world rank 600 - 800 in patch 9.1.

:star: Raid Schedule:

We are currently raiding Thursday and Monday from 19:45 to 23:15 server time. Once patch 9.1 hits we’ll be switching back to Thursday, Saturday and Monday.

:zap: Currently Recruiting:

Any exceptional applicants will considered!


  • Paladins
  • Priests (Holy & Disc)
  • Druids

Range DPS

  • All Classes

Melee DPS

  • Paladins
  • Warriors

:fire: Expectations:

1: Personality is key. We want mature, easy going raiders who enjoy raiding and want to be here to have a good time.
2: You need to have some mythic logs showing you have past/current experience in end game mythic raiding or can perform at a CE guild’s level.
3: We will be raiding 10 hours a week. Time is valuable. We need you to be on time, that means the boss is being pulled at 19:45 server time.
4: We expect you to know the boss strats and what your role is in the fight. Raids go a lot smoother when everyone has done their research.
5: We use Discord during raids. Therefore, having a working microphone will make raids smoother.
6: Attendance must be near 100%. If you can’t make it let us know via our absent for raid channel or a DM to an officer.

:envelope_with_arrow: Apply Here:

Our interviews consist of a short chat over discord.
Please contact us on discord to get started: Lauvly#8370

Recursion 9/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Krowe
Server Rank: #119
EU Rank: #1635

Recursion is a two-day late night raiding guild on Draenor [Horde]. Our leadership has been and continues to successfully lead a weekend raiding guild on Classic since the release last September, with Shadowlands bringing a handful of us back to retail we intend to achieve the same success.

Our goal is to strike the perfect balance between real life and a video game, however, we do ask that our members put as much effort in as they can to make sure their performance is competitive and sufficient for the content we are clearing. Planting ourselves firmly in the ‘semi-hardcore’ category, we are a guild that values the competitive and social aspects of World of Warcraft equally.

With our previous experience in leading a guild and mythic raiding and cutting edge content, our goal as a guild is to progress through the content at a steady pace, building on our success over time to develop a strong mythic raiding roster to push for cutting edge.

Raid Schedule:
Thursday – 21:00 – 00:30
Monday – 21:00 – 00:30

Currently Recruiting:

  • Ranged DPS
  • Melee DPS
  • Restoration Shaman/Druid
  • Holy Paladin

Contact Us:

If you’d like to know more, ask any questions or if you couldn’t make it through the wall of text, please get in touch with myself or an officer using the information below:

Guild Discord:
Discord: Aiden#6949
In-Game: Teshi, Krowe

The Gold Two Gang 9/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kelfie
Server Rank: #150
EU Rank: #1677

The Gold 2 Gang is a GMT based guild currently recruiting players to add to our mythic roster for Shadowlands.

About us:

A group of GMT based friends who have formed a guild looking to raid at a Mythic level. Our aim is to progress as far as possible in each raiding tier with an end goal of Cutting Edge.

If you’re an adult with a good sense of humour, you’ll fit in well. We regularly use our discord whether it be for mythic+, raiding or general shenanigans. It’s important for us to strike the fine line between keeping a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, while still achieving and progressing at the highest level.

Raid Schedule

We have a 2 day a week schedule, with an additional optional day during progress if the group is available. The optional raid is sometimes run as a chance to re-clear heroic depending on who is available.

Thursday 8pm-11.30pm ST
Sunday 8pm - 11.30pm ST
(Optional) Monday 8pm-11.30pm ST

What We’re Looking For

We’re currently looking to add to our Mythic roster with a few specific classes. We’ll consider applications from all exceptional players, however please see current priority vacancies below:

Tanks: Closed – will consider tank OS if MS is a priority below or available as an alt.

Healers: Disc Priest / Resto Druid / Resto Shaman

RDPS: Warlock / Ele Shaman / Others Considered

MDPS: Unholy Death Knight

What’s Expected of You

We’ll expect you to bring strong class knowledge and be mechanically sound while still producing on the meters.

A high raid attendance is mandatory. We completely appreciate real life comes first but as we only raid 2 days a week, you’ll need to maintain circa 90%. We operate an opt out system when it comes to raiding so if you won’t be available for a raid, you should inform an officer.

Finally, you need to be able to receive constructive criticism if your performance has not been at the level expected. This will be delivered in a way that we would hope will help improve you as a player.

If you’re interested in further information or would like to apply, please get in touch.

Whisper / Bnet

Klaani / Heretic#2645
Yodatom / Yodatom#2382

Greylogs 9/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kyzharn
Server Rank: #151
EU Rank: #1678

Greylogs are now recruiting for our Sanctum of Domination Raiding Team!

We currently raid 2 days per week ( Thursday & Tuesday 19.30-22.30 ST) and given that we are only raiding 2 days, consistent attendance is crucial for us to progress at our desired pace. All we ask for is a fair warning if you can not attend a scheduled raid and that when you do attend you come prepared and ready to pull on time.

Once Sanctum of Domination opens up we will be heading straight into Heroic Difficulty. It’s important for any player wanting to be part of our team to take the time to ensure their main character is Heroic Ready. All the information for the Raid is posted on Discord in advance by our Raid Leaders, but it’s crucial to do your own homework and be ready with a good knowledge of the encounter and how it relates to your chosen role.

There will be wipes on bosses and we want you to bring a willingness to learn your class and spec and your role for each encounter. We are here to help and will offer whatever you need but we can’t play your class for you.

We can offer you a great community atmosphere, progressive raids, a group of people who want to do all range of activities from PvP to Mythic +, and even games outside of WoW in our spare time. We hope you will find a home here in Greylogs and bring with you a willingness to learn and contribute.

Please take a look at our Guild page before you apply for a more detailed description of our Guilds goals and what we are looking for.

Our Castle Nathria Progress :-

10/10 - Normal

10/10 - Heroic

9/10 Mythic


We are currently looking for a Balance + Restoration Druid and a Holy or Disc Priest only, however we will still consider any exceptional applications.

You can apply for our Guild by following the link:

If you have any questions or any problems with the application form then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Officer Team.

Kyzharn - KingK#2288

Strydr - Strydr#2187

Steezy - SteezyTK#2948

Thank you for taking the time to read and apply.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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