DontRelease 7/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Mushasha
Server Rank: #90
EU Rank: #1157

Are you seeking a vibrant and inclusive guild experience in the casual/social scene? Look no further than DontRelease-Draenor! We are on the lookout for social and casual players to join us in our exciting new endeavour to invigorate our guild. DR is a mythic raiding guild looking to expand its community, with m+ nights, social raids and development opportunities.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced newcomer to the game, we extend our hand in friendship and camaraderie. Need guidance, advice, or simply a welcoming community to share your adventures with? Join us, and let’s embark on this journey together!

Moreover, we’re in search of passionate individuals to lead our community to new heights. Are you adept at fostering a positive environment? Do you have experience as a raid leader or GM but crave a more relaxed atmosphere? Consider joining our ranks as a Community Leader, Community Deputy, or one of our two Recruiters. Your expertise could be the key to shaping our guild’s future success.

Our ‘Community Project’ aims to provide a sanctuary for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re content as a social player or aspire to conquer mythic raids, we offer a path tailored to your preferences. Our experienced players stand ready to mentor and guide you, ensuring your journey is both fulfilling and rewarding.

Excitingly, we’re prepared to welcome players from across realms once The War Within introduces its cross-realm feature.

Join us today or reach out for more information!

Join the Discord:

Once in the Discord please complete our ‘Guild Application System’ proforma as a ‘member’, and quote ‘DRCP’ once the application is submitted, so we know your reason for joining. From here you will be given our member rank and invited to the guild. Please allow us some time to get this setup. We are in a phased implementation starting from now, through to DF Season 4 and with a completion date of Pre-Patch TWW. Although our recruitment campaign will continue beyond this.

Healer problem 7/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Cheyianna
Server Rank: #91
EU Rank: #1161

About us

We position ourselves as midcore two-day mythic raiding guild. Since the moment of foundation at the end of BFA and up to now we have developed supportive and friendly social community in addition to the raid environment. Most of our members are 30+ yo with jobs, families, kids, and rational sets of mind. We are bound by ambition to build a community of happy people who respect each other and enjoying their game time together, while working as a team.

Goals and aspirations

We are NOT aiming for CE or hitting top tables each tier by any means. Our goal is to build a raid community with dedicated core which can progress mythic raids without stress and burnout, while having fun and staying together for next content patch. We aspire to have consistent and regular raids, without stopping at the end of tier or expansion.

We offer

◆ mature and fun, yet focused raid environment;
◆ respect to real life responsibilities;
◆ zero drama and zero toxicity tolerance;
◆ lively and caring social community;
◆ support and guidance from experienced players to those seeking to improve;
◆ steady online on off-raid days;
◆ variety of guild activities: frequent mythic-plus runs, casual raids, mythic progression, eventual vanity events for mount, t-mog and achievement hunt;
◆ stability: we are well-established guild, with developed infrastructure, stable core, experienced leadership full of intention to continue our journey into expansions to come.

Schedule & Spots

Main team
Amirdrassil 6/9M ; Wed+Thu 20:00-23:00 ST
Melee: Shaman
Ranged : Mage
Healers: closed
Tanks: closed

Second team
Amirdrassil 6/9M; Mon+Thu 20:00-23:00 ST
Dps: any (1-2)
Healers: any (1)
Tanks: closed

About you

  • zero drama, positive attitude, respect and politeness;
  • ability to work as a part of a team, organized and prepared;
  • know your class and spec, able to receive criticism, ambitious to learn and improve;
  • able to plan your life week ahead and communicate about change of plans;
  • working discord voice communication, gear ready for content, ready to use required tools and addons.


Cheyianna (Recriuting officer): cheyanna_5202 (Discord), Lawura#2369 (Bnet)
Recruit Lounge (Bnet group):

More info:

Guilds of WoW: /healer-problem

Bingohallen 6/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Noordstrom
Server Rank: #42
EU Rank: #1244

Söker du efter en guild med fantastisk stämning, mål att ta CE varje tier och en gemenskap som få kan slå?
Bingohallen söker nu efter fler CE raiders till vårt mythic lag!

Bingohallen har existerat sedan 2007 vilket gör oss till en av de mest etablerade svenska guilderna.
Vi har ett stort fokus på den sociala stämningen med högt i tak och en avslappnad stämning i raids.

Förutom raiding så samordnar vi:

  • M+ turneringar
  • Casual raids på Måndagar för våra casual medlemmar
  • Mysfredag raid med fokus på glory achievement, alts och skön stämning på Discord.

Våra raid tider för mythic laget är:
Torsdag och Söndag 19:30-22:30 (Samt Onsdagar 19:30-22:30 under start av nytt tier i ett par veckor)

Så tveka inte!
Släng iväg ett meddelande till någon av våra officerare för att komma in i värmen som antingen mythic eller casual raider.

Officerare (Battlenet):
Relüx - Relux#2158 (Guild ledare)
Nordström - kanpaigaming#2510 (Raid ledare / slagpåse)
Bozi - Kakmonstr3t#1164
Zostion - Ztranger#1383 (Casual ledare)

EU-Tarren Mill
Exsilium 6/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Spikeyshard
Server Rank: #129
EU Rank: #1270

Hello there,

We are especially looking to recruit a mature and friendly Arms or Fury Warrior for chilled Mythic raiding. To be upfront we may not be raiding during the “fated” tier so if it’s not that appealing to you either then we are a good match. Also if you are cross realm you can stay where you are for now and then join us properly in the new expansion.

Raid schedule: Thursdays & Sundays 19:50 to 23:00 (server time).

About Us: Our philosophy as a guild is to kill as many bosses as we can together and have fun doing it. Most of us have been playing Warcraft for many years but we do also have some youngsters that aren’t fossils yet to keep us up to date with the latest “memes”.

What we are looking for: Friendliness, maturity and the enthusiasm to kill bosses as part of a team. You do not need mythic experience but you must be willing to put the effort in as needed to make the step up. Cross faction is no problem and we are also happy for people to trial cross realm.

Interested? Please read our more detailed post over on Warcraftlogs to see if we are the right fit for each other.

If you want to apply or have any questions please send a message on Discord to spikeys_life

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Exiles (highlight and copy)

OfflinesJan 27th, 2024 2:52 pm
Offlines 6/9 M
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sarafein
Server Rank: #44
EU Rank: #1277

Offlines on Ragnaros is now looking for a Holy Paladin and a ench Shammy to join our ranks. We raid on a Wednesday and Sunday from 18:30 to 21:30 ST. We just started progress on Nymue. But we are missing some key roles, that will help us progress smoother in the tier.

If you play any other class, and feel that this guild is right for you, we still accepting outstanding players.

If you think this is something for you, I would love to hear back from you

Kind regards

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