Second Wind 7/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Furialina
Server Rank: #24
EU Rank: #772

Second Wind is built around being more than just a guild to house a raid team, we focus on the social aspect to the game as well. Over the years our community has grown to contain people interested in almost all aspects of the game so no matter what level you play at and what content you’re interested in you will likely find someone to enjoy that content with. Outside of raiding we have members interested in M+, achi/mount/pet farming, social/alt raids, levelling, and generally just playing the game. So even if you’re not looking for a mythic raid experience don’t be afraid to get in touch and see if we have people that share your interests.

Although our raid teams will progress at different rates there is no main team. Each team has similar expectations in terms of preparation and performance. Unlike many guilds with multiple teams we do it for the increased community and we do not cannibalise one team to serve the needs of another nor do we dump people on a “lesser” team if their class is not flavour of the month. Each team is their own entity with their own leaders and their own goals.

We don’t raid long hours so world rank is not something we strive for, our target is simply to achieve the goals of the team with time left to have a bit of fun between tiers. We have no interest in competing with guilds that raid longer hours.

We are a large guild, constantly flirting with the 1000 members cap. It’s not uncommon to see 100+ members online in the evening or during the weekends. So if you want to be part of a larger community, look no further.

Current Progress
Red Team - 7/9 Mythic
Green Team - 6/9 Mythic
Blue Team - 6/9 Mythic
Purple Team - 4/9 Mythic

Red Team - Thur/Mon. 20:30 - 23:00 server time.
Goal: Cutting Edge
Extra nights: At the start of every tier Wednesday is used as an additional progress night (usually 2-4 weeks) after which it becomes an optional farm with no penalty for not attending.
Red team is currently looking for a rogue

Green Team - Weds/Thur 20:15 - 23:00 server time.
Goal: Cutting Edge
Extra nights: Monday is an optional night and is used as a progression night at the start of the season but is generally used for farm and 2nd mains/alt during the reset of the season.
Green Team is currently recruiting: Any Ranged DPS, as well as Melee DPS: DH/DK/DH/Rouge and 1x Mistweaver
We would also consider other applications with previous Mid to Late mythic raiding experience that are looking to raider towards getting there 1st CE

Blue Team - Wed/Tue. 20:30-23:00 server time.
Goal: Cutting Edge
Extra nights are used as additional progress at the start of every tier.
Blue Team Recruiting a mage, warrior, tank (paladin, death knight or demon hunter) and balance druid

Purple Team - Wed 20:00-23:00 & Sun 19:30-23:00 server time.
Goal: Ahead of the Curve & progress as far as possible into Mythic
No extra night requirements for Purple team, we stick to the raid days/times above.
Purple Team is currently recruiting:
1x Warrior
1x Warlock
1x Any ranged dps

What we expect from you

  • Enjoy yourself. We can’t stress this enough, it’s a game. You’re playing it to have fun, as are we.
  • Be on time. Raid invites are up to 15 minutes before start time with the expectation of starting combat at start time, not summoning stragglers.
  • Be prepared.
  • Be able to communicate. We use Discord for comms. A working microphone is not mandatory but being able to hear calls is. All raid comms are in English.
  • Be able to take (and give) feedback in a constructive way.
  • Keep up. If you fall behind on gear don’t just expect others to boost you through unless you show willing to put in effort as well.

What you can expect from us

  • A nice environment. Toxicity is not tolerated.
  • Continuous improvement. Feedback is appreciated and we act on it where appropriate.
  • Guidance when needed. Even if we can’t help directly there is a chance we will know someone who can.
  • A sense of community. Raiding is only a small part of the game, there is a lot to do outside of raids as well.
  • Transparency. Leadership will always strive to make our decisions, and the reasons for them, clear to everyone.
  • A voice. Some decisions that affect the direction of the guild are given to the members to decide by vote.

If you feel like Second Wind could be the place for you then feel free to drop into our discord ( ) and open a recruitment support ticket to speak to the team.

EU-Tarren Mill
Riptide 6/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Mistrat
Server Rank: #144
EU Rank: #1491

Riptide is an extremely chill guild who get AoTC consistently and dabble with mythic each tier. We are currently are 9/9 HC and 5/9 Mythic.

We’re open to people who want to try take their first steps into mythic but have only done HC so far providing they’re up to par!

Currently we’re looking for DK dps or any ranged dps other than a hunter.
Though we are accepting new players for bench and social spots regardless of prog we’re not accepting returning players or under geared characters for the raid slots listen as being needed above.

We’re aiming to really try make the guild more of a community than a straight up hardcore progression guild.

Our raid atmosphere is super chill and full of banter and messing around, we take bosses and prog seriously but don’t have any shouting or negativity during raid time. All we ask of our guildmates is that they do their best, research their class, and hopefully down bosses.

We often play other games outside of WoW together and really are searching for the right type of players more than just the right logs.

We are currently recruiting exceptional healers for the roster but dps players could be considered.
Socials or people wanting to be on the bench are more than welcome too.

We raid Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 ST to 11:00 ST

Add me on discord or Bnet to have a chat
vratzv - Discord RatZ#21228 - Bnet

Thanks in advance and we appreciate you reading <3

Guild Information
Recruiter: Kenjutse
Server Rank: #54
EU Rank: #1504

Hello everyone!

is recruiting for both our mythic raiding teams.

For team 1: (Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm to 23pm server time)

-Holy Priest;

-Unholy Death Knight;

-Enhancement Shaman;

For team 2: (Fridays and Sundays 8pm to 23pm server time)

-Shadow priest;

-Warlock ( destro or demo);



EU-Tarren Mill
Improvise Adapt Wipe 3/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Keydamonk
Server Rank: #185
EU Rank: #2299

Guild name: Improvise Adapt Wipe
Server: tarren Mill
Primary Language: English
Current Progression: 9//9NM 9/9HC 3/9M
Raid days: Wednesday and sunday
Raid times:20:00-23:00
Recruiting: Raiders and Socials

Improvise Adapt Wipe since 2023 , the guild was created to build a family friendly atmosphere by a bunch of friends. We are passionate about the game and we have worked hard to expand our guild which includes our solid raiding teams and social players. We are like-minded people with a family, friendly ethos so we understand real life but at the same time we have a passion to progress.
We have an active, organised discord that our guild members regularly use to socialise. M+ runs are encouraged and are actively arranged in our discord and in game guild chat.


We are focusing on our ongoing progress and we would love to hear from people that have the same ambitions as we do in the raiding world. Our main team will be carry on into mythic content and looking for mythic raiders to assist with this progress.
We’re looking for people to join our raiding team who are like minded, a good sense of humour but also can get stuck in when we are killing bosses.


Main Team : Tank ( Not BDK) but Healer and DPS are open , fill out and solidify the raid roster to carry on our mythic Other classes will be considered,

Flexibility is appreciated but not mandatory to change specs for our raiding needs.


Good knowledge of the class and spec you are playing
Research boss tactics and know the fights
Ensure you are geared, gemmed and enchanted correctly for raid
High attendance to raids - we do understand real life comes first as a family friendly guild but we do ask for a good attendance rate at 90%
Good performance & attitude
Reliability and honesty is encouraged, whilst toxicity is of zero tolerance in our guild


If your not looking for a life in raiding we also have a very social side to our guild that we are all involved in, we have other players that are social and do not raid who get involved in conversations on discord and in game. We like to help our guild members grow and develop and we also like to M+ together too so there are many other aspects to our guild to be involved in and we welcome all classes and specs.

Please feel free to add me on Discord Keyda

See you in the game!

Angels of Temptation 3/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Mumfs
Server Rank: #55
EU Rank: #2446

Guild & Server: Angels Of Temptation - Ravencrest [A]
Language(s): English.
Raid Times/Days: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday - Starting at 20.15-23:30 (ST).
Current Progression: 9/9HC
Recruitment Contacts: Discord - Mumfs or Bnet Mumfs#2346

Requirements: Dedicated players with the can do attitude. Positive players and people willing to work and improve when needed. 9/9HC required if you want to raid mythic with a score of at least 2k and keeping up with your weekly keys.

Needs: DPS spots only, someone with healing OS. Aug/Dev Evoker/Ele Shaman/Warlock/Spriest Other classes welcome to apply also. Very low melee recruitment. Potentially recruiting a new tank also. Druid/Warrior/Monk/DH (No Paladin or DK)

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